Saturday, December 11, 2010

Running Away With ONE WORD

Can someone tell me how seizing on ONE WORD from the president's speech to make a story makes it a story? I am so sick of the idiot columnists making a big deal out of one word from a speech without seeming to listen to the speech that I am tired of online information, also. Who told sensationalist news reporters that they were bloggers to begin with? They aren't. They New York Times needs to quit calling them that. Bloggers are independent opinion related columns based on an average person's experience, NOT some sensationalist news reporter's column published ONLINE. In the president's recent speech, he mentioned that he thought that the tax cuts for EVERYONE ELSE were being held hostage by the taxcuts for the rich. Let me break it down for you sensationalizing morons.
A) He is not negotiating for hostages or with hostage takers.
B) He was using the words "being taken hostage" as a metaphor or analogy, meaning that NO ONE BUT THE RICH WAS GETTING A FAIR DEAL and that is discrimination and not fair, democratic, or anything anyone but rich, insensitive, clueless, out of touch morons would find difficult to ascertain. I wish to give a lot of credit to one columnist whose work I saw in another columnist article today, she wrote truthfully about what she saw in the Bush Administration and called it The Uncompassionate Conservative written by Molly Ivins, entitled The Uncompassionate Conservative in an online publication that I never read (online or otherwise), Molly Jones. Maybe I should subscribe.
Her point was well made but now let me get to mine: Hey, Columnists! ONE WORD DOES NOT MAKE A STORY, OK ?

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