Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Tea Party - But they want us to take them serious.

But they want us to take them serious.
I found this on image on Facebook at
The author of this page asks us the question, "Do you see the mistake?" 
 But they want us to take them serious.
This image sets in mind memories of my late teen years when I hung out in the "cool" area of Phoenix where there were many people getting high and some of them did Methamphetamine (chrystal meth/speed). You could always tell those people because they nearly always seemed concerned about "something" the rest of us couldn't see and they were also always "really busy". One night I saw two of them in the yard of the house they were staying at, staring intently into what was left of a recently 'pruned back' hedge that was approximately six inches tall by nine inches wide. They each carried a handgun in one hand and a flashlight in the other. Neither flashlight was emitting any light and although I was quite apprehensive about approaching them, curiosity got the better of me and so I walked over and asked the meeker of the two, "Is there something wrong with your flashlight?" His reply was very matter of fact and self confident when he said, "No bulb and no batteries! That way the Narcs can't see the light!" He acted quite proud of himself for figuring out such a novel and unique solution to the problem of the Narcs (narcotics officers) being able to detect their intentions. These were two grown men on a public street, searching a bush that wasn't big enough to hide a small dog, much less a human being, both armed with .45 caliber automatics, fully loaded. And they were completely serious. This was a vital concern to them and they wanted everyone to know how serious they were about these fictional policemen who manifested themselves only in their minds.
When I see one of the Tea Baggers  I always have to wonder what kind of recreational chemicals that they are high on. (I refuse to call the recent crop of malcontent crack pots by the name Tea Party since that movement was a proud rebellion in our nation's history originally, and the other Tea Party was the ones who were organized against gun control in 1991. Trying to hijack someone else's name after discovering that the name you selected was a laughable euphemism for a gay sex act isn't kosher in my book.)
But they want us to take them serious.
Yet they want us to know how serious they are. Their protest signs are misspelled in their protest against a president who somehow very secretly (to them, it seems) lowered taxes, tries to promote nuclear disarmament, had Bin Laden killed, and promotes the commonly shared idea of; a) health care for everyone b) equal opportunities for those who want work, health care, opportunities in education and employment, and c) wants to campaign on the side of education and green energy instead of wars to sustain a sense of false pride in a nation whose subculture of misguided human beings who cry out for an imperialistic use of our "superpower" capabilities (which is actually the desires of some aristocratic predatory capitalists) to create wars in other countries, whom are actually suffering from being in a state of unreal fears. These fears are perpetuated by a media that is hungry for attention and readership so they invent news instead of reporting it, creating a divisiveness and hate that is tearing our country and democracy itself apart. This group follows the mob rule mentality of people following an ideal that is counterproductive and contrary to their own needs, like lemmings running over a cliff.
 But they want us to take them serious.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sidebar Excerpt - Honda Motorcycle

Hi Everyone,
Arizona Mildman here. I know I usually only talk about one subject. The way the Republican Party/conservatives/Teavangelists/Christian Crazies are adding nonsense to our economy, legal system, and personal lives. But today I just thought I would share a personal project that I have been doing. If anyone is looking for a motorcycle cheap, I would suggest you go downtown to Bob's Used Motorcycle parts, find a salvage bike, buy a couple hundred dollars worth of parts, fix it up, and you will save yourself alot. Some people are worried about how pretty it is. I am of the old school variety of bike lover who likes what we call "rat bikes" that aren't fancy but they run. The idea of a motorcycle for starters is just to get a human being or two maximum from point "a" to point "b" using the least amount of gas, tires, wear and tear, etc. I found a little Honda Rebel 250 that is OLD as hell (1986) because 26 years old is old for a Honda. If it was a Harley, well, let's say I know a couple guys who drive 49 knuckle heads and you couldn't get them to part with those machines for love or money (MAYBE at gunpoint, but I don't know). Anyway, this bike had been in a couple accidents and has been refurbished. The tank had a hole in it and it was painted this odd burgundy color. It looked like this:
I had the dent/hole brazed and then stripped the paint and Bondo Puttied the places that were imperfect, sanded the whole thing down real good, and then spray painted the tank with Rustoleum Primer Black paint for now just to keep it from getting rusty in the bare metal spot (where it was brazed).
I have always been fond of rat bikes that were primered instead of fancy paint jobs so this looks just fine to me for now. I am sure some woman will eventually come along and gripe at me until I get it painted but it looks like this for now.
The old turn signals leave something to be desired. so I am replacing them when I get a chance. They were barely hanging on so I busted them the rest of the way off and will be replacing them next week. Then I am taking the bike over to get emissions and then I will get it registered and insured. At that point I will be completely street legal, up and running, and can then start driving it whenever I need to get just myself to a destination. Anyway I thought I would mention the type of thing that makes me happy. This will be the first bike I own and the only one I have ridden in the past forty years.
Anyway, you all take care,
Arizona Mildman

Monday, April 16, 2012

The Politics of Mob Rule

There is a mistaken belief in this country that everyone who is entitled to their opinion is also entitled to act out on that opinion, even when it infringes on the lives of others. The kind of people who name call and insult without facts or a single shred of evidence are the same type of people who ruin lives and only some of them figure it out in two or three decades that they were mistaken. That doesn't change until we absolutely put our foot down and say, "No, you can't run my life with your selfish ideals that only benefit you." Most of them don't even believe what they say but in order to gain favor and compartmentalize votes they misguidedly fall into the spell of "Mob Rule" where the only conscience is that of the crowd, which has sunk to the lowest common denominator, our base instincts. Those type of people have been present in our lives since we were born and will always be here unless we do something about it. The idea that they are merely expressing a difference of opinion has to be smashed. Those of you who think cries of Socialism as a label towards all things liberal is a harmless silly thing that is laughable because you know better should read this:

Who Elected These People?

The Party of Without

If you want some things in this world, you have to make your own options. Very seldom is someone trying to help you without selfish motives of their own. The Republican Party has become the party of "Without" because if they get into power we will be without adequate health care for most people, without Social Security and Medicare, without all the things that the government provides now that we take for granted. Women would no longer have gynecological care that isn't connected to giving birth. How did a bunch or radicals start trying to make all women vessels for men to procreate in, voluntary or not. Rick Santorum has an opinion on abortion that will surprise you given that his wife had one.  His statement:
This man is thuroughly crazy. The crazed concoction of the Koch Brothers (the Tea Party), is turning the Republican politicians into morons who have to lie to support any position they have to endorse for votes. I never thought I would see some of them pandering to the crackpots of our nation but they do.
Please watch this video and try to understand how dangerously powerful these too men are. If you actually believed that the "Tea Party" is a "grassroots" movement, then you haven't been paying close enough attention. Fight against the "Americans for Prosperity" (which should actually be called the "Americans for the Prosperous"). Anyone who doesn't believe in the Right Wing Craziness that is trying to ruin health care for anyone but the rich, anyone who doesn't think only the rich deserve tax breaks unfairly, or that anyone who believes that a school teacher needs a cut in pay while billionaires need to avoid paying their fair share of taxes is not very well informed and voting against their own interests. How is ruining unions good for Americans? That kind of talk is ignorant and selfish.
Another point, take a good look at what is actually happening having to do with the supposed Obama Bailouts:

Monday, April 9, 2012

Reefer Madness Revisited

The idea that marijuana should have been labeled "Killer Marijuana, one puff and you're hooked", is insane. The government propaganda media in 1960-61 was still going strong when I watched this movie in the third grade. It should have been categorized with The Marx Brothers and The Three Stooges because now, with public knowledge of what the properties of Marijuana actually are, this movie is now shown as a cult movie comedy.

Reefer Madness 1938 by jpdomain
Please watch this and think about what you know today about marijuana. This is the kind of information distributed by the government for years. When the narrator for no reason starts comparing it to heroin, it makes you want to puke. This is the stupidest movie made and remember this was their idea of drug education in the fifties and sixties. Eisenhower and Nixon were in office when I saw it. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close

Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close
This topic is not about the movie by the same name. I used this title to get the attention of people who are all together swept away by loud rhetoric. I remember, as I hope most people do, the person who, in school as a child, talked over you and did it loudly when he was losing an argument. Some people believe being louder is a sign that you are aggressive and that means that you are winning something. We all, no matter who we are, must admit that insecure behavior in those who tried to manipulate us into fearing their word as a child, have grown to be that same form of verbal bully and still haven't grown up.
Proof: Case in point. The world's most intelligent scientists and philosophers don't stand at a podium like an incensed Southern minister and scream at you to get the point across. Speaking softly, clearly. and intelligently is the sign of someone who is secure in the knowledge that they are correct.
Examples: Soft Spoken Intelligence: Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Hawking, and Gandhi. Anyone who is honest with themselves must agree.
The Point
The Bully types that pervade our society's cable news (that isn't news but actually is political rhetoric) are simple and clear. They invite people to speak to them in hopes that the bully can bully the interviewer into letting the bully manipulate the conversation. When he is losing the argument, rather than listen, he cuts off their
microphone or starts screaming over them. This is the first sign of someone who doesn't want to actually debate because in a battle of wits, the bully is unarmed.
Examples: Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, and especially Glen Beck.
What are we to do about this? I have a suggestion. When you hear someone screaming and ranting about something that we don't see any validity to,
we can do one of two things. These actions are controlled electronically and are connected to our viewing. The first control is this device:
 and the second is this: 
I suggest the latter. I did it years ago and I have never been more at peace. Try it, you will like it. Streaming video doesn't contain hidden political messages yet. I am sure they will find a way someday but it is presently my favorite form of viewing. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Affordable Health Care Act - SAY IT!

Here is another example of complete idiocy. When someone tries to say that states have more rights or authority than the federal government, then they are lying or just plain STUPID. We had something called "The Civil War" which ended in 1865 over that and some might remember that the people who thought their states could just stop following the federal government and do what they wanted, lost. Plain and simple. They just don't want to admit that to themselves and THAT, my friends, is why they are delusional. That is why we have a federal government - to oversea and in case of states becoming unjust over ride state legal mandates. FEDERAL LAW is just that. Anyone who doesn't understand that is an idiot.
Case in point:
As anyone who has ever taken a civics class can tell you, states don't have the right to go rogue and start mandating law that conflicts with this thing that you would think most of the supposed "experts" seem to be ignoring called "The United States Constitution". Most of them seem to be confused about the American Affordable Health Care Act and want to disable health care while using the nickname "Obama Care". It is unfortunate but it is actually Romney Care, along with some John McCain revisions and additions. So, that means when they wrote it, the Republicans were all for it and it was a wonderful thing. It was the solution to all our health care problems. Now that the present administration has adopted it, somehow it magically became a terrible socialist thing that is the ruination of our country.
These people are delusional. We just can't believe anyone could be that sick so we want to believe that they are merely "in denial". But they are actually quite delusional.
Let me explain the difference:
Denial is when you look at a problem and say to yourself, "Oh, I don't want to face that. I shouldn't look at that."
Delusion is when you look at a problem and don't see it as a problem. (You see it as a solution, you want more of the problem, you want to lie in it, live in it, wallow in it, and submerge yourself in the problem.)

This delusion was brought on by having a crushed ego ever since the 2008 election coupled with a constant reinforcement of hate language by manipulating authority figures in their world that confirm and enforce in them that they are correct and that if they pray hard, go to work, and vote Republican that someday subtracting (instead of adding) 2 units of input (income tax) while an uncontrollable ever increasing expense is therefore causing increased spending by 4 times what we used to ten years ago because of the increase in the elderly (people living longer) and people living healthier to live longer, then it will come out with a positive balance. In simple mathematics  terms that would be an equasion of minus two PLUS minus four will someday equal a positive six, although it never has.
I say that we should start using real language. When they say "Obamacare" we correct them and tell them it is called the American Affordable Health Care Act that was originally written by Mitt Romney.
When they talk about Republican economics we need to explain to them that the only thing that gets larger, the more you take away from it is a hole.
Every side bar slander and nasty cutting comment about the Affordable Health Care Act that Right Wing pundits keep making up about this plan have been debunked continually to the point that it is obvious that if they can't sensibly argue a valid point to prove something, the Radical Republicans, especially the TeaVangelicals, have become the most hideous liars on earth. They get caught in a lie and then they tell more lies to try to cover that.
We need to educate ourselves on the actual language and reality of what these situations are. When Mitch McConnell or any other right wing figure, male or female, says something that makes no sense to anyone who isn't an idiot, a bigot, or a selfish prick, then we need to write and tell that person so, immediately.
Stephen Colbert started a superpac and jokingly named it "Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow" I don't think he realized how prophetic that name is.
For those of us who want a better today today, then we need to quit letting people manipulate the conversation and speak in delusional terms. Don't do it, don't allow it, don't cave in.
These people are doing what some of us used to call "using appropriate sounding language for inappropriate behavior". It feeds their self delusion. Don't feed their delusion by remaining quiet. Speak the truth, speak your mind, and for God's Sake, vote.