Saturday, March 3, 2012

Why Is Rush Limbaugh Still On The Air?

Rush Limbaugh's attack on Ms. Fluke recently stirred up a lot of controversy and people are actually trying to defend him. He seems to think his comment that it was a bad choice of words is an apology. He needs to apologize for accusing women everywhere of being sluts because they use estrogen tablets, which as Mr. Limbaugh obviously doesn't know, don't work like Viagra. Women don't take them to have sex, they take them to maintain their menstrual cycle. This keeps them from being pregnant. His lack of knowledge about how contraceptives work shows his complete lack of caring about how anything which women go through, not just his lack of caring about being a decent person and saying things that are hateful and ignorant as an attack based on political bias which he launched directly at a young college coed who was told she was doing her civic duty by sharing that some of her classmates (not she) were forced into stopping the use of birth control pills since it was cost prohibitive. How that made Mr. Limbaugh think that a personal attack on Ms. Fluke amounting to his name calling and abusive language and defamation of Ms. Fluke's character are something for him to "choose his words" about instead of him stopping and realizing anyone he calls a slut for using contraceptives in any way means he is calling all of them the same insulting name.
I would have told you years ago that this windbag needed removed from the airways but with the firing of Don Imus and Howard Stern being fined into Satelite radio, Limbaugh needs to at least pay a handsome fine in the way of losing all his sponsors support for his hateful angry message of organized ignorance.

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