Saturday, April 16, 2011

In Response to Arizona's Birther Law (unconstitutional at it's inception)

The entire birther movement as well as this law is a blatant sign of the insecurity of the GOP . The fact that they are so afraid of Obama and his ability to move "the masses" without their control makes them cringe. If young people are once again on his side in the election, then he will do the one thing that strikes terror in the hearts of conservatives everywhere, finish a full two terms in the white house which has been proven in the past to change the direction of the nation, at least for a while. They are already responsible for being at the wheel while we had another economic meltdown, stock market crash, and government subsidizing of (excuse me, in their terms, bailout) which is the only way that they free market capitalism economic system works, despite their cries of "socialism".
Historically speaking, the GOP could lose control of the congress (the actual legislation process) in 2012, and if the Democratic party wins the legislative process as the recession ceases, the tide of the country could go away from the lying money sucking part of congress.
I am at a point where I don't want to blame a party. I think they are both full of good and bad, pros and cons, and the only way out of our present situation is for society in the U.S. to smarten up and educate themselves on the issues and start voting on that context rather than talking points that are merely a smokescreen but ring true with "conservative values", I.E. abortion, gay marriage, religion, and political history based on the "legends" of past administrations, since under scrutiny we find, they ALL have had multiple flaws.
We can only hope that this country returns to sanity but I am not going to hold my breath.

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