Monday, February 13, 2012

The Christian Taliban

The Christian Taliban
The Right Wing Christian Taliban has once more reared it's ugly head. It went after someone they shouldn't have messed with this time. Ellen Degeneres. Ellen is a mild mannered unassuming nice guy type that no one would mistake for a power house. This woman has danced with the president, had foreign dignitaries and most popular celebrities on her show. Ellen is outspokenly gay. Some days I have tired of hearing about it. I feel like OKAY, you are gay, so what? I don't need anyone to announce their sexual preference since I really don't care anymore than I think it is your business that I am involved in Interracial Dating. It should NOT be an issue, OK? But that wasn't good enough for the Christian Taliban. This time they enlisted some propaganda spouting loudmouths that called themselves "One Million Moms". One Million Moms found out that Ellen was the new spokesperson for J.C. Penney stores and they went to battle over it. They wrote letters and emails to the J.C.Penney company saying that they would shop elsewhere if Penney's didn't find a new spokesperson. They spread the word through their mutual admiration for self/hate everyone else society and eventually initiated a nationwide boycott. J.C. Penny decided to let One Million Moms know how much clout they actually had over the situation when their CEO wrote in reply, "...We believe in Ellen. She shares our values and America believes in Ellen."

So enamored is Johnson with DeGeneres that he says the comedian and talk-show host was "the only spokesperson" JC Penney even considered for its pending campaign.

Johnson went on to say, "My that spokespeople aren't really necessary unless a company is going through a profound change," he says. "We looked around...and Ellen was the one who stood out. She's honest, she's funny, she has integrity. Americans like her but they really trust her. She seemed to be the perfect person."

Citing feedback to the One Million Moms campaign, which is running heavily in favor of DeGeneres and J.C. Penney, Johnson says "it's clear we made right decision to stand behind her."

Still, the CEO and former Apple executive made at least one miscalculation: By his own admission, Johnson never expected DeGeneres' sexuality to be an issue or cause negative feedback for JC Penney.

"Honestly, it wasn't something that crossed my mind," he says. "My sense is America has moved beyond that issue. [This week] proves we have more work to do as a country to become more tolerant."

Well, Mr. Johnson, most of us share your views and obviously the Ellen fans voiced their opinions that started a firestorm of blogger activity on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. The only people who still think they can shove gay people around, even gay celebrities, is the Christian Taliban that has taken over Evangelical Christianity with hidden political agendas that try to resort to using negative stereotypes about sexual preference, financial status, and race/cultural background to discredit and over shadow members of the entertainment industry that they consider dangerous to their financial/religious propaganda network. As video blogger Zinnia Jones stated there are only 40,000 of these "One Million Moms" and their efforts epitomize their total intellectual bankruptcy.


  1. I am glad that JC Penny stood behind Ellen. I am sick and tired of these so called evangelical types overzealous concerns with people's sexual practices. All you hear is how they are worried about who you are doing, how you are doing it, where you are doing it etc. Well if the divorce statistics are accurate the so called Bible belt leads the nation. I suggest that Bubba pay more attention in what is happining in his won bedroom and not worry about what is going on in mine. Maybe EffieLou might stay married to him.

  2. The radical right wing does not have a plan for America. Over the last eight years of W. Bush, we saw tax cuts for the rich and the corporations.
    Where are the jobs? Answer: in China! Right wing Austrian economics is a myth. They can identify problems but offer no solutions. I dare any right wing fool to present a logical economic plan from the right. Don't just reply with cut taxes, cut government etc. I have heard all that shit before. It does not work. Bush tried it. He wrecked the bus so don't even go there. Try to think of something original.