Saturday, October 8, 2011


The "Occupy Wall Street Protest" is an indicator that some people in Washington and the rest of the country, but especially Washington, D.C. better pay attention to. First, the NYC PD white shirted leader who got frustrated and scared when he saw video cameras and order riot condition type restraints to be used, then pepper sprayed some young women, one of them was deaf, as if they were combative assailants and the video shows they were standing right them minding their own business. The Police made the excuse that the videos didn't depict what happened before and after the incidents. Unfortunately for them, the video cameras they should have been paying attention to were from the news stations that were standing across the street from the protesters. They filmed the whole before, after, during, and it was obvious that no one who was being attacked with nightsticks and plastic handcuffs, knocked on the ground, kneed and beaten, sprayed, etc. did anything to provoke the attack other than ask them to stop beating on the guy with the video camera.
Lawrence O'Donnell's reaction was spot on. I liked the way he worded his report on the entire situation.

Once again, the police were trying to protect who their bosses told them were important. Some of the local merchants would love it if these people would go home. Some instigators have tried to accuse the protesters of vandalism and littering and lied to police, trying to clear the sidewalks, hoping for this situation to go away, so they can get less media attention.
Today the situation has increased. Now the American union workers have joined the young people in the Occupy Wall Street Protest so, I doubt you will see the NYPD do something to the crowd they will have to push past thousands of grown men who won't stand for being harrassed and attacked and IF that actually happens it will turn into a full scale riot. The policemen who set this in motion the other day knew they could get away with attacking some people who wouldn't fight back, but I bet that won't happen again.
The NYPD seems to have forgotten that the Fraternal Order of Police is a union, also. This is closer to the actual Tea Party than the clowns that Roger Ailes organized for Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin. The other 99 percent is the story. Some of them are here, trying to defend the rest. It is the typical story. A handful of people are going to do the work for the others who should be just as disgusted. I have to admire the people who have been out there for ten days. That is the main thing so many people are getting tired of. They aren't going away. They aren't there for a couple hours and going home like most demonstrations. The police screwed up in reverse with the attacks they committed the other day. These people are now more resolved to continue for as long as they think they should to get someone to listen to them, seriously. More power to them, I wish them all the best.
Good luck to the United States, also. If the spirit portrayed by these people actually helps us see the people responsible for the economic crisis that we are in be made to pay for their actions, then it would be worth it. In lieu of that, maybe someone in Washington, D.C. could get off their dead butts and pass the jobs bill so we can get back to work and fix the economy.

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