Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Rand Paul Campaign Curb Stomping Event

There is a guy named Tim Proffit who is a supposed "supporter" of Rand Paul. His idea of beating up anyone who wants to protest while Rand Paul is present is something he calls "crowd control". At least five goons from the Rand Paul campaign Entourage saw a lady who was there to yell and wave a protest sign during his entrance to a debate/ exit from his car. She was pulled by her hair, which was a wig and came off, then pulled down by her clothing and then Tim Profitt stomped on her neck and head while she was laying in the gutter with her head on the curb- where she had been thrown .

Then the usual racist beating occurred. They need to press charges. No it is not up to the prosecutor. Fox News is trying to turn this into an Obama issue, which has nothing to do with the president. His involvement in the Gates case was only a comment, originally. Then he had the beer summit at the White House.

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