Sunday, August 12, 2012

To The Mayor of Sterling Heights

This is a copy of the email I sent to the Mayor of Sterling Heights, Michigan after watching the video of an idiot on their city council by the name of Paul Smith. I hope you all read this and understand that more people need to write to them and say the same things.

"...To the Honorable Mayor of Sterling Heights, Michigan,
Why no one has called for the firing of city council members who display hate for the president in such an ignorant misguided, ill informed manner which represents the "Ochlocracy" displayed by Paul Smith, your citizen who feels the president is the worst threat the country has ever known, despite the fact that none of his allegations are anything more than mob rule rhetoric fantasies which promote and establish hate, fueled by propagandists like Fox News, and are the main reason mental cases end up feeling justified shooting innocent people in public. This is why public hate for an opposing party gets way out of hand and snowballs like a rumor which causes distress. I guess some people get so excited while chanting slogans that they forget they were merely lies they made up to make themselves feel justified in being self righteous over nothing, other than support of a failed policy ideology, proven to be wrong over centuries.

Why this disgusting example of ignorance coupled with lies is still working with you, is an appalling mystery to the rest of the United States, who wonders if Michigan may be so out of touch with reality that they forget who saved GM, killed Bin Laden, and was left with a 3 Trillion dollar deficit that the other party handed him as his opening gauntlet. Calling the president a threat to the United States is almost understandable, considering that it's coming from a community which displays what is wrong with this country today. A group of scared white people who think acting angry shows their strength instead of their insecurities and establishes them as frightened racists. In researching your town, I find that some people call Sterling Heights by other names such as: "Sterile Heights" or Sterling Whites" (referring to the community demographic) so I guess it shouldn't surprise anyone that your city council consists of exactly the kind of people who wish the "Civil Rights Act" had never been passed. Now their unbridled fear and hate of the black man in the White House suggests that assassination of a United States president or your state governor is condoned and supported by your city. Thanks for being a disgusting example in the news to the rest of the world of what is exactly wrong in America. Groups of people who think they are better than everyone else are going to be what causes our nation to collapse, not the president. If people could just allow themselves to realize what equality and democracy means, then this wouldn't happen, but some are still full of the fearful ignorance of the past that will fuel their fears until they finally die and the rest of us will at last get some peace.
I understand that Paul Smith doesn't feel the need to resign like he should have after his disgusting display of misguided and ill informed hate towards someone he doesn't know squat about. If you don't get rid of him, then the world will know you are as ignorant as this whole movement based on lies, propagated to support tax avoidance by millionaires and billionaires who are corrupt. "

I emailed this early this morning since I couldn't go to sleep after reading this. I hope everyone in the United States would voice similar disgust towards these assholes. Their mayor's email address is .  Happy Hunting!
Take Care,
Arizona Mildman

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