Friday, May 25, 2012


Once Again FOX NEWS is making headlines for being liars disguised as poor misrepresented biased commentators. Just because they call it Fox News, are they responsible for the gullible people who take their lies and propaganda as fact when they report it as such and use the excuse that THAT WASN"T the actual NEWS department? (The critical thinking answer is YES!)
People used to laugh at conspiracy theorists. 
Now they have their own channel on cable television. Recently Bill O'Reilly told Glenn Beck that he could find a conspiracy in a pair of socks but Bill doesn't see his own alarmist fear provoking rants in the same way. Beck tried ranting and people laughed at him so now he has reverted to fake crying and the simple minded in this country believe him. One of the biggest problems for people like that is that most of them don't own a computer, just a television and they can't go on YouTube and watch Beck placing Vicks under his eyes to make them water so he can fake cry on his promo pictures (see the video at ) . This shows the type of cheap snake oil salesman conman that Beck actually is but O'Reilly seems to actually be telling himself that he isn't lying. He has moments that he breaks down and actually starts to admit that he is constantly lying but they are brief. Bill Maher confronted O'Reilly on this and he continued making excuses and pointing fingers instead of blaming anyone who repeated the obvious lies in a weak attempt at an attack against President Obama. So according to O'Reilly, reporting an outlandish lie instead of confirming it on the FOX NEWS CHANNEL isn't a deliberate lie by FOX NEWS CHANNEL if it isn't done by the actual news department, EVEN THOUGH they never define the difference between opinion people and news people (Bill seems to think there is a difference when they are all billed as commentators on FOX NEWS.). NOW, my opinion is that if you call yourself FOX NEWS then you are supposed to be reporting actual researched and confirmed news, not reporting lies that sound insane to a bunch of people who want to find anything to blame the black man in the White House for.Watch the clip at :

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