Thursday, January 12, 2012


The state of Arizona has been notorious for electing the same kinds of crazy people to office over and over again. Let's look back in history to Barry Goldwater. Goldwater and his brother were the "country gentleman" type of political gangsters. One of their tricks that some of the Arizona politicians still use is to "Nursing Home" the election.
I don't know who invented this scam but Goldwater and those of his generation perfected it to an art.
If you wanted to win an election in Arizona, the best way was, and is still - to look at the population and decide how to manipulate the majority. When as many people as there are here come to Arizona to retire (OR die from some form of disease that the dry warmer climate offers relief from), then there is a voting percentage available that is staggering. Those are the people who can sway any local election. The trick is to drive down to the nursing homes, stuff a couple vans full of patients, take them somewhere you can fill them full of candy, ice cream, and anything else their diets won't allow anymore at their assisted living facilities, AND, while they are still on a sugar high and happy, you "ear slam" them with the message that you are for OLD PEOPLE like them and then you drive home talking points sensitive to older people who are dying, and then you drive them to the polls, as if you are doing them a favor, and make sure you tell them to vote for you, over and over again. You can get people who can't remember their own name to vote for you this way. Now most of the crooked political scam artists just use ABSENTEE BALLOTS while registering them to vote.

Senators serve staggered six-year terms. The job isn't supposed to be for life but some polticians (especially GOP in Arizona) get themselves re-elected OVER AND OVER as if they never made any huge mistakes.


Just like it is wrong for a C.E.O. to give himself a bonus for doing such a lousy job that his decisions cause the company or corporation to go into bankruptcy, re-electing a senator that keeps making bad decisions is WRONG.

John McCain should have resigned after the Keating Five Scandal. He and four other Senators got in trouble for intervening in the Charles Keating case where McCain's cronie, Charles Keating, who ultimately served five years in prison for his corrupt mismanagement of Lincoln Savings and Loan. In the four years after Keating's American Continental Corporation (ACC) had purchased Lincoln in 1984, Lincoln's assets had increased from $1.1 billion a year to $5.5 billion. Such savings and loan associations had been deregulated in the early 1980s, allowing them to make highly risky investments with their depositors' money. Keating and other savings and loan operators took advantage of this deregulation. Savings and loans established connections to many members of Congress, by supplying them with needed funds for campaigns through legal donations. Lincoln's particular investments took the form of buying land, taking equity positions in real estate development projects, and buying high-yield junk bonds.
Also, there is a lot more to his military career than being a hero. The people who were actually over there at the time don't remember him that way. I grew up down the street from where he and his wife live in Phoenix, and his wife was one of my sister's best friends up through high school. I remember them using his position to financially help themselves. I was here when Jim Hensley helped invent the "war hero" myths that occupy most of any utterance of McCain's now. He starts off most answers to any question during a debate with, "Can I tell you a story about Vietnam?" Which most of us at home want to scream, "NO, Answer the question!"

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