Monday, September 17, 2012

Letter to Mitt Romney

Governor Romney,
I am submitting this with as much respect as I think you deserve. You might be misinformed and NOT a liar, I don't know. I will give you the benefit of the doubt on this, but you will have to ask someone whom you consider to be dependent on government, not another rich person like you and Paul Ryan. I live in the state of Arizona and used to work as a Union Carpenter's apprentice, a carpenter, and I actually do have a degree in web design, which won't get me a job. I have traded occupations and retrained to suit the economy at least ten times. Each time there is a new economic downturn (which is a nice way of saying someone screwed us but they are being allowed to do it by other greedy people in government) and all the jobs went away, most of us working class people whom you consider poor were struggling to start over.
I have had to start over during 4 economic downturns that destroyed the printing business, the construction business 4 times, the real estate business, architectural hand drafting and hand drafting altogether, and the mortgage business, each one being something I was at least loosely connected with. Whole industries were mechanized (machines took over) because people who made the corporations rich through their hard work were discarded like trash because efficiency experts who are out for profit instead of employment of the people who work for them, don't care about anything but a profit. That is why corporations are NOT PEOPLE, friend.
You hid your money in the Cayman Islands and Switzerland instead of paying your share of income taxes or creating new employment possibilities for Americans, which is the American way. YOU are the one who hates America, it's taxes, it's masses of people who make under 100,000 dollars a year. Why should 98 percent of us even consider voting for a person like you when you don't care about anyone but yourself. You want the job of president - NOT because you have a vision for America, but merely because it is just another way for to become richer and retire early. You don't seem to understand two things. Mathematics and science are real - and people know who you are.
Your dad was an illegal alien. You could have been the son of a farm laborer, instead it was a Mormon who had connections and became wealthy by redistributing wealth through employment, which made him richer.  He invested in the American people. You can own everything you want, but if no one shows up to
work for you, you will lose your business and property that you invested in. Unfortunately, your dad didn't seem to teach you about something important. It is called LOYALTY to the employees/laborers who created the products you sell. Your dad understood that. You don't. If you want to treat people like they are slaves and then take away their jobs, while you become rich off of it, that is legal in the United States, even though some of us would like to see legislation to prevent that. This is the reason why people like you have a problem with regulations. There is a word that stands for a certain kind of principles which will remain timeless and about things like what our constitution demands, that we don't try to harm (even through deceit and manipulation) another person. This is a principle that my father taught me. It is called "ETHICS". With all your supposed Mormon upbringing, you don't seem to have any of those.
Unlike your father, your wealth came to you with no struggle on your own part, so
you don't understand about what your father knew, that you and your employees struggled together to reach his goals and that he owed them for helping make his visions real for his family. Those who would prevent collective bargaining by labor or outsourcing of American jobs are what is the main things wrong for our struggling working class in America, but also apathy and having misguided loyalties & a backwards sense of priorities is part of the whole thing. As you recently stated, 47 percent of the people in this economy are dependent on government because they are disabled or have had their life become one struggle after another, created by people like you until their spirit was crushed.
You don't deserve our sympathy for being an out of touch greedy person who wants the brass ring while never wanting to give back and you definitely don't deserve our vote. I know you are probably, like most of the Republicans who shared the G.O.P. circus with you on the road and at the debates this year, just running for soft money contributions that your base, the corporations you favor over real people, give to you without you having to give the money back if it isn't spent during the campaign. I don't really care, I think you deserve to know the truth about some people whom you casually slander.
Single Disabled people in Arizona make less that 12 thousand dollars a year, altogether, including food stamps and you think people who make $100,000 to $250,000 a year are middle class. Most Americans don't make $100,000 in less than 1 1/2 to 5 years. This is just one more reason that we know that you don't understand, much less care about real Americans.
I will end this appropriately and instead of "Goodbye" I have some other salutation. When the election is over, my only thought to anyone like you is, "Good riddance."

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