Thursday, April 28, 2011

Birthers Are Intentionally Playing Stupid

If you don't like the facts, then, all you have to do is ignore them, it seems to be the Republican angle on everything from Obama's birth certificate to scientific facts. I am tired of turning on the computer (I turned my television off years ago.) in order to find another story about political news saying that some idiot celebrity is talking about either Obama's birth certificate or global climate change. Yesterday, after the nation's president produced his long form certificate of birth, the tone changed to "why" he had produced it, and why it was not produced publicly before. How about, "Since it was NONE of your Business, moron!" The idea that they can try to say that the past president of the Harvard Law Review never accomplished anything scholastically to their liking is pretty ignorant. Does Donald Trump think we are going to buy it? NO, most of us won't but the fringe lunatics out there who live on fear will accept any concept that makes them in the least capable of saying, "SEE, I TOLD YOU SO..." someday in the future. The idea that anyone gets into Harvard with NO ACCOMPLISHMENT is ridiculous. The idea that he only got in at all because of Affirmative Action is a campaign trick of the nastiest business mogal in New York City. He is setting himself up to be the recipient of the nastiest racism accusations in recent history. Is he stupid or delusional? Or is he actually so mentally over confident that he thinks he is superior in legal knowledge to the president of the Harvard Law Review who was a constitutional lawyer, based on his beginnings as a motel desk clerk. Who did he screw in order to get where he is?

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