Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Debt Ceiling Arguments and Propaganda

At this point, do I really need to say anything? The tea baggers, who have tried to change the name to the Tea Party, (which was actually the anti-gun control party of 1999 in America) is ludicrously, ambiguously, nonsensably confusing. They want to increase or at least continue the same amount of spending while cutting taxes and they don't understand why that won't work. Their main agenda this session was to try to screw up the economy for their large big corporate leaders who won't do a thing for the Tea Party beside a lot of "attaboys" and then betray them, again.
I liken it to an old, faithful dog. They are so used to licking and laying next to their master's feet, that, when the master gets a new puppy (a terrible case of unlimited greed), that they don't know how to change direction or what else to do except, at least, "TRY" to get attention by using the same old methods without knowing or understanding how to have an individual attack of ego, having been deserted and being mistreated, so they continue to wag their tail, cock their head expectantly, and wait for the ear scratching, petting, and stroking that they used to receive. Instead they are being called hobbits and they still haven't figured out that they are backing the wrong horse.
I don't think we should feel anger towards these people, we should pity them for being so blind. The majority of them can be fitted for a white cane and dark glasses so we don't have to watch their stumbling around in the dark with Reaganesque slogans of fictional grandure written by his speech writers for a public whose passion for country and national pride were one million times surpassed by their ignorance of and inexperience in dealing with, political betrayal. One would think that after the Nixon Years, that no one would trust political rhetoric again but the NeoCon bully pulpit for propaganda is open and running their mouths twenty four hours a day, seven days a week with the delusion that the ingnorance is bliss attitude of the fifties is supposed to be alive and well among us to survive.
Everyone agrees that having a king who divides the wealth up for the rich owner class only and gives pittance to the rest in real property and future investments - is WRONG. But, some are so blind as to how badly they want to be led on what to think, how to vote, how to act, and what is moral, that they relinquish all rights to have an individual intelligence to someone they deem more qualified, based on his decision to make money off of telling them how right he is. The list of those types is too long and flamboyantly obvious that one only needs realize their own true potential and try to enlist the backup from these demigods that they propose to millions that they provide, only once in order to find that you don't belong to the club. The club has set rules for membership and they are changing to make the path of acceptance into the club slimmer and slimmer by the minute.
I have one thing to say to the supposed Tea Party members. Whatever your demographic is, you better check and make sure you are a member before you start leading the cheer leading team for next year. Those honorary memberships that you were graced with during the election campaign that some campaign contribution volunteer told you over the phone in order to enlist your contribution and your vote might not have been the opinion of the candidate in question. I would submit that you also need to see what he is able to, not just what he wants to or says he is going to, but, what he is actually ABLE TO put into legislation and how he votes for or against things that benefit you.
The people who want to make more and give you less are the type of politician who votes for a pay increase for himself each year while cutting off public services to you, in order to be able to afford it. ASK YOURSELF: is this man looking out for your interest, since he is supposed to be a servant of the people? Or is he looking out for himself? When politicians tell us we need to tighten OUR BELTS, shouldn't they be willing to do the same? When military spending in other countries could be spent on jobs in our country, with our soldiers spending their money in our country, with their families living and working in our country, and our goods and services being spent and manufactured for our country, then aren't we then serving our country best?
Do you really know how much waste is being purposely caused by military in order to have a higher budget next year? When you ask about it, are you being given a bum's rush answer? If you are, ask any ex-military employee. They have seen it all, so ask your friends, relatives, spouse, or whoever you know that has seen these things while serving.
You will come to understand that the United States Military could spend half the budget they are allowed if only they lived within their means instead of however much they want to receive next year, just in case another war comes up. If a bum is sitting on your front lawn and the police came and instead of making him move, they instead came back to your door, knocked and responded by saying, "Well, there really is nothing we can do since he is already there...", then, you will have a complete understanding of how our economy is being propped up by fictitious companies that were originally patriotically staffed with people who wanted us to survive as a nation. They are now run by people who figured out how to gouge the taxpayers for money. Look up the board of directors for who the largest shareholders are in companies that do nothing but manufacture warfare equipment and you will finally understand what happened to our economy.

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