Tuesday, April 3, 2012

The Affordable Health Care Act - SAY IT!

Here is another example of complete idiocy. When someone tries to say that states have more rights or authority than the federal government, then they are lying or just plain STUPID. We had something called "The Civil War" which ended in 1865 over that and some might remember that the people who thought their states could just stop following the federal government and do what they wanted, lost. Plain and simple. They just don't want to admit that to themselves and THAT, my friends, is why they are delusional. That is why we have a federal government - to oversea and in case of states becoming unjust over ride state legal mandates. FEDERAL LAW is just that. Anyone who doesn't understand that is an idiot.
Case in point:
As anyone who has ever taken a civics class can tell you, states don't have the right to go rogue and start mandating law that conflicts with this thing that you would think most of the supposed "experts" seem to be ignoring called "The United States Constitution". Most of them seem to be confused about the American Affordable Health Care Act and want to disable health care while using the nickname "Obama Care". It is unfortunate but it is actually Romney Care, along with some John McCain revisions and additions. So, that means when they wrote it, the Republicans were all for it and it was a wonderful thing. It was the solution to all our health care problems. Now that the present administration has adopted it, somehow it magically became a terrible socialist thing that is the ruination of our country.
These people are delusional. We just can't believe anyone could be that sick so we want to believe that they are merely "in denial". But they are actually quite delusional.
Let me explain the difference:
Denial is when you look at a problem and say to yourself, "Oh, I don't want to face that. I shouldn't look at that."
Delusion is when you look at a problem and don't see it as a problem. (You see it as a solution, you want more of the problem, you want to lie in it, live in it, wallow in it, and submerge yourself in the problem.)

This delusion was brought on by having a crushed ego ever since the 2008 election coupled with a constant reinforcement of hate language by manipulating authority figures in their world that confirm and enforce in them that they are correct and that if they pray hard, go to work, and vote Republican that someday subtracting (instead of adding) 2 units of input (income tax) while an uncontrollable ever increasing expense is therefore causing increased spending by 4 times what we used to ten years ago because of the increase in the elderly (people living longer) and people living healthier to live longer, then it will come out with a positive balance. In simple mathematics  terms that would be an equasion of minus two PLUS minus four will someday equal a positive six, although it never has.
I say that we should start using real language. When they say "Obamacare" we correct them and tell them it is called the American Affordable Health Care Act that was originally written by Mitt Romney.
When they talk about Republican economics we need to explain to them that the only thing that gets larger, the more you take away from it is a hole.
Every side bar slander and nasty cutting comment about the Affordable Health Care Act that Right Wing pundits keep making up about this plan have been debunked continually to the point that it is obvious that if they can't sensibly argue a valid point to prove something, the Radical Republicans, especially the TeaVangelicals, have become the most hideous liars on earth. They get caught in a lie and then they tell more lies to try to cover that.
We need to educate ourselves on the actual language and reality of what these situations are. When Mitch McConnell or any other right wing figure, male or female, says something that makes no sense to anyone who isn't an idiot, a bigot, or a selfish prick, then we need to write and tell that person so, immediately.
Stephen Colbert started a superpac and jokingly named it "Americans for a Better Tomorrow Tomorrow" I don't think he realized how prophetic that name is.
For those of us who want a better today today, then we need to quit letting people manipulate the conversation and speak in delusional terms. Don't do it, don't allow it, don't cave in.
These people are doing what some of us used to call "using appropriate sounding language for inappropriate behavior". It feeds their self delusion. Don't feed their delusion by remaining quiet. Speak the truth, speak your mind, and for God's Sake, vote.

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