Friday, October 7, 2011

So Much Crazy, So Little Time

So Much Crazy, So Little Time

With the likes of Sarah Palin and her story of collecting campaign money with no intention of ever running for president again, Marcus and Michelle Bachmann and their significantly anti-gay brand of crazy, 

Mitt Romney, the robo puppet that can't stick to one side or the other on issues along with his ultra Mormon lack of critical thinking, 

and Rick Perry, the definite runner up, if not first place blue ribbon winner of the "Gee, I should have thought of that before I wasted my time and your money campaigning for president" award because of a history of racially insensitive dismissive attitude about being the proud owner of some "Niggerhead" trophies from his dad's favorite hunting camp, 

one would imagine things couldn't get much more negative for the GOP. (In Perry's case you would think he would have found a more graceful exit strategy than a resounding, "Yeah, so what?" attitude before this came up.) 

It seems that most of the candidates have sent themselves to the penalty box, at least for a time out, as the race draws closer. The new front runner is Herman Cain and I have already read some blogs stating that Tea Party members have mentioned that Obama might be better for president than Herman Cain. I can't help but wonder what the heck that the racially biased part of the Tea Party is going to do if it comes down to picking one of two black men to be president (don't you wish you could be a fly on the wall in the voting booth for that decision). I am somehow picturing a lot of scratching, sweating, and scowling going on. 
Let me introduce those of you who haven't heard of Mr. Cain yet to his resume: 
From Wikipedia:  "... 
Herman Cain was born December 13, 1945, making him 65 and will be 66 on election day 2012. He is an American businessman, politician, syndicated columnist, and radio host from Georgia. He is the former chairman and CEO of Godfather's Pizza and a former deputy chairman (1992–94) and chairman (1995–96) of the board of directors of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.  Before his business career he worked as a mathematician in ballistics as a civilian employee of the United States Navy. He lives in the Atlanta suburbs, where he also serves as a minister at Antioch Baptist Church North.
In January 2011, Cain announced he had formed an exploratory committee for a potential presidential campaign for the Republican presidential nomination in 2012, and on May 21, 2011, Cain officially announced his candidacy. In September 2011, Cain won a Republican presidential straw poll in Florida, beating rival Rick Perry, who was leading in the polls.


Cain was born in Memphis, Tennessee, to Luther Cain, Jr., and Lenora Davis. His mother was a cleaning woman and his father, who was raised on a farm, was a chauffeur. He grew up in Georgia. Cain graduated fromMorehouse College in 1967 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in mathematics, and received a Master of Science degree in computer science from Purdue University in 1971,  when he was also working full-time in ballistics for the U.S. Department of the Navy. As a civilian ballistics analyst, he was responsible for developing fire control systems for ships and fighter planes.

It should suffice to say that Herman Cain thinks acting angry at the person who is confronting you is an argument. He is real big on talking about a solution to the economy and making comments about President Obama, but can anyone tell me what that means? 

And some other links to stories about Herman Cain and a few other things that you should read:

So far today I have heard Herman Cain dismiss African 

Americans as not being open minded to new ideas

while supporting a form of economic plan he calls the 

999 plan, which is basically a 9 percent tax on every- 

thing. He called discontinuing the Bush Tax Cuts for 

the rich that were supposed to be temporary to begin 

with "raising taxes" and "Class Warfare".  As he said 

those last two words, I just wanted to scream at him, 

"NO, that is trying to END the class warfare that is 

causing some not to have pay their fair share!"  but I 

realize ideologs like Herman have been already been 

brainwashed by the congress Republicans for the rich 

no don't care about the rest of us when he said that no 

one should blame Wall Street or the Banks for their 

improper behavior and that it should be put on 

President Obama for not fixing the problem.  This to 

me is like saying don't blame the arsonist that lit the 

fire, blame the fireman that was called at the last 

minute to try to put out a forest fire with a garden 

hose and a bottle of spit that the friends of the arsonist 

gave him to put the fire out. I am sure Herman still has

some good health insurance and I think a CTscan is 

probably in order soon. Another note from Wikipedia 

was: "... In 2006, Cain was diagnosed with Stage IV 

cancer in his colon and metastases to his liver. Cain 

underwent surgery and chemotherapy following the 

diagnosis, and has since reported that he is cancer-


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