Monday, September 26, 2016

The Difference Between Flawed and Wrong

This morning I am not in a good mood. This inspires me to write and I am trying for this not be just a rant but an informed decision on my part not to listen to bullshit. First, someone I considered a friend lied to me and tried to make up some scenario that was something that I knew was complete bullshit because they over reacted to something that happened earlier. So, then they tried to throw the MY RELIGION into it, as if Buddhists are supposed to be door mats for the rest of the world to walk on. Guess what - NOT.
Then, as I realized that I had misjudged someone on their intentions and relationship to me, I backed away from a relationship with someone that I thought was a friend for over a year. Weird because they seemed so normal previously. I refuse to allow myself to be dragged down mentally and emotionally by people who seem unstable.
THEN, someone who actually IS a dear friend of mine, had a meme posted that said we can't judge Hillary Clinton because like all of us she is 'flawed', as if we are talking about a work of art.
Let me explain the difference. A flaw is something that happens FROM OUTSIDE OF AN OBJECT to make them a certain way and is irreversible, as in a flaw on a gemstone. It is incapable of being repaired. 
Flawed? We are talking about a human being, not a gem stone. Please let me explain the difference in definition.
flaw: noun - a defect impairing legal soundness or validity.
You are picturing flawed as less than perfect but being WRONG means: not correct in action, judgment, opinion, method, etc., as a person; in error: 
When, as a person, you CHOOSE wrong policies over the public good and choose mentors who are war mongers and hedge fund managers who helped wreck us in the past. you aren't imperfect, you are WRONG and if you continue to choose to be wrong, you are willfully ignorant about the right things to do.
When a gemstone is flawed it can't be corrected but when a PERSON continues to CHOOSE TO be WRONG  "...not correct in action, judgment, opinion, method, etc., as a person; in error:", then they have the ability and the right to CHOOSE DIFFERENTLY and correct and change that "...action, judgement, opinion, method, etc.", and when someone doesn't choose to correct bad policy decisions made by her husband and instead CHOOSES to defend them, then they aren't flawed, THEY ARE WRONG. 
An opinion or decision, being objects, can be flawed but when a person chooses one of those things as a way to dictate the future and the future of their decisions, then, they are WRONG.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Feeding the Trolls

Normally, I am one of the people who says, "Don't Feed The Trolls", which means, don't bother to argue with people who only come online to piss you off. This is a different situation because this is a political troll.  If not corrected, some people might be influenced by their lies.
They are part of the 'legion' of trolls that work for David Brock and other political operatives that come on social media, open a fake profile to hide behind, and then post things to, as the term 'Political Troll' states, "...Their purpose is to distract from the real important issues that they are supposed to be dealing with and distracting voters and the news media away from primary scandals and real issues that are going on. Their stories are intended to anger or cause fear to sway voters, if nothing more than for short term public opinion and votes."
I will give you some of his Wiki profile:
"...David Brock (born November 2, 1962) is an American political operative, author, and commentator who founded the liberal blog Media Matters for America.[1] He has been described by Time magazine as “one of the most influential operatives in the Democratic Party.”
Later it says, "...The Nation has described Brock as a “conservative journalistic assassin turned progressive empire-builder”;[6] National Review has called him a “right-wing assassin turned left-wing assassin”;[7] and Politico has profiled him as a “former right-wing journalist-turned-pro-Clinton crusader.”
So, here goes:
This is the post that I read about in a meme form on Facebook, when I looked up Amy Ninetto at ,  what I found was an empty page, no pictures, no details, no comments including this one. as I can see readily it is one of David Brock's fake profiles he started to be able to troll our pages and make excuses for his right wing queen, Hillary Clinton.

To the Clintonistas who think they can a) switch candidates on us, as if we don't have a choice or enough brains to know that doesn't mean we're getting a good deal, b) force us out of an election process, c) purposely influence the media and trolls like this to ignore the issues and tell us to vote for them anyway because they threaten us with Donald J. Trump - I have some things to say.
1) WE are the people who vote by issues and your stance on issues will have to change if you expect us to vote for you, PERIOD.
2) This isn't about us not voting for you because of revenge for spitting in our faces and cheating us out of a fair election.
3) You may have scared the uniformed wusses in our party to vote for you despite your candidate being a war mongering liar who is an opportunist and an undercover Republican. Let me list for you a few things others have said about your meme, that sum up how I feel.

