Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My Letter To A Friend

The Original Tea Party Movement 1998

Hi (anonymous name here);
I truly believe this has been going on for a while. The whole idea that someone who is a media figure can speak for a whole movement of grassroots beginnings is a real scary idea. The fact that no matter what people do (And I include the bloggers, who according to the media themselves during the last election, turned the tide of people's opinion. Those of us who actually did the fact checking, voting record research, statements matching profiles, etc.)
I personally was feeding statistics I could find and the whole "John McCain's Houses" thing, the Keating 5 scandal, and the McCain Naval History / Jet Crash Record, and the "John McCain dumped his wife to marry someone he had an affair with" real stories to the Obama election campaign people and the media and NO ONE USED half of what I said, because, unfortunately, we decided to keep it a fair fight. I can tell you my high school football coach would have never done that. The good thing that resulted from it, though was that Obama's campaign people weren't found to be LYING about anything but McCain / Palin were telling at least 21 per day average. (That is an actual statistic collected by the fact checkers from Media Matters.)
I know you heard the whole Sarah Palin Mama Grizzlies thing, you know she tried to hijack the message and make it sound like Mama Grizzlies were Pro Life by saying they stated they were protective / defensive of their cubs.
Here is what they said about her message:

Everything she has said has been the opposite of either her personal actions or the facts in history like when she said John McCain has always been FOR regulation which even he admitted completely wrong. Fox News likes to show the tea baggers rallies but they don't show you this part:

I think the whole Ron Paul / Conservative Libertarian thing was part of the beginning of the end for liberals, if we allow it to continue. Ron Paul, per Wikipedia, has a more conservative voting record than any Republican in congress or for that matter ANY OTHER CONGRESSMAN. He is a conservative crackpot that thinks NO RULES would work in America as it is right now. The guys who broke or bent all the rules want to have NO RULES and that is scary because nut cases like Rand and Ron Paul want exactly that, on top of the stupidest non-working financial policies that I have ever seen. He wants to get rid of the I.R.S. and Federal Income Tax (Can you imagine if the individual states like for instance Florida was in charge of their own system?) and the Federal Reserve. I support these but it will take forever to implement them and that can't happen during a financial downturn. Here is some more of his politicizing rhetoric that has already been proven wrong by our troop return from Iraq first, then Afghanistan, and deployment INTO Pakistan.

This shows him talking out of his a** again accusing everyone else for what he and his Republican buddies instituted. He got owned in this video. The Muja Adim were NOT THE TALIBAN but he infers that since they were from Afghanistan, they were the same thing.
As Ron Paul himself pointed out earlier we were not attacked by Afghanistan or Iraq on 9/11, but on that day no one knew that, including Ron Paul. But he helped perpetuate the rumors that got us into Afghanistan in the first place. His voting record.

And the Wikipedia version of the truth by his critics:

Socialism B.S. screamed by the teabaggers:
Arizona and Alaska receive more federal money for roads, subsidies, etc. than half of the other states combined and John McCain lies and says he doesn't get "earmarks". He gets plenty of them but for his own agenda. So, guess where our No Earmarks Republican Candidates came from last election? Arizona and Alaska, of course. People are screaming about socialism when they don't realize EVERY road, street light, stop sign, etc. along with the police and fire departments are paid for by government. Intervention in our lives is something we have voted for and demanded and the teabaggers won't admit it. (I refuse to let them take over the tea party movement , gun control activists, that had nothing to do with this FAUX NEWS movement) and I believe the whole name change thing was also in the game plan, if you agree, call them what they were, the teabagger movement. They SAY they changed the name (It actually is a nickname for (the urban dictionary statement):

To insert one's hairy balls into the mouth of what is occasionally a member of the opposite sex, sometimes, if the person is gay, they will insert it into someone of the same sex.

Petey teabagged Veronica so bad, she choked and died on his peubic hair.

