Monday, April 16, 2012

Who Elected These People?

The Party of Without

If you want some things in this world, you have to make your own options. Very seldom is someone trying to help you without selfish motives of their own. The Republican Party has become the party of "Without" because if they get into power we will be without adequate health care for most people, without Social Security and Medicare, without all the things that the government provides now that we take for granted. Women would no longer have gynecological care that isn't connected to giving birth. How did a bunch or radicals start trying to make all women vessels for men to procreate in, voluntary or not. Rick Santorum has an opinion on abortion that will surprise you given that his wife had one.  His statement:
This man is thuroughly crazy. The crazed concoction of the Koch Brothers (the Tea Party), is turning the Republican politicians into morons who have to lie to support any position they have to endorse for votes. I never thought I would see some of them pandering to the crackpots of our nation but they do.
Please watch this video and try to understand how dangerously powerful these too men are. If you actually believed that the "Tea Party" is a "grassroots" movement, then you haven't been paying close enough attention. Fight against the "Americans for Prosperity" (which should actually be called the "Americans for the Prosperous"). Anyone who doesn't believe in the Right Wing Craziness that is trying to ruin health care for anyone but the rich, anyone who doesn't think only the rich deserve tax breaks unfairly, or that anyone who believes that a school teacher needs a cut in pay while billionaires need to avoid paying their fair share of taxes is not very well informed and voting against their own interests. How is ruining unions good for Americans? That kind of talk is ignorant and selfish.
Another point, take a good look at what is actually happening having to do with the supposed Obama Bailouts:

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