Friday, September 17, 2010

Looks Like Someone Was Paying Attention

A friend of mine, who used to be one of my English Professors, in a class I took entitled, "Critical and Evaluative Reading", where we learned to investigate what the author wrote for political speeches, short stories, etc. and learn what the meaning was behind what they said in print, wrote me an email. I made the statement/rhetorical question, "I don't know why but it would seem that after two months of attacking someone for the wrong reason, they would get bored with being exposed as wrong."

I included this clip from "The Daily Show" with Jon Stewart:
(I wish to preface this with the explanation that this professor was, when I met him, a quite conservative Christian. All that has changed, because like most people who were Republicans decades ago, he and I both have seen the Majority of the Republican party change from "the party of REASON" to what it has become today. Also, the Christian Church has somehow sold out to the radical extremist Republicans. The clip below shows an example of that. Please click on the arrow to watch it.)

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If you for some reason can't view the video here, please try the link below.

His reply to me was this:
Stephen Lucas to me

"No, they never get bored because they want to return to power. The only way to do this is to appeal to "fear". If I can scare you, I don't have to deal in facts. If I can give you a "scape goat" then you have some one to blame your problem on and hate. We know this is an old formula. The Dems should take a small page from the play book and simply say "if you want more war and more debt---- vote Republican." "If you want to pay higher taxes because the rich get the tax break--- vote Republican." "If you want to be controlled by the corporations like BP--- then vote Republican." "If you want a National Socialist government run by the corporations and lobbiests, then vote Republican." The Dems should be screaming this from every roof top. The economy sucks because of the cost of Bush's Republican Wars.

Yup---- the truth sure hurts.


Steve "

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