"...I was a little upset until I noticed this message was for "dems." The problem here is that most of us Bernie supporters weren't Democrats to start with and won't be switching over now. The DNC has screwed it's chances of picking up the independent voters who switched over for Bernie. #demexit is about to begin."   (I will mention here, as this commenter stated, the word "Dems" is a Republican slang term like "Libs or Libturds" which is what gave this troll away to begin with. The fake meme poster outed themselves as a troll right there.)

And another comment stated, "...rigged primaries, skewed debates, suppressed voters, turned a blind eye to fraud, and rewards dws (Debbie Wasserman Schultz who resigned because of corruption evidence and the impending scandal.) with a job well done. Sure, I'll throw my hands up and vote for her....NO. If this is what she's capable of without presidential power, what will happen with it?"

I will explain about your empty threat scare tactics, supposedly Trump and his agenda.
A)What good does it do to vote for a person who is more capable and ready of keeping us in a never ending war for profit, who we know is connected to the Military Industrial Complex through the most evil people in the world, the Carlyle Group and the Saudi and Israeli war machines?
B) What guarantees do you have that Clinton will follow through on the foreign relations with Mexico when she didn't bother to do anything about immigration reform in the entire almost eight years she has been Secretary of State and in charge of foreign relations?
C) How did Trump make you think he can change the nation and the Supreme Court on abortion or anything else that he rouses stupid people by talking about, when, NO ONE HAS in over fifty years? Hillary Clinton doesn't guarantee any better when she is cozied up to all the worst right wing monsters in American and foreign societies through her "foundation".
D) What does it matter that Trump might endorse more Scalia type right wing to the Supreme Court when Clinton actually picked a right wing Democrat, like herself, to be her Vice President? How do we know she won't she wants one to be, as was said about Sarah Palin, "A heartbeat away from being in charge of the entire American military."?

Now, the rest is pure hogwash. The fact that I have proven to myself already is that you are a David Brock/Hillary Campaign troll and this is what you said next, "I am not a real fan of Hillary, either, (Then why would you make a fake Facebook profile to influence us independent issue voters into voting for Hillary, TROLL?) but Trump is a national emergency."  The first half is laughable but the part about Trump - most of us have figured out that he is only on the stage, like you, to scare us into voting for Clinton, the fascist.

"...Sometimes you don't get to choose who you get into the lifeboat with. You just want someone who can row."
Let me please enlighten you;
A) this isn't a lifeboat in which I have no choice in getting in, and even then I can choose to drown rather than to die with a fool,
B) I want someone who can row, true that, but I want someone who rows in the CORRECT direction away from the disaster, not towards it. So take that shit and shove it back up your ass.

Let me give you a lesson in informed voters, we vote based on the issues and you seem to want US to ignore your candidate's stances on issues and vote for her because of A) she is our only hope against Trump and B) because of  Trump being a disaster.
You called everything we cherish unimportant and our voting for Independents a "protest" vote.
PLEASE! Let me correct you.

WE DO NOT VOTE FOR INDEPENDENTS LIKE JILL STEIN BECAUSE OF WHAT YOU AND YOUR PARTY DID TO US, WE VOTE FOR THEM BECAUSE THEY CARE AND WANT TO PUT INTO LEGISLATION THE ISSUES WE CARE ABOUT. THEIR STANCES ON THESE ISSUES ARE LIKE OURS. THAT IS WHY WE VOTE FOR THEM. CHANGE YOUR STANCE ON THE ISSUES (Which Secretary Clinton can't because she is beholding to investors, in both, her campaign and the Clinton Foundation, and because her voting record already shows that she doesn't care about our issues, and so won't do anything about them, no matter what she lies about and says from the podium.) OR EXPECT TO BE IGNORED.

(There I said it, even if it was to a fake meme from a fake profile written by a fake person who will champion any position for the right price.)

