Friday, September 3, 2010

The Have-Nots Versus The Haves

The HAVE NOTS Mission Statement:
We who are sick of the tea baggers who lobby for Glenn Beck and Fox News, who don't realize what they are doing and those who do and don't care so do it anyway, have succeeded in doing one thing. They taught us all that if you go make a fool of yourself by driving to a rally, carrying signs, standing around yelling, that whether you have a point or not, you get public Media Attention.
Honesty in Journalism:
Isn't that what we need to get the attention of congressmen? The flaw that most of them don't seem to understand is that it works like this. Rich people like Rupert Murdoch don't need a tax break, they need to be fined by the FCC for LYING all the time and calling it news. He admitted recently that he is just entertainment not real news.
Those who follow Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin around remind me of a disk jockey from the seventies, Jonathan Brandmire in Phoenix, whose followers called themselves, as his rallies decried, his LOONS. Brandmire would ask people over the air on KZZP radio to go a certain intersection, street rally, department store, etc. and they would all show up. Sometimes as many as 2 to 3 thousand at a time. He staged a Jerry Mathers (from the "Leave it to Beaver" Show)day at the Pointe Resort once and convinced Jerry Mathers to try to go back into television, since he had such a great following of Beaver fans. The loons were instructed to act like they loved him. We all know how that worked out for Jerry Mathers.
The tea baggers are Glenn Beck's Loons. The Have Nots need their own version of the same thing to represent those of us who AREN'T Rupert Murdoch.

Voting and Elections:
We need term limits, abolition of lobbying pay, responsibility laws, and for God's Sake we need to return to Paper Ballots.

Term Limits:
Being elected to congress has almost become a lifelong occupation. People who are desperate to stay in congress and who have been there for the past twenty years when all the problems started and continue to happen, then we don't care what party you are a member of, YOU NEED TO GO, NOW ! If you can't prove you voted against all the things that turned our country into a financial implosion repeatedly since Reagan and beyond, then you need to be accountable and if you voted the wrong way, YOU NEED TO GO, NOW!

Paper Ballots:
We also need to return to using paper ballots in all elections in every state, since , former CEO of Cybrinth Security, Stephen Spoonamore, exposed the Diebold company and their voting machines. He stated that they were, in his opinion hacked in many elections, and had no security set up at all (and was mysteriously killed in a plane accident after he did that), we know that any other method will NOT be secure. (See Velvet Revolver interviews with Stephen Spoonamore, the cyber security expert for the National Super Computing Association snd NCSA Mosaic). Watch the whole series, I think there are eight videos, each one is sure to make you madder than the last one when you realize how our elections are still getting hacked.

Abolition of Lobbying Pay:
Lobbyists should not be outlawed but being paid for being a lobbyist should be a federal felony. If you want to talk to congress on your own dollar, fine, but those who make a living out of bribing congressmen to screw the public and lie about it, should be illegal.

Congressmen Responsibility laws:
If someone lies at any other job they get fired. (Except for News anchors, it seems, but...) Congressmen should be held to the same standards. That includes during a campaign. If they are caught lying to the public in a written or public anouncment statement, including during an election or re election campaign, then, they should be immediately reported and recalled.

Religious Responsibility:
It is illegal for any church or non profit organization to campaign or suggest, advertise, or coerce by any means their congregation members or others to any political policy, law, or candidate. They should be recorded and reported to the I.R.S. when a clergyman or other person who is employed by a non profit organization so that they will lose their non-profit status under the Internal Revenue Laws. See Internal Revenue Code, all section 501(c)(3)at,,id=154712,00.html

The Federal Reserve:
The Federal Reserve should be completely transparent to the Public and be referred to by what they really are, a private banking organization because they are not any more a part of our government than Federal Express is, but they keep the myth alive that they work for Uncle Sam. That is not so, and if you have been believing that for years, it shows that even a high school economics student understands our money system better than you do. The Federal Reserve makes money off of creating our money but they are all "speculators" not economists. They don't even understand economics, but they rely on politicians to warn them about "inflationary trends" that have been proven WRONG over and over again. I want to know when we are going to get some real economists working for our government that regulate the banks and the Federal Reserve because those people keep blowing everything up and expecting you and I to fix it. During the Clinton Administration the Fed said they desperately needed to curb inflation by raising interest rates, and President Clinton forbid them to, the trend they said was going to cause inflation "never happened". Even Oprah Winfrey exposed this, she had some of them on her show and made them admit they were only speculating and had no real economic basis for their prediction. (Do you think they just wanted more money?) Do you know what they do? When we start getting a little ahead, they immediately raise interest rates to drag us back down again because they can't have too many people getting ahead, that would make the elite feel less special.
Example, when we started having two working adults in most middle class families, and women moved into the work force because Gloria Steinem told them they had the right. All of a sudden, they had more money, well the banks and greedy entrepreneurs immediately doubled interest rates and the prices on everything.
Those of us who have studied about the United States Economy know that was a prediction they made purely to line their own pockets. Their function is to keep the rich rich and the rest of us either poor or struggling to support the rich. They need a complete overhauling and restructuring or else be fired from any government connection and be replaced by a new board of fair banking practices.
There needs to be a lower cap on interest rates beyond what the financial restructuring for banking did under the Obama administration and all of the rules for payment of credit need to be retroactively changed. Those who are still on old style credit payments, and have been actively paying for years, need to have their cases reviewed and those who would have already made their payments without the rate hike that banks starting demanding by merely "changing their contract" (which is illegal unless both parties agree to a change, we might as well have received the notice of the rate hike in the mail and sent the bank back a letter saying that we changed our policy on paying and were lowering our interest rate to three percent, effectively starting at the beginning of bank business on the first of the month. One can't legally change a contract by merely sending you a letter.), need to have their cases reviewed to see if, without the massive extra interest payments, and if they would have already payed their debt without the ballooning interest then, the debt be at least restructured and in some cases their debt ended. Those who were told that they had no choice but to agree to a massive payment, need to be relieved of the massive increased interest rates like everyone else that applies for a loan today.

The Electoral College:
The entire Electoral College was created in order to keep states who some of our politicians did not think were intelligent enough to have a say in politics, so they wouldn't have a fair share of votes, in certain states. Also, the electoral college delegates DON'T HAVE TO VOTE THE WAY WE TELL THEM TO, which makes them a real source of corrupt bribe-able clowns who can do some real damage in election campaigns. If they don't have to vote the way their constituents voted, what the hell good are they???? Get rid of that clown college first. Then if the campaign is up to all of us (the popular vote is usually the opposite of the electoral college vote) instead of a few states, then, the politicians will HAVE TO DO SOMETHING instead of lie to a few people in ten main states, and not get caught until after the election. This way they find the popular opinion of a few people in the key states and play to the crowd, whether they really share their opinion or not.
Think about it, if the Electoral College says your state is too stupid to vote, then your vote might not count. WTF? The electoral college calculator per state is at You might want to check it out and know that if your state has under ten votes, you are considered a bunch of ignorant people who don't deserve a real vote.
Anyone can share as many suggestions for what real solutions we feel that our country needs. Remember, the president has limited power, quit blaming him for what congress does, he can only scold them publicly which in some cases recently made NO DIFFERENCE at all, which should obvious to all of us by now.

Arizona Mildman

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