Saturday, November 12, 2011

Arizona Elections (supposedly) Full of Tainted Contribution Moneys

The thought always occurs to me to wonder, "When is the state of Arizona going to wake up and stop electing the same carpetbagger type crooks who have already become rich campaigning as politicians and receiving illegal campaign contributions?" This is a good example of why the Supreme Court Ruling was sought by the lobbyists that make a profit from leveraging our legislation that should be for the people to be bought and paid for by the so called "special interests", A.K.A. "Corrupt Businesses" that want to control the legal system so that they can fleece the public. Everything here in Arizona from the corporation commission to the department of financial systems is so easily manipulated by the large corporate types that control the state. Years ago the Phoenix 40 ran the city council with their "qualified requests" to everyone from the Chamber of Commerce to the city councils to the Indian Reservation Tribal Councils through donations. Old time political masters still have a few tricks that were passed on to today's group of corrupt officials who still buy elections through what they call a form of "grass roots" senior citizen campaigning. They load several vans full of those who can't hardly remember their own name most of the time and drive them to the polls to vote. They feed them candy and ice cream, anything they want to eat that they can't get at the nursing home. While these seniors are in a euphoric sugar haze and in a good mood, the candidate's name is repeated to them over and over while reminding them what nice guy he is for giving them all a ride to the polls since they can't get out on their own. They have been doing this kind of influence on a state full of senior homes where so many people basically come here to retire or convalesce previous to dying since the state was run by the Northern and Southern Elite Families in Arizona, (Whose names I don't need to mention since most of their lineage have become the governors and mayors and other prominent positioned politicians in this state.) our own brand of Aristocracy. Formed in 1975, the "Phoenix 40" was an organization of influential Phoenix businessmen who professed to be working for the greater good of the community. They represented the top executives whose families, to this day, still run the media, finance and industry for this whole state.

From the Keaton Five Scandal to the Don Bolles Murder investigation, the slightest implication of wrong doing on the part of any of their families brings media, police, and legal bullying with a broad brush, like a bullet proof hazzardous materials sanitation crew, to fend off any complications before the real story is exposed to it's fullest degree. Then there is The Arizona Republican  which is mirrored online by .

I remember when three of our state's most prominent businessmen and our governor were implicated during the Bolles Murder Indictment Trials and the governor suddenly found an ambassadorship in a Central American country and disappeared like the wind. And whenever these same people's children go into the military, somehow on their return they become "war heroes" and immediately are accepted by the public here as such, because the people of Arizona seem to believe anything they see on television.

Recently Russell Pearce, the sponsor of the controversial law on illegal immigrants SB 1070, became the first state legislator in Arizona history to be removed from office via a recall election in November 2011. He is expected to officially leave office once the Arizona Secretary of State certifies the recall election results, which is anticipated November 21st. In my opinion, this is merely a good start and the rest need to go, SOON! I can't wait to see it happen.

Now, on top of all that, Phoenix just had a Mayoral race and there were two distinctly different candidates. One was Russell Gullett who is my odds on favorite to be the kind of politician that Arizona has a history of voting for, and in my opinion should never elect again. So instead of as per usual, the citizens of Phoenix elected a guy named Stanton. I am still shaking my head, although glad, despite a small scandal over TAINTED ELECTION CAMPAIGN MONEY reported by the Arizona Republic (in another biased review). Mayoral candidate Greg Stanton's former campaign treasurer will serve one year of supervised probation for stealing more than $77,000 from an account Stanton used to run for Phoenix City Council. There is more about this at:

And Phoenix New Times columnist Monica Alonzo reported a humorous piece on Greg Stanton, calling him the "Enemy of The People":

with a reference to the movie by the same name and picture of actor "Gene Hackman" making that famous quote, "...It's not paranoia if they're really after you."

There was actually a Republican News Letter that went out calling him "The candidate to beat" and this is why they listed as reasons:

- Endorsed by police union. (Boy, there is a real reason to hate this guy, huh?)
- Endorsed by LGBT special interest group. (I am sure this put him on the list for sure.)
- Proudly says he would have voted for the food tax. (So did most of the Republicans, they are the store owners here, but they threw this in anyway.This is a misrepresentation, see
- Waves away criminal charges when the perpetrator is connected enough.
- Protested SB1070 in the parking lot of the Heard Museum last year. (No comment.)
- Tagged by the DLC in 2003 as one of the country's 100 "Rising New Democrat Stars". (Oh My God! Commie!)

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