Monday, July 25, 2016

Moral Compass - Left, Right, and Centrist

This morning I see some blogger trying to be kind by calling the right wing Democrat pick by Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, a centrist. Let me explain to those who don't know. It is really easy to see who is centrist or not, real centrists believe in reality and facts, nothing more. Atheists are centrists, also. When one religion over another tries to tell a centrist that their religion (based on mythology) is the "only" or "right" one because of nonsense on top of nonsense comments about mythical people or fables, they politely let them know that they don't believe in any of them, including Satanism that is merely a branch of Middle Eastern religious mythology (Jewish, Christian, and Islamic), constructed mostly on selfish desires.
For instance, Tim Kaine, who has always been noted for taking on a corporatist/fascist (I will mention here that corporatism and fascism are the same thing for anyone who didn't know) Republican style - calling for deregulation of safety concerns and most ethics, all the time in his career, IS NOT centrist.
Calling a war hawk, corporatatist/fascist who is trying to get elected based on being female, having political policy experience, and having lots of experience being on the wrong side of history, repeatedly, who is also married to the biggest undercover Republican that we ever had in the White House. ... A CENTRIST (!!!) is like saying the boat tour at Niagara Falls is 'kind of misty' because of the humidity. There is a reason everyone on the boat wears rain gear and some people need oxygen  masks.

You see there is a reason for a two party system. ONE party is supposed to be liberal/progressive, to use both descriptions. The other is supposed to be conservative/regressive.
Just because someone runs for office under the liberal/progressive ticket doesn't make them voting for conservative/regressive stances on all issues, a "centrist" that makes them conservative/regressive. The same is true of someone who runs under the conservative party banner and adopts mostly progressive ideas. They jumped ship, not compromised. For instance, abortion was decided long ago but some bring up arguments everyday as if somehow they will find some new excuse to over rule the majority. Some politicians say that they are for some issues and policies to get elected and then don't vote the way they said during elections, which is not  misleading, it is LYING, and they all need to be confronted on that corruption.
Believing the idea that we all should believe that tree hugging, sunshine, lollipops, cotton candy, and rainbow colored unicorns are things that we all need to champion in our own lives - is LEFT of center. (I am all for animal rights for your pets but animals we raise for food aren't in that category, so, grow up past a 5 year old mentality and get over it.) Extreme left/liberal people who are like I just described are as disgusting, if not more so - to true centrists - as are Fascist/Right Wing/Conservative types. (We don't need to save the planet, we need to save ourselves. Everything is connected and when we destroy any of it, human beings will eventually suffer.)
Centrists are not concerned with any of most issues demanded by either side.
THE MOST SIMPLE way of defining it is this, "If it works in your life and experience and makes perfect sense with your critical thinking research of the issue, then it is good. If not, it isn't really an issue and so it isn't worth discussing except to point out where they are wrong, periodically. Those periodic times happen when something stupid "this way comes" into the centrist's life, effecting him/her negatively.
Believing that nothing matters except for businesses and your own circle of family and friends, that corporations are people, that the fascist government dictators are supposed be respected and saluted while doing something completely wrong, and that biblical fantasy mythology is real, is conservative/regressive. (It didn't used to be. I grew up around people like Ike Eisenhower and Barry Goldwater, who was ignorant on racial issues but compassionate on many others.)
Seeing facts, as in scientific facts, and everything that you can prove and know to be good, including passion and equality for all human beings is CENTRIST so, don't calls fascism and it's supporters CENTRIST because that would be a big compliment to them and an honor that they don't deserve, along with being a extreme lie and an EXTREME insult to actual Centrists.
And, in summation, believing in conflicting right and left ideologies because of the notion that you have to respect both sides of any beliefs is politically correct, isn't centrist, that is just delusionally confused and ignorant. Black isn't white and white isn't black and trying to call them both shades of grey isn't being cooperative, it is just f**king stupid! Being wrong based on lack of information coupled with wishful thinking and cultural conditioning is just wrong, not your opinion.

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Is Anyone Really Surprised?

When I read things like this, there is a mixture of feelings, from disgust and resentment, to confusion and having to realize that I just don't want to believe that my vote doesn't count when certain people decide to take over our country. They did the same in 2000 and 2004 and it is the same crooked players at work.
To those of you who said to me and everyone who realized this, "Oh, you are being unrealistic, you just lost." I have two words. You know what they are.
To anyone who is surprised or even confused at learning that the DNC and especially DWS, cheated and rigged the election, despite the fact that the majority of voters have been saying exactly that for about 9 months, this is what being in denial gets you.
This is the only way a flip flopping, lying, corporate stooge, undercover Republican. who considers a war criminal like Henry Kissinger and a hedge fund manager, Madeleine Albright, her mentors - can possibly win against a peace loving, consistent on all issues, caring about all people type, real American.
I have always seen the cut of her cloth. She is still trying to say that; a) the repeal of Glass/Steagall that caused our economic crisis later on, b) the enactment of free trade agreements, especially like NAFTA that sent our factory jobs over seas and to Mexico and destroyed our factory base (in order to lose our economic superiority and especially hurt the minority community, causing many to enlist in our volunteer army, which was the purpose all along.), and c) the sentencing reform act, that unfairly sentenced one time drug abusers and especially black males, into prison for decades, which also led to our mass incarceration problems (in order to support "for profit prisons) were NOT massively bad ideas caused by her husband, Bill Clinton, and her not admitting that any of this was wrong, especially since she doesn't even understand or find any wrong in, Citizens United, then, Hillary Clinton is a big part of what is wrong in this country and definitely isn't someone who should be in ANY form of government , let alone an extremely influential power situation.
To those of you who are still in denial and trying to blame this on the media, I say, "Please wake the fuck up and smell the coffee!"
This morning a friend of mine said he had given up on Bernie and was going to vote for Hillary, because like Benghazi was months ago, TRUMP. Those of you who haven't been aware, he is a clown who has been put into place, not to win, but the crash the Republican Party into their coffin with a resounding thud, just like he has, and was never going to win.
Listing his future advisers to explain your wishy-washy-ness (like the majority of the Bush administration's cronies), is like saying, "Well if unicorns start flying around, then we will have to worry that horny horse shit is going to start falling on us!"
It isn't going to happen, it never was, he was put in place to scare people into voting for Hillary and many of you fell for it. When even the Bush family, the biggest corporate whore, war mongering group of psychopaths, are endorsing her, then you really should know that fix was in LONG AGO, only this time we were watching for it and they got caught.
The fact that the party named after democracy, undermined democracy, makes me sick.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Why The Federal Reserve Is Nothing But A Scam

I will begin this with a video that I am writing this, in reaction to, not against, because it speaks the absolute truth that I have been trying to tell people for years. They look at me like they think it is a complicated conspiracy theory.

I hope everyone is paying attention to every word of this. This guy is speaking the truth in public.
I will be surprised if someone hasn't shot him. Two presidents, John F. Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln said these things and tried to enact legislation to get rid of these "central banks" that have the audacity to call themselves "The Federal Reserve" in the United States. We know how they both ended up immediately afterwards.
The idea that this is a conspiracy theory is propaganda and a lie itself. This shows someone from the banking industry explaining why the system that creates poverty and keeps it that way for their own profit is truly at fault for doing what they have been doing since Eisenhower left office. They create money for some that doesn't really have anything backing it and then when they fall short (when people demand their real value) they take it out of taxpayers funds and act like that is "how democratic capitalism works".
(I want to mention here that the politicians who scream about the "free market regulating itself" don't tell you this part on purpose, they are LYING to cover the fact that the system that they call democratic capitalism, which was developed by the same people who want us to believe that the bible is 100 percent accurate, only works on paper.
The problem for them is that the American people and people around the world have woken up and are demanding this be changed. They try to demonize 'actual free market capitalism', which creates prosperity for all, by calling it socialism, because America has "ruling class families" that aren't satisfied with being on the same level with everyone else and demand, selfishly that they have everyone else's share. Their families were built on slavery and criminal activity, like bootlegging and smuggling.)
The recession in 2008 wasn't an anomaly, it was a repeated planned action that we noticed, because the media reported it like they have been manipulated and repressed from doing before.  That is actually how the central banks work and how they have been working since their inception, it was just that this time WE NOTICED because of two things, A) this time more people were involved and got hurt, making it more obvious, and B) people no long believe this is the greatest country in the world and that everything is so 'star spangled wonderful' here, when people are stealing from us to keep from admitting to the rich that they gambled all their money away at the casino on Wall Street.

