Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Keep Track of Who is Defending Rush Limbaugh

I am no longer sure if this kind of people are illiterate or just ignorant when they rise to defend a liar. When someone looks at a news story and takes the whole thing out of context and formulates a complete fabrication of a supposed "news story" then they are completely wrong. To do so in a manner that insults a real human being instead of a fake person in the scenario, in which case it probably would have passed without notice. Rush Limbaugh is irrelevant to anyone who can read and is informed on science, nature, weather, mathematics, pretty much the entire real world we call reality. Why? Because he lives in a world in his head that should be described as "delusional". He isn't in denial. Denial is when you look at a problem and say, "OH, I don't want to face that", and look away, refusing to look back. DELUSION is when you look at a problem and don't see it as a problem.
I know that a lack of investigating the truth is the opposite of what most intelligent people call "critical thinking" and if you don't read and investigate things you hear, whether they sound wrong or right to you, then you aren't using critical thinking. Most of us see a news article and ask ourselves if it sounds right and if it doesn't we immediately look into it. When we hear something that sounds outlandishly wrong, we should investigate more to make sure everything we are reading isn't being exagerated, at least.
Those of us who do that find that most everyone who calls anything but their own lies "mainstream media" or "the liberal media" know that they are lying. It would seem to me that people who report things only give you the story and don't go into their opinion about it at length. Whenever someone, in what is supposed to be news, goes on a long rant on one subject, it becomes a firestorm of rumors, conjecture, and outright lies. I personally believe sometimes some of the opinion shows that call themselves entertainment are taken too seriously by some because their watchers want to believe the scenarios that this guy made up are real and THAT IS COMPLETELY DELUSIONAL.
I have never supported fictional news media, mainly Fictional Opinionated Xannouncerswithanaudience, that admits they are only there to entertain crackpots and are not really a news station - and is watched by the same people who read the "National Enquirer" and believe the story about the alien baby from outer space found in  a corn field in Iowa. And remember this one?
And of course the kind of people who believe this will rush out to vote for him because as you know, you never want to anger aliens (they know what you are thinking unless you wear that aluminum foil hat). I have had occasion to be angry at something some Right Windbag said in passing during one of his lying rants and recently was no occasion. When the guy who called a woman a slut, a prostitute, and went on to say that she should post her sexual exploits and that "...she said that she was having so much sex a day that she can't afford it", it made me mad, not because he is an asshole, that is obvious and will always be. Not just the fact that what the woman testified to had nothing to do with sexual behavior of hers or anyone else's and that her survey was about women's gynecological health and had NOTHING to do with what he was talking about. It wasn't the names he called her to fit his fictional scenario he made up so he would sound like he had a point concerning something relevant.
What made me really angry is that I have two daughters and if someone made up a story like this about her, taking the only 2 piece of the story that were correct (that she had written a report and it mentioned estrogen tablets) , and turned it into an attack of her just to prove some misguided point through a fictional scenario that was outlandishly over exagerated ONLY IF IT HAD ACTUALLY HAPPENED, which would have been none of his business, even if it had been true, but it wasn't. He said some things on the air that would have gotten anyone immediately canned and Bain Capital LOVES controversy and won't get rid of him until he starts exposing them.
It occurred to me that what really makes me mad is that if I had heard him say these things about my daughter, then, I probably would have punched him in his fat head until I was exhausted, which would probably be long after he was deceased.
Take Care,
Arizona Mildman

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