Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do Not Allow Yourself To Be Trapped In Talking Points Arguments:

Do Not Allow Yourself To Be Trapped In Talking Points Arguments:
One of the things I notice that the Republicans want to argue about (as a talking point that depends on opinion, not facts) is always about income tax. Granted, a) they never have come up with a plan that would work right, b) every time the GOP has been in charge for a whole eight years, the country automatically elects a Democrat to fix the economy and then elects Republicans to congress at the same time so the Democratic president has to fight with them to get anything done, and c) this is a smoke screen to avoid the real issue. Supply side economics would work only when everything is perfect, perfect employment rates, perfect wage increases, perfect cost of living increases, all on a schedule. If the schedule changes, the whole plan fails. They never want to discuss that, they just point at the Cato Institute as if they were something more than speculators who never had a real job in economics. They always argue that the supposed "free market" will cure the problems it creates, it doesn't. That isn't about individual freedom, that is about national economic security.
Don't get lost in the Income Tax / Bush Tax Cuts arguments. That is a smoke screen. The more time we spend arguing with them about income taxes, the more time we aren't pointing out that they don't have a plan to create jobs for that taxable income to come from. Bottom line is:  I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR INCOME TAX ARGUMENT IF I DON'T HAVE AN INCOME TO BEGIN WITH. SHOW ME YOUR EMPLOYMENT FOR THE WHOLE NATION PLAN AND THEN WE CAN TALK.
Leave it at that and consider anyone who wants to argue first that rescinding the Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich that were supposed to be a temporary measure in the first place is "increasing taxes" an ill informed or unintelligent person. That is a fallacy logic statement. 
When GOP brainwashed conservatives want to argue that they know something, ask for answers, not opinions. You will end ninety percent of arguments there since they have no proof. Also, OUR PROBLEM IS that we need to get them to start arguing about job creation, because ONLY when GOP voters become concerned will their leaders follow. When they present a candidate, ask for his plan for Employment, Income Tax relief for the middle class, ending the Bush Tax Cuts for the rich, and then, what lifestyle is necessary here and what they plan on doing about outsourcing. 
Job creation has to come first and why their leaders won't sign the American Jobs Act has to be the first consideration if this country plans on succeeding in the world markets again.
No matter what, it should be obvious to anyone with a brain that Job Creation needs to happen now before the U.S. completely loses the confidence of the rest of the world and we lose our borrowing ability from China and Germany which is the only thing sustaining the U.S. right now.
And remember, don't bother to argue with Trolls, it only attracts them. The one line you can always use with someone like that is, "Sorry, I don't argue with trolls and the words, "I DON'T THINK SO" is NOT proof of anything in an argument."

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