Saturday, October 27, 2012

Republicans Have The Best Blacks

I know, I am talking about Ann Coulter again and I said that she was a lunatic and who cares what she says? But the fact of the matter is that she is so maniacal  and insanely either misinformed or delusional that she told the press in an interview that the Republican Party has/conservatives have the best blacks. In other words she believes that Michael Steele, Allen West, and a few others are the shining stars of American society.
Let's look at the Democrats who are black that form a list of "just the ones in the entertainment industry." One of the best action