when Rachell Maddow and Ana Marie Cox exposed what that meant by snickering about it on the news. Now that you know what it meant, that makes this more understandable that a gay woman found so hilarious. When you listen to the statements it is pretty funny.
to the tea party movement because they didn't realize that was a really bad connotated message referring to homosexual reference to something most people knew, and that they were too out of touch to understand previous to signing off their name in public media representation. The interesting thing to me is that they are asking in this interview whether Republicans and the tea baggers are separating. That is a point that most Republican conservatives miss and another issue that Fox News is trying to camouflage. My main point in all of this is that FAUX NEWS, as Denise so appropriately nicknamed them, is trying to, as you put it, "muddy the waters", on everything. If they can't take over the message they will confuse it. As Aldous Huxley stated in the book, "Brave New World" which they used in the introduction for the movie version, "He who controls information, controls the world." And unfortunately that guy is the one Jon Stewart called a "2 legged basset hound". Rupert Murdoch, of course, the Tabloid King who is now half owned by the same Saudi (Muslim) Arab royal, Alwaleed bin Talal, who also was part of the whole "Bush Family Arab Connection".
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When it comes to Martin Luther King, like Al Sharpton said, if you are only middle aged (between forty and forty five), you don't even remember what happened because you weren't alive then. Those of us who were alive and old enough to remember (I was in grammar school) should all scream from the rooftops (extreme exaggeration statement) or the actual equivalent, go online to as many sites as possible, make ourselves known as having been a real American who really lived through the civil rights movement and demand an apology from Glen "the phony civil rights activist" Beck.

My own saying that all liberals in this environment should adopt:
"Preponderance of a lie doesn't make it the truth." I need a t-shirt with that on it and it should be worn by all liberals at the next pre-election ceremony.

Steve in Phoenix

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Taking Back Has Been Carried Way Too Far

Everytime I read a news article about any group, left or right leaning, the statement made lately is that the group is somehow "Taking Back" something that they never really lost.What has been actually happening is that they have been "redefining" too many things for too long. I used to be really open minded to "grey areas" but I realise now that is all semantics and is actually a smoke screen used to disguise the fact that people don't want to be seen as what they actually are. E.G. Conservative Libertarians.The word Libertarian comes from the root meaning liberty which means liberal freedom. Liberal means open minded to change and conservative means the opposite. The obstructionists in congress lately have proven that.
You can't have a conservative libertarian any more than you can have a reptillian gopher. One of them is a reptile and one a vermin, they can't be the same. What it is doing is trying to take credit for being one thing while actually being the other.
I used to think we all needed to come together but I realize now that is a wishy washy idealistic dream presented by idealists who should already know that by now that it has never worked.
I am aware now that we have to pick a side and stick to it. Are you a fear based conservative afraid of America changing from the old West thinking or are you a liberal who is trying to change things to progress as life progresses?
OK, let's talk about facts, the ideas I wish to explain are:
a) "In any true fact finding mission, if change is necessary it will come from a need.
b) If there is a problem with the system, based on unfairness to the whole body of humans, when the majority get almost nothing so that a few others get the rest, that is a problem.
1) The first thing we do is establish a need for change, then we find all the facts.
2) Then we develop theories on what to do as a solution, we test each theory first in theory as a dialogue, then as a workable solution with steps defined, then in actual practice in a small subsection of the population.
3) When facts do not match a theory, we must change the theory because facts do not change.
Fox News has recently started a campaign of confusion. They aren't able to prevent a liberal message, so they think they can try to hijack it by using the names of all liberal social movements and change it within the confines of their own fake branch of these movements and they think they can re-shape or subvert other messages and claim them their own cause.

Don't believe me?
Sarah Palin tried to take the steam out of the Mama Grizzlies by claiming she is one, then delivered a message for them stating that they are Pro-Life. They aren't, they are Pro-Choice and they were started by a group called Emily's List, let me show you what they had to say:

Glen Beck is trying to speak for the whole "Civil Rights" movement by saying that Black People don't own Martin Luther King. King was part of the civil rights movement that was about getting jobs and freedom and equal treatment for black people. Glen Beck wasn't even born then. They never said that they owned Martin Luther King, but he owned the message of his people and faced challenges and threats, including losing his own life for what he believed in. Black people in the United States followed what he said, faced the same hardships and dangers, and Glen Beck NEVER HAS.

Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered the "I have a dream..." speech on August 28th,1963 at the Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

Glen Beck was born, February 10th, 1964, over a year later, but listen to what he has to say about the Civil Rights Movement, and ask yourself what he is inferring here and listen to what Al Sharpton says in reply:

Also, here is Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, filling in for Ed Schultz on the MSNBC Ed Show telling us what he thinks.

Does Glen Beck Speak for the Civil Rights Movement? He wasn't even alive during the "I have a dream..." speech, how is he able to even insinuate that he was? The whole thing was mostly ALL about civil rights for black people and he knows that. His obvious attempt to play stupid and naiive on this shows he is a contemptable person.

Sarah Palin and Glen Beck are trying to confuse the actual message of the people who were and insert their own message as if they were members of these groups. They want to try to act like they are the representitives and speak for these groups. If they aren't exposed and stopped soon, America might lose it's way altogether by giving up.

My personal opinion can be seen in this message: