Friday, February 18, 2011

Looks Like Someone Is Paying Attention Now!

I can't be more pleased that someone from the Bush Whitehouse is finally talking. Does anyone remember what I said about a war started over lies to further their own agenda? Keep watching the smoke so you don't notice the real action, people. Here is someone that you will all love to hear this from. Colin Powell's right hand man, who watched his boss get fed to the wolves as the scape goat. This is how responsibility comes back around. (Bull S*** runs downhill, but truth runs back up again.)
Things like this make me want to scream or cry, but there is an undeniable urge in me to yell, "I Told You So!" Please listen closely and try to wrap your mind around this. This is the G.W. Bush Administration's Watergate. This is an abuse of authority that makes Richard Nixon look like an amateur.