Monday, August 24, 2009

Is Anybody Paying Attention?

This does not surprise me. Please bear with me. I know for myself this is wrong because I have a living will and a medical power of attorney because I don't want to cause my relatives to be burdened with large medical bills for resuscitation of my already dead body. If it's my time to go, let me go. PLEASE. I am not afraid of death. I don't wish to hurry it along, but, I don't wish to stay alive expensively for no good reason in a coma. Thank You. Please humor me and listen to this whole thing.
This is an example of someone who is trying to reinterpret for a different agenda. She has decided that seniors do not get treatment based on something someone stated that has nothing to do with this bill. At the end of this you can hear her saying that the way they are going to pay for this is why she ACTUALLY is demanding it is fair. This sounds to be like another Swiftboat/Joe the fake plumber/Teaparty type of subterfuge. Before anyone says that Jon Stewart is not a lawyer or congressman, may I point out, neither is she. McCaughey is a historian. This is what is wasting congress's time and is another amount of stalling with no real reason of facts. This is why we need to pay attention and tell the general public that people with hidden agendas need to be ignored.