Friday, November 19, 2010

Islamic Connection

I am an avid fan of the internet news show entitled "The Young Turks" and I fully believe that most of what they say is right on point. Recently Cenk Uygur made the statement that just by virtue of being Muslim, the Islamic Mosque in New York City has nothing to do with the hearts and minds that were involved with the 9-11 attack since they did not have anything to do with that and several Muslims were killed in the attack, also. They believe that if they or any of their own people are killed in a Jihad, it is just and right and there are so many other things that play into the equation that I am sickened by what I remember.
The lies of Dick Cheney, George Bush, and especially Karl Rove were blatant as we can see in this film. After the Scott McClellan resignation, several of their ploys came to light and were incorporated in the movie by Oliver Stone entitled, "W". They had a good approval rating so they attacked Iraq in order to scare Iran into giving us oil rights in their country. That is the reason Saddam Hussein is dead. Because, as George Bush admitted later on, "He tried to kill my daddy!" Immature little demigods shouldn't be given that much authority. Dubya was not intelligent enough to see through his cabinet or else he is just as devious as they are. You decide!

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