Wednesday, November 3, 2010


The time has come for the Democrats to remember what the Republicans have done to them. The time has come for the American People to remember who created the giant deficit and who has been trying to blame it on the Democrats. Example: The Term Obama Bailouts is s LIE which the Republicans hope you remember that way. Tea Party was the 1996 gun control activists, not the Tea Bagger movement. The Mamma Grizzlies are for PRO CHOICE NOT PRO LIFE which Sarah Palin tried to hijack. The civil rights movement was started by Martin Luther King and his family and church members in the sixties. Glenn Beck tried to say he was part of that and that the Democrats had something to do with that. WRONG! Glenn Beck wasn't even born during the "I have a dream..." speech. Glenn Beck is a liar and Fox News is not news, it is a right wing propaganda movement.
Please study the graphic below and remember.

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