Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Republican Candidates For 2012

This is the stupidest selection of candidates they could have come up with. Is everyone in the GOP really dense enough to think wanting stupid to be a virtue will gain them an election? Don't they realize that everyone of their candidates has helped terminate the economy already? And talk about weird, here is the list:
There is Mitt Romney, he thinks he is a shoe-in for president based on being a Mormon. He was born rich and belongs to a church whose members hide their wealth in the church to keep from paying income taxes and now he states that corporations are people, too. I wish I could say that no one is as out of touch as Romney is, out of this group, but there are some that are almost worse. You would think that when the entire crowd starts laughing at him that he would try to shut up and take a different approach. Instead he keeps rolling in the wrong direction. I can't believe he said this in public:

Then his front running oponent is Rick Perry, the Governor of Texas who seems to be proud of killing more people than cancer. He thinks Texas is still in the wild West and shouldn't be responsible for learning that capital offenses are never righted by more bloodshed but killing for killing makes sense to him. That is what the people of Texas decided or what they were taught. This is where the hate comes from in our society is people who grow up believing they are right about anything this serious when they are obviously disagreeing with the rest of the world on this point:

Ron Paul is as nervous as a speed freak on the front steps of the police station. Is this guy shifty looking or what? I want you to pay close attention to his voice as he is speaking. He has learned a trick almost like a hypnotist when he makes a reply publicly. No matter how many interviews I have heard with him, he always does the same thing. He charges into each of his answers with a voice inflection that sounds like a question. Then he makes it sound as if he answers the question in the calming voice in his next sentence. Like Sarah Palin, whenever Ron Paul says anything his groupies cheer as if he said something poignant. It is a great orator trick that subliminally asks the audience to applaud like he was holding up a sign begging the audience to clap. He is completely out of touch with "the little people" in his anarchist mentality where rich people like himself make the rules for everyone else. But at the end he got completely disarmed by the question about if the man should die and went to pieces with nothing but a quick, flippant pat answer:

I am going to dedicate some time to the two female crazies that are running this election. First, Michelle Bachmann and her obviously gay husband:

And also:

Marcus Bachmann is as obviously gay as the spokes person.

And this is her Christian Family Value attitude on slavery:

And NOW on to the last presidential election's biggest embarrassment:

Now Governor Palin is even confused after going to visit and gets the Paul Revere story wrong. Most people would see this as a flaw in her educational policies:

She just has a need to say something when she doesn't have an answer. I would think this probably dates back to the Katey Couric interview where her reply was, "Well, I think I'll just have to get back to you on that one..." as if it was a take home interview.
Now for the rest that we hardly know, starting with Jon Huntsman, whom I had never heard of before the recent debates. He is the most responsible, soft spoken, non-blaming, non-party politics candidate that we have seen. He is NOT a racist, a loud blamer trying to shift responsibility to Obama for everything the Tea Party and the GOP have done. And he has made the statement that if the Republicans ever want to get respect of most of the country, then they will first have to stop denying facts and science.

Jon Stewart of the Daily Show on comedy central said that John Huntsman's science answer shows that evolution is possible as Huntsman just evolved into someone who will never get elected by the Tea Party or the GOP.

And then comes Rick Santorum, who is known for throwing fast cutting remarks without thinking, he is just following the party line to attack Obama, while feigning respect for the president's family values, any way he can as if that is showing us something about his own character:

Santorum and Ron Paul have disagreed on just about every issue. The humorous thing to me is that Ron Paul votes more conservatively than most Republicans.
Then there is Herman Cain. Who? I don't remember hearing at all of this guy before. Here is some on him:

And then there is Newt Gingrich, whom you will have to look up yourself since embedding ALMOST ANY VIDEOS on him has been disabled on Youtube for some reason. This is the only one I could find:

This is the best the GOP can come up with. The sad thing is that the Tea Party will probably vote for anyone but the one candidate they have that A) is knowledgeable on facts, B) makes the most sense, and C) is by far the least irritating - John Huntsman. Sad to say, he probably doesn't have a shot because he just isn't crazy enough to get Republican zealots jumping up and down while screaming nonsense. BUT, maybe that is a good thing, as he is the only one that swingvote independents and blue dog Democrats might think about changing their vote against their own party for.

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