Friday, June 8, 2012

American Democracy Is Now Sold To The Highest Bidder

I write this today with a sinking feeling of sadness for the country I love. Yesterday we watched America shoot itself in the foot. On Thursday, June 7th, 2012 our country's working class people were kicked in the teeth by our own citizens. Scare tactics and propaganda campaign ads purchased by the Koch brothers, along with voter suppression, won the recall election in Wisconsin and even though Democrats tried to match money with money, the billionaires in the Tea Party overspent them by 100 to 1. All campaign advertising needs to be scrutinized previous to these elections and no one that I know of, even slightly tried to fight back. I warned through my predictions that when Citizens United passed legislation for buying our democracy and it was upheld by the Supreme Court, then, we as a country, lost everything we have ever fought for since the Revolutionary war and sold it to ANYBODY WITH MONEY. American Billionaires think they won something but they can't match the money from foreign interests in foreign countries like the ones in the middle east which are going to start supplanting our ideals and faiths with ones that are more in line with Islamic, Buddhist, and Atheist values. Conservative Christians can wave goodbye to their values as this is going to be a complete destruction of what we considered valid as the "oil rich nations" and "capital rich countries" take over.
Yes, yesterday we watched America shoot itself in the foot. I started this blog with the intent of waking people up. Today my depression and sadness grows deeper as this is going to effect older people, poor people, disabled people, and other categories that I fall into. Those who vote without realizing the impact are going to undo our nation's hold on righteousness in the world. Now that we have sold out and our policies, foreign and domestic, are up for the highest bidder to start gerrymandering our values, strengths, and rights into what ever shape they want them in, we are doomed. Democracy and capitalism as we know it won't last.

The campaign ads paid for by the Koch brothers were mostly lies with a touch of ancient truths that no longer apply thrown in to confuse their sheep-like followers. The lies that were told were that Democrats feel strongly opposed to our national welfare and that is farthest from the truth. In an effort to "save" America, the tea party has sold it to foreign interests that will only temporarily support them and the idea of trickle down economics that has been proven wrong, worthless, and would only work in perfect circumstances that have never existed in the United States. "Trickle Down Economics" equals the belief that when the working class can exist from the table scraps of the rich, then, we want the rich to get bigger meals. That only works with people who couldn't glut themselves into obesity through unlimited greed. We saw in 2008 how well that works while the stock market banks took our money to the casino on Wall Street and blew it all. One of the same big losers recently lost two billion dollars and tried to downplay it as a small loss to them. If two billion dollars is a small price to pay, then they can throw more money into electing people who believe that "deficit spending" on Credit Derivatives" and "Trickle Down" are good ideas and then, it won't be long before they have no regulation at all.
Thanks, Wisconsin, you just made our nation weaker than if we had no border control, homeland security, or ethical standards. Kiss your monetary system, democracy, and nation interests, "Goodbye".

We are Liberals who are most closely represented by the Democratic party and we are accused of many negative things in all the false, lying, propaganda advertising.
We are accused of being for a controlling, bigger government, when in reality we want an equal treatment for everyone by our government and 'regulation of' and 'protection against' abuses of those liberties.
We are accused of being against capitalism when in reality, we are against it's abuses.
We are accused of being against religion when in reality, we are against it's use as a political tool and it's being used to control people through authoritarian manipulation.
We are accused of being against democracy when corporations are the ones who bought our democracy and sold it to foreign interests.
We are accused of being against the American dream when what we want is to have that dream for EVERYONE of our citizens.
We are accused of being against national security when in fact the only thing we are against is going to war for the sake of profiteering instead of true national defense.
We are accused of being against profits and prosperity, when in fact, we are against predatory business practices, unregulated dangerous environmental practices, and unlimited greed.
We are accused of being against Big Business when in fact we are against corporate take over of our country based on unlimited greed instead of equal opportunity.
We are accused of being against the right to life when we are actually against destroying a mother's life.
These are the values that made America great and yesterday, we sold them. God save our nation and God bless it's citizens.

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