Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Sidebar Excerpt - Honda Motorcycle

Hi Everyone,
Arizona Mildman here. I know I usually only talk about one subject. The way the Republican Party/conservatives/Teavangelists/Christian Crazies are adding nonsense to our economy, legal system, and personal lives. But today I just thought I would share a personal project that I have been doing. If anyone is looking for a motorcycle cheap, I would suggest you go downtown to Bob's Used Motorcycle parts, find a salvage bike, buy a couple hundred dollars worth of parts, fix it up, and you will save yourself alot. Some people are worried about how pretty it is. I am of the old school variety of bike lover who likes what we call "rat bikes" that aren't fancy but they run. The idea of a motorcycle for starters is just to get a human being or two maximum from point "a" to point "b" using the least amount of gas, tires, wear and tear, etc. I found a little Honda Rebel 250 that is OLD as hell (1986) because 26 years old is old for a Honda. If it was a Harley, well, let's say I know a couple guys who drive 49 knuckle heads and you couldn't get them to part with those machines for love or money (MAYBE at gunpoint, but I don't know). Anyway, this bike had been in a couple accidents and has been refurbished. The tank had a hole in it and it was painted this odd burgundy color. It looked like this:
I had the dent/hole brazed and then stripped the paint and Bondo Puttied the places that were imperfect, sanded the whole thing down real good, and then spray painted the tank with Rustoleum Primer Black paint for now just to keep it from getting rusty in the bare metal spot (where it was brazed).
I have always been fond of rat bikes that were primered instead of fancy paint jobs so this looks just fine to me for now. I am sure some woman will eventually come along and gripe at me until I get it painted but it looks like this for now.
The old turn signals leave something to be desired. so I am replacing them when I get a chance. They were barely hanging on so I busted them the rest of the way off and will be replacing them next week. Then I am taking the bike over to get emissions and then I will get it registered and insured. At that point I will be completely street legal, up and running, and can then start driving it whenever I need to get just myself to a destination. Anyway I thought I would mention the type of thing that makes me happy. This will be the first bike I own and the only one I have ridden in the past forty years.
Anyway, you all take care,
Arizona Mildman

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