Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Economy Poem By Steve Walker (the Arizona Mildman)

The Economy Poem
By Steve Walker (the Arizona Mildman)

Republicans lying and acting like they're going through cranial trauma,
All they know how to say is, "Blame it on Obama",
Just because they know it rhymes with Osama, 
You notice since he killed Bin Laden they quit all that drama,

The lack of thinking they put into every lie and excuse,
Makes you wonder if they really could have thought this all the way through,
They don't know what to do other than insult and accuse, 
The man was the president of the Harvard Law Review,

Do they really think we are going to forget for a minute,
The two thousand twelve presidential election they really want to win it, 
They think they can't admit they were wrong so they try to defend it,
Even though in two thousand seven Bush and Paulson committed it,

They said giving our tax money saved was a really big need,
So they fleeced the treasury with unlimited greed,
It was all a set up and to give money to Wall Street, 
They knew their time was over and they wanted one last seed,

So they took our money and the Tea Baggers are acting mad,
But they blame Obama instead of the people who were bad,
For eight long years they defended the guy who had,
Got his election bought and then Supremely legislated by his dad.

They think they have a right to re-write written history, 
What they're using for brains is really a mystery,
Fox News made them think they invented all this yesterday,
Roger Ailes had this planned for a quarter of a century.

You can read the real story at:
(Remember The Truth!)

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