Friday, June 17, 2016

My Review Of LA Fitness On Bell Road in Glendale

Let me preface this with, "I am probably not considered normal for a gym member."  I used to lift weights with serious body builders and power lifters, BUT, can't do everything I did anymore because of an injury coupled with my age (stuff doesn't heal like it used to). I am used to gyms with weights and benches and guys, with the exception of a few ladies, where they get done WHILE having a conversation (not standing around even when exercising or stopping to talk) and so I am spoiled. I should mention here that many big public "membership" commercial gyms are the same way. I am used to going in, getting my routine done, then relax and chill out in the sauna afterwards. I guess I have a certain idea of what a gym is. It isn't a place to visit, pickup someone, hang out talking for hours, or do anything but a planned set of exercises and get a shower and go home. I listen to music without letting it interrupt my workout. I don't carry my cell phone with me while working out.
I am somewhat "disgruntled" and I know it, because,... I am one of the castaways from the merger/sell out of 24 Hour Fitness with LA Fitness.
We were told nothing would change. Then they changed our hours. Then they closed our gym. Those are big monumental changes. That also means we were lied to. We had a nice gym that was kind of crowded during certain hours but you didn't have to go during the busy time because they were open 24 hours. I LIKED THAT.
I have to drive only about a mile further, BUT, now there are two gyms worth of people crammed into one gym because you can't come in late, so they are all in each other's way most of the afternoon/evening. There is no time limit on equipment as there is in many gyms, so there are people there who 1) don't really come to exercise (they pick one machine or piece of equipment and set it with almost no weight and use it for hours - because they think not really exercising or pretending to try is cool, while everyone else waits to use that machine) , 2) can't really exercise because they are too out of shape and need to stop eating as much as well as work their way up by riding a bicycle or go on the lifecycle or eliptical (cardio) before using weight machines, or 3) people who are new to exercise and can't understand that your phone/mp3 player adjustments shouldn't interrupt your machine usage time WHILE PEOPLE ARE WAITING IN LINE.
Some people are just selfish pigs, then you have the ignorant and loud people (usually the same egomaniacs) who have to yell at each other from one to two feet away like someone who is overly intoxicated, partially deaf, or just stupid. NO matter what the reason it is just rude, not cool. Most serious people doing exercise like to concentrate, not listen to someone make noise unnecessarily, and we know they are insecure and crave attention, SO,  they should go to a bar. Bars are full of people like that.
Some people can easily see that they have a whole place full of equipment but they would rather exercise on the stairs, the middle of the aisle where everyone is trying to walk. or use the machines as a gathering/chatting place/ or leaning post/stool OR to do calisthenics that they should actually be doing at home - while people wait in line to get done with their exercise routine. They actually have 2 large mats at this gym, in areas big enough for everyone who wants to do calisthenics to do so, but they would rather impress people by stopping their routine, while blocking the floor area walkway, and taking time away from using the machine we are all waiting for. This type also, usually spends about a half hour to 45 minutes 'admiring themselves in the mirror' in the locker room, also.
I know this is hard to believe but, ...
The really stupid people use a blow dryer meant for people's hair to dry off instead of using a towel. (What an a**hole!) It causes their own personal flood zone on the floor that all of us have to walk on, and wastes time, making excessive noise.
I like to relax when I get through working out, but there is always someone in the spa area who either thinks the spa is for exercising (when there is a whole gym out there), making all the wood benches creak and groan constantly or someone listening to music that doesn't seem to realize the rest of us can't hear it, and that his/her drumming on the wood benches (while trying to relax in the heat) is vibrating through everyone else's butt and feet and it isn't musical, it is just AGGRAVATING AND ANNOYING!
A gym isn't where people are supposed to go to hook up - it is where you go to exercise and go home. If you meet someone of the opposite sex or want to stand/sit around bulls**ting, go to Starbucks or a singles bar, they are designed for that purpose.
I have been to U-Fit and one of the best things they have there is their target training exercise room with a timer that tells you to move on. The time limit on machines (not free weights) in most gyms, is supposed to be 20 MINUTES, MAXIMUM. That doesn't mean that you are supposed to show up with a group of 3 to four people and monopolize the machines/weights (The dumbass excuse, "But we each get twenty minutes, right?"), that is bullying and ego maniacal 'Only Guy On Earth Syndrome'.
And while I am on the subject of exercise machine etiquette, if you walk away from a machine for several minutes, then, you can't walk up to whoever is actually trying to work out and go home, and say, "I was using that," because OBVIOUSLY, you weren't, you were standing around bull**ting or using other equipment, which means you moved on. Here is the bottom line on that, ...
etc. don't save your place on a machine you already left. Just like in the supermarket, the people who think putting their cart in line, telling the person behind them to save their place, while they finish their shopping, is waiting their turn, and IT ISN'T, YOU SELFISH A**HOLE!
But LA Fitness wants to market themselves as a meeting place (Meat Market) where they have classes and personalized trainers for a fee, and everyone else is on their own with no rules or discipline. Therefore, it has become a point of interest for the rude and selfish egomaniacs.
ONE MORE THING, When you go to a gym, the more noise you make while exercising is annoying, there is a thing called concentration and if you are groaning, screaming, moaning, or yelling at your friends or the pain of trying to exercise with too much weight, there is no one keeping score, so you don't extra "exercise points" or sound like someone who accomplished something/is trying harder, You are merely an obviously insecure person, like most loud people, begging for attention. STFU!
And we pay for the privilege to be treated like this! (SMH) And whistling in the locker room because you never went to gym class in school, and are trying to act like you aren't nervous getting undressed/naked in front of other men/women is REALLY OBVIOUS as well as annoying. Are you that overjoyed to see another person naked? IF NOT, STFU, PLEASE! 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

My Reaction To the Recent Orlando Shootings

I can understand two things about this. Some people are going to say that guns are the problem but I believe that is a simplification of the truth. I never thought I would say this but in that instance, the gun used was not the problem, the shooter was.
The problem for me is simply this, discrimination is discrimination. Bigotry, even wrapped in prayer and a stack of bibles, is still bigotry. The fact that religious and political leaders use hate speech to demonize an enemy that they have scapegoated, is right in line with the agenda of any type of fascist right wing society. Anyone who continues to do that, in my opinion, should be rounded up and charged with conspiring to commit hate crimes and being complicit in homicide previous to the fact and therefore instigating murder. When they are all sitting in jail and facing public ridicule while being told by a judge that they are just as guilty as any other accomplice in the killings, legally, then, and only then will this kind of stuff stop, even if only temporarily.

When one uses critical thinking and actually studies fascism and authoritarian rule, we see that they are the same thing. They are used by two main factions, religion and government.

The fourteen defining characteristics of fascism can be found here:

I dare anyone of them to find one that they haven't seen used in our society at present. The ones I am pointing at presently are numbers 2, 3, and 8.

They are stated as; "...2. Disdain for the Recognition of Human Rights - Because of fear of enemies and the need for security, the people in fascist regimes are persuaded that human rights can be ignored in certain cases because of "need." The people tend to look the other way or even approve of torture, summary executions, assassinations, long incarcerations of prisoners, etc.

3. Identification of Enemies/Scapegoats as a Unifying Cause - The people are rallied into a unifying patriotic frenzy over the need to eliminate a perceived common threat or foe: racial , ethnic or religious minorities; liberals; communists; socialists, terrorists, etc.

8. Religion and Government are Intertwined - Governments in fascist nations tend to use the most common religion in the nation as a tool to manipulate public opinion. Religious rhetoric and terminology is common from government leaders, even when the major tenets of the religion are diametrically opposed to the government's policies or actions."

Donald Trump is being blamed for "using these things to manipulate the uninformed voter who runs on fear and hate" but Donald Trump's campaign is just the symptom of the disease. This infection has been spread by politicians and religious leaders for power over people, membership insurance, and votes since men first made public speeches. The problem is our society and the people who run it. The idea that one guy is the problem makes me laugh. He is not the ideology and that started LONG before. When racism becomes a national health problem like any other mental delusion, and people are treated for it, several things will happen. Some people will be forced to learn that hate isn't a relevant force to men who can use dialogue and intelligence. Others will be put in some form of rehab until they realize that wanting to be superior to other humans is a myth, while others will eventually be given up on, as if rehabilitation is impossible for them - and they will then be institutionalized to protect society. I don't understand why this hasn't happened here in the U.S. yet.

This idea isn't extreme or fantastic, it is already in place in several countries. People need to come together as one and that means the ideas of exclusivity and superiority have to be deprogrammed from us. This isn't a request or ideal, it is an imperative if our society is going to survive. We, as a society, used to believe that burning witches was necessary, also. There has always been an enemy or enemies to be the scapegoats. The fact that there are people who willingly accept that in order to feel better about themselves, shows that our society and especially the delusionally religious, are sick and need professional help.

Part of the Orlando situation that I haven't heard anyone mention is that the police hesitated because mainly, some of them weren't anxious to save the members of the public that were being shot and bleeding to death, because they have been taught that those people are "sinners or evil" and that means they are looked at by many as "deserving the treatment they get" from a self righteous nutcase. I am not assigning blame, I am merely stating the logical diagnosis of this problem.