Monday, July 4, 2011

Republican Governor Shows His Emotionalism and Fact Blindness

From the Associated Press story on Huffington Post:
"...South Dakota Governor Signs Tough Abortion Bill Into Law
(3 months ago)

This is the letter I wrote to him:

I just read this statement you wrote. "I think everyone agrees with the goal of reducing abortion by encouraging consideration of other alternatives," Daugaard said in a written statement. "I hope that women who are considering an abortion will use this three-day period to make good choices." In other words, your idea of better choices has to do with anything but a termination of an unwanted pregnancy. There is a reason these things happen and they are for more than just a political talking point.
Well, first, after reading your statement, I know that you know better than that. When I start sending pictures of girls who self aborted themselves with coat hangers or got butchered in a back room clinic again, to your next election campaign competition, we will see how much you think EVERYONE AGREES with that right wing talking point emotionalism nonsense you spouted. This is just like we had in the fifties, which is why Roe Vs. Wade became a law, because young girls are going to abort themselves. You are probably going to argue that this legislation doesn't say they can't have an abortion. During a time that these anti abortion zealots, based on no information other than emotional brainwashing by people who love third world country "unwashed masses" and would love to see portions of the United States be that desperate, these people who should have been thrown in jail for protesting violently outside Planned Parenthood offices and have been flooding the airwaves with pictures of "poor little fetus" images to further emotionalize the furor that is mostly nonsense, since no one considers a person living until they are born, legally, and when they should have been told, "NO YOU ARE WRONG!", you told them that they are right.
We actively promote on television commercials about overpopulation of pets that we should have our cats and dogs spayed and neutered, but some think that humans should over populate the world. You agreed with them. Let's see what your next campaign can stand when you have to explain living female humans dead because of your agreeing with the "talking point" agenda people who will say anything they can to disagree with reason, facts, and history.
I have one more thing to say. As a male, I have learned to listen to women. MOST OF THE ONES WHO ARE SINGLE don't want extra children and most of the women I know want to know why Republican right wing conservative talking point politicians who don't truly weigh facts don't ever seem to be able to see that the fetus you are trying to preserve is attached to her body. They will remind you that it is real easy for you go spout this nonsense since you can't get pregnant and go through nine months of hell just to make some guy in congress who thought it made a good talking point happy and then raise a child who they didn't want, and create a life that is going to be unwanted by society, and in general be miserable and not have a fighting chance to survive financially, education wise, or job wise. In other words, since it's NOT YOUR BODY, you need to mind your own business. Nice move, governor, you just made enemies of the majority of the female population. If everyone agreed that was a good idea, they wouldn't have ever made abortion legal.

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