Thursday, January 19, 2012

How To Decipher Republican Talking Points

Here are some Conservative/Republican talking points the right always uses and the progressive terminology that they actually mean.

Progressive Terminology and Talking Points

The right has been very successful in framing the political argument by seizing the name calling propaganda game e.g. “The American Affordable Healthcare Act/Obama Care etc. Liberals need to call the Republicans to task by flinging their terminology right back to them with a twist. Below are a short list to utilize in conversations and debates with them.

Conservative Term Progressive Term or question.

Conservative / Right Wing
Free market / Fair Market
Social Conservative / Christian Talaban
Evangelical Christian / Radical Christian
Fiscal Conservative / Slash and Burn Corporatist
War in Afghanistan / Occupation of Afghanistan
War on Terror / Can you have war on a strategy?
Creative Destruction / Vulture/predatory capitalism
Social Security / Old Age Survivors Insurance (OASI)
Self made man / Can you name me a person who never had help?
Prolife / Are you for the death penalty? If so then you are prodeath.
Pro death penalty / Prodeath
Promarriage / Fundamentalist moral sex cop
Anti Gay / Bedroom police
Fox News / Fox opinions not facts
Corporate Personhood / (Can they execute one?)
Wealthy job creators / Where are the jobs?
One Percenters / Tax Evaders or Uber-rich
Let market forces prevail / Prevail over whom? The Middle-class?
Capitalism / Greed Materialism

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