Monday, April 16, 2012

The Politics of Mob Rule

There is a mistaken belief in this country that everyone who is entitled to their opinion is also entitled to act out on that opinion, even when it infringes on the lives of others. The kind of people who name call and insult without facts or a single shred of evidence are the same type of people who ruin lives and only some of them figure it out in two or three decades that they were mistaken. That doesn't change until we absolutely put our foot down and say, "No, you can't run my life with your selfish ideals that only benefit you." Most of them don't even believe what they say but in order to gain favor and compartmentalize votes they misguidedly fall into the spell of "Mob Rule" where the only conscience is that of the crowd, which has sunk to the lowest common denominator, our base instincts. Those type of people have been present in our lives since we were born and will always be here unless we do something about it. The idea that they are merely expressing a difference of opinion has to be smashed. Those of you who think cries of Socialism as a label towards all things liberal is a harmless silly thing that is laughable because you know better should read this:

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