Thursday, May 10, 2012


One Day The Poor Will Have Nothing Left To Eat But The Rich And The Republicans Just Rang the Dinner Bell
The Republicans in the U.S. Congress/House of Representatives just  passed the Ryan bill which I thought was considered laughable until now. It was satired in the cartoons as being so frightening that one constituent hearing about it thought it was a preview from the movie "Hunger Games". After hearing about it, it occurred to me that like most Americans, no one is going to believe that anyone in congress could actually believe the American people would let them get away with such a thing, but lo' and behold, they did it. For those people who have been predicting food shortages, riots in the streets, poor people living in the United States like someone in third world Indian slums, I am predicting now that their time is near. Get ready for the next generation of Bonnies and Clydes. The time is coming where no one will be safe and that time is near. We know that poverty causes crime waves and self inflicted poverty is suicide. We saw the Soviet Union and every other nation in the world afterwards that was held down by poverty until the people finally gave up on listening one more day and tore the place down.

The idea that it can't happen here will become a lost cause like it did when 9-11 happened. Our country can take so much but ANY people, when told that they don't really count, will quit caring and then anarchy follows. Those of us who are waiting and watching, expecting and preparing for the end are feeling it's proximity in every decision made by the Republicans in congress lately. 
Just lately, the Tea-vangelist American Taliban has started the whole "get the government out of my life" tirade and cut off their own noses to spite their faces without realizing it. The Republicans in congress knew exactly who to turn to for undying loyalty in the wrong direction, a group of people who is so ill informed that they want to shoot themselves in the foot by blaming the same people who are trying to save them. 
They have staged a war on anyone they can. First it was interracial marriage, now abortion and contraception, women's rights, marriage rights for gay people, women's gynecological health care, and so on, ad nauseum. These are all things that we already fought and stuggled for, changed the laws to be what we considered right, and now they want to try to change everything back to pre-50s standards of thinking. The thing that gripes me is that most of these people are my generation. The generation that watched their parents build this country with their sweat, tears, blood, with the work of their lives to give these people a better position in life so they can now call themselves "self made successes" and crap on the working class whose ancestors' work built the fortunes that they are now using to step on the people whose labor created their family's wealth. 
They don't want a real life to exist for people who have less than they do. I can't say that I am afraid of this happening, I am anxiously expectant of the coming of the people's revolution in the United States. When any people have been down trodden for long, a violent outbreak always occurs and then the problem is either resolved by the present regime or by who ever the rebel force becomes. Either way there is a change that will resolve the whole matter. Either the rebels get killed and imprisoned or the ruling class get killed and imprisoned. Also, either way, everyone gets to eat. 

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