Sunday, November 20, 2011

What I Have Learned From Republicans

  1. Anyone who starts a speech with the words, "My Friends, ..." is probably not your friend. ( Henry David Thoreau quote: " ...If you see a man approaching with the obvious intent 
    of doing you good, run for your life. "
  2. Invent religious messages that aren't in any spiritual book to hide behind while doing the opposite of anything any religion ever taught. (You will also need to make it appear you are a member of that same religion in order for it to look like you might know something about religion and social ethics.)
  3. When you have a certain level of income taxes coming in to bolster the prudent reserve, reduce the national debt, and support government spending that is working successfully, then the proper action is to decrease incoming capital (income taxes) and increase spending (trillion dollar military expenses) and tell anyone stupid enough to listen that something is going to trickle down, someday and when confronted on how 2 minus 2 doesn't equal five, blame it on everyone else.
  4. Make sure your friends who own big businesses are served by government first and make everyone else pay for it.
  5. Friends are people who send campaign contributions. The people whose labor and earnings support your friends don't have an opinion that matters.
  6. Talking points and emotional pleas are more important to think about than real issues that effect everyone daily.
  7. Don't ever have fear that a violent revolution is coming since you  know people are sheep and will follow since this is a nation who isn't desperate yet.
  8. Whenever you hear someone threatening to tell the truth about you being a fascist, attack them in the news with slander, propaganda, and fear campaigns that discredit them while calling them godless socialists.

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