Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Who Besides Me Is Tired Of Hearing About Rush Limbaugh?

I am tired of hearing about it. Today Shawn Hannity said the hard left is able to take talk radio out. I am listening to Rush Limbaugh ditto-heads calling and talking about how angry they are. They keep repeating his original LIE which is what the problem was in the first place. The American Right Wing Conservative Media and the Rush Limbaugh Blind Followers Movement is like Emily Litella (Gilda Radner's character) of Saturday Night Live's long running skit entitled "Weekend Update".

The difference is, when Emily Litella was corrected on something she was able to have it explained to her. She didn't argue nonsensically, grasping at straws for some shred of truth in the argument to see as somehow making the whole thing pertinent or relevant.  She didn't start blaming everyone else for misunderstanding her meaning or whine that they were violating her freedom of speech. In other words, the bottom line is that, she knew how to admit when she was wrong.
Recently Rush Limbaugh started a lie based attack on Ms. Sandra Fluke and got called out on it by American Women and Shawn Hannity thinks someone defending her own freedom of speech and the people who are trying to help her defend it are somehow responsible for Mr. Limbaugh's plight rather than admitting to themselves he got caught lying again. You will notice the Bill of Rights states that we have Freedom of Speech. It doesn't say "Freedom of Hateful Attacks based on fictitious scenarios made up to make it sound like we have a point".
First, they are saying that he is having his first amendment rights violated. Let's look at the first amendment. It says:
"...Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances." 

So the first amendment rights are about congress not having the legal authority to make it illegal to speak your mind, which means that congress, not having anything to do with this is not even in the scenario and so neither is the first amendment.

Sandra Fluke spoke her mind (about Polycystic ovary syndrome and Self Pay Health Insurance available at Georgetown University) and Rush Limbaugh and the American Right Wing Media is trying to silence her on behalf of the Health Care Insurance Lobbies that don't want to pay for women's health care services. They are allied with the American Taliban (Evangelical Christians), who at least have the excuse that their religion makes them delusional. Both groups are about hate and propaganda and trying to take away certain people's right to be heard. They use an argument about something that you never said and try to act like that means something. I am disgusted and believe that anyone who doesn't see this clearly is delusional.

I am not even going to argue the fact that Sandra Fluke was correct in what she said, that isn't the point. The point is that 1) Rush Limbaugh said that Ms. Fluke said something that was never said by anyone and 2) he also said that she wanted contraceptives paid for with tax money and 3) he said that she was talking about her own need to have sex instead of the polycystic ovarian syndrome contracted by women she interviewed. That was all BEFORE he called her names and asked her to post her sexual experiences on the internet. His whole line of thought shows that he never even listened to a word she said and the idiots that are trying to defend him haven't, either.

If you truly believe anything that Rush Limbaugh says, I can only add that you are invited to, even though I am sure most conservatives are too chickenshit to actually do it, listen to Ms. Fluke's actual testimony and if you can't do that, then shut the f**k up and let someone state their opinion that actually does know enough about what was said to have an opinion about it because if you didn't hear it, you don't have a right to talk about whether Rush Limbaugh had the right to try to smear her with lies.

In case the link above didn't work in your browser, then, here is the video footage of her testimony.

After listening to this, ask yourself what Rush Limbaugh was talking about and if  you want to keep trying to act like you believe him.
Take Care,
Arizona Mildman

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