Monday, October 17, 2011

Letter to Senator John McCain of Arizona

I just wrote this hearfelt plea to Senator John McCain and I requested a reply, hoping someone on his staff has to read this, if not read it to him.If the reply comes I will post it, also.

Senator McCain,
I am a citizen of Phoenix, Arizona and have even known your wife since childhood, I used to go to the same grade school with her, she was a good friend of my sister, Susie. I was your neighbor, practically, when you lived on Central Avenue in her father's house, as I lived over by 7th St. and Glendale Avenue. I have had to struggle to find work, even in the best economy and at times like this there are NO JOBS available for people like me. That coupled with a slight disability, makes it REALLY hard to find work. (I was a union carpenter and fell from a ladder, slightly crippling myself and now walk with a limp.) I did what everyone told me to, tried my best to change my life, and still this economy and the lack of hiring is killing me. I have lived with the economic downturns (all 4) as they are called since childhood. (I was born in 1952). 
I haven't been able to work more than a couple days in almost two months. Right now I have been watching closely all the things going on in congress and I do have many older people, like myself, and neighbors that I visit with periodically. I have to say that the consensus of opinion is that this nation is headed over the cliff without a parachute and when we reach the point of no return, which some people don't realize is happening because they have a nice paying job like you, then the rest of us are really struggling to understand why you don't want to approve a jobs plan that seems to us to be a solution. After all, saying "create jobs" instead of a comprehensive outline on how to do that is NOT A PLAN, just a statement and no one is fooled by this. The tax cut magic bullet is an old joke and no one with a brain and who can do math, wants to hear it anymore except for people who own their own businesses and have been the victims of unlimited greed. 
For those of us with no jobs, EITHER PARTY engaging in income tax arguments while we have no income doesn't seem like a priority, DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT? That was my argument the entire eight years under Bush while we watched jobs sailing away. Tax cuts don't work because the only thing that gets bigger when you take away from it is a hole and we have already dug a big enough one since Ronald Reagan using the live on credit today, pay later plan. Now we are paying later and we can't keep trying to fight that. I don't even have to explain that some people need to pay their fair share of taxes who aren't and you know that to be true. The burden of our economy in that situation is phenomenal. That doesn't include the money we are spending on our massive military budget that keeps being the poster child for the statement Ike Eisenhower made about, "Beware the military industrial complex". I know for a fact that the amount of food and supplies that they throw away to increase next years budget for the next year is another huge deficit spending nightmare. That doesn't help anything having to do with Blackwater Security and the rest of the security teams hired to shore up our volunteer army. I grew up with the draft and thought that was part of natural selection, although i prefer peacetime, being a Buddhist and pacifist myself. Planning our economy around wars has become another past time of some of your colleagues and that has to stop. Continually sending young men into a meat grinder for peace is an outmoded idea. G.W. Bush's first statement after nine eleven was that we can't fight terrorism with standard warfare, then he set about trying to do just that. When the Afghanian forces brought the Soviet Union down, they had been asked if they thought a small group of guerilla style fighters could bring down a huge nation like Russia. They said, "No, but we can get them to bring themselves down trying to get rid of us." We set that trap for them through our funding. Then some of the same people caused us to walk into the same trap. Someone on your side of the aisle needs to understand that. 
I used to say I was grateful and working and earning money was like it came in one hand and went out the other to bills, but I just was happy to keep having it come in and that stopped on a regular basis in 2001. My story is just one of thousands I hear just like it. I have been complaining about the way the economy was going since then. Ever since Silicon Valley imploded we have been struggling in ALL INDUSTRIES and the last one i was in was the construction industry which took a terrible hit. We also need to bring all those outsourced factory jobs home or start planning to move overseas to work. Otherwise it is OBVIOUS to Americans that no one cares about us. You argue about businesses that are making money overseas more than this country and that is ridiculous. Also, the reasoning I am hearing on the news has been nothing short of ignorant and ill informed. It is obvious that some are playing politics instead of fixing this country. Arguing over talking points instead of a real objections is obvious and phoney to everyone involved. The childish obstructionist plan of whining and stamping your feet, saying, "I don't think so!", is not a valid argument. Economics majors agree that most of the plans your Republican think tanks have come up with only "sound good" on paper, but as you know, trickle down, and supply side economics works if you don't have unlimited greed (which is present in business today) and conditions remain perfect which we both know has never happened. The speech that you have presented with your colleages is being looked at by everyone I know as ridiculous and wrong. You stated that there were thousands of regulations coming out of Washington weekly and that they were costing billions and billions of jobs. That is pretty severe since there are only about 370 million people we need to provide jobs for. Statements like that show how out of touch you seem with the real job market. After all, when was the last time you had to look for a job? Oh, and while I am on the subject, what are these thousands of regulations being comprised in Washington weekly? That is just Anti-Obama campaign rhetoric and you sounded like you believed it. That is really sad. Lack of regulation on the people with unlimited greed in our banking systems and Wall Street are the reason we are in this situation. The "billions and billions" statement is being hailed as your "Carl Sagan" moment. But, please let me say that you don't sound AS RIDICULOUS as some in your party. Herman Cain seems to think he can cure every thing through language. He thinks saying Just Find A JOB, is a cure. Oh, great, now we can solve the homeless problem, we'll tell them, "Just buy a house!" That will work, right? Maybe Mitch Romney can MORMON us out of the problem. We will just pray for the economy to get better or maybe we can donate all the businesses to the church the way mormon's do, so they don't have to pay taxes, right? That is how he accumulated his wealth. That isn't smart business that's a tax loophole. I don't even have to go into Governor "Niggerhead" Perry. Sarah Palin continued, like some, to collect campaign contributions while she could spend the soft money contributions, and then renigged. I KNOW you and Russ Feingold had an attack of conscience and legislated that regulation for good intentions but your colleagues seem to have forgotten that and circumvented it the way your information liason told me they would when I interviewed him for a college essay when you first were advertising that legislation. Most people are driven away from the mistatements of Michelle Bachmann and her effeminate husband's "pray away the gay" clinic. Right now there is a movement on the street (the Occupy Wall Street people whom I am sure you have seen) to keep the heart of this nation going and regulate the unlimited greed in this nation and your party is opposing that and that is OBVIOUS to everyone who owns a television or listens to the news at all. Unless you want the Republican party to continue being seen as a bunch of unfeeling, out of touch, greedy people who only care about soft money contributions to the detriment of the majority of their constituents, then, you need to do something. You like having the reputation of being a maverick, well, the time is now for you to prove that. Finally, as to the childishness I have seen in congress over the past two years, mostly on your side of the street, I have one thing to say, "Everyone is entitled to have their own opinion, but you can't have your own reality." You are respected as a senior member of congress so please continue to help lead by your example as you have done for years. I have seen you do some really great things for this country. If you could see your way fit to trying to change people's minds in congress about job creation, we who need it would really appreciate it and people like me could go on with our lives. I enjoyed your speech about the hobbits, please don't allow them to run us into the ground. 

Thank You, 
Arizona Mildman of Phoenix

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