Tuesday, November 22, 2011

People Who Define Everything They Don't Agree With As Liberal

Anyone who defines everything they hear that they don't want to believe as liberal or socialist is a common phenomena in the United States. There wouldn't be a problem with our economy right now if everyone who stood up for the G.O.P. greedy rich who took over religion, politics, and legislation in our country weren't supported by the ill informed. We all know someone like that. They are so brainwashed that when faced with evidence that completely debunks their point of view, they fight harder to believe it, rather than accept that they might have been wrong. In order to do this they are in what I call "a state of delusion". Some people call this denial but denial is when you look at a problem and consider it a problem but you look away. This is what you call the average person who wants to hang onto an incorrect theory rather than face the fact that it is wrong.
Then you have the true believer in a wrong theory. They CAN'T admit they might be wrong because they define themselves by a specific point of view. Their whole being makes them Troll the online bulletin boards and chat rooms on the internet in order to find SOMEONE to tell that they are correct in  the face of all evidence that their theories are incorrect but they hang on to any argument that has been proven to be incorrect a if their life depended on it because they are so highly insecure that they have no other way to reinforce in themselves their beliefs. When one of them is proven wrong with mountains of evidence, they try to discredit the evidence by calling it "LIBERAL" or merely say, "I am sure that is wrong..." but NEVER  have evidence to prove their point.
They are part of a movement. They believe if they keep saying something that is wrong long enough it will somehow become true or at least some people will believe it. The danger in this is that some who aren't that intelligent will believe it. When legions of the ill informed in this country are given a survey on what is correct or not, this is the kind of things that happen.
The Pew Research Institute Study on Religious Knowledge  ,
The Public Mind Poll from Farleigh Dickinson University  ,
And armed with the information that they are completely misinformed, this is their course of action:

  1. Argue harder that they are sure you are wrong;
  2. Make up talking points that don't make sense just to say something other than admit they were wrong;
  3. Try to discredit your source of information  although they themselves don't have a source of information that explains or details their point.

My only question is, "When are we going to start testing people on their knowledge before they are allowed to vote or run for office based on tests devised to correctly assess one's ability to make a rational decision that isn't based on opinion?" Because, in lieu of that, we are going to hard pressed to come up with a manner of living in society without constant conflict and the most devious (because they are wrong they don't see themselves as such) of our society using lies and deceit to control our media, political process, and monetary system. You decide. Please scroll down to the bottom of this page and answer the questions in the poll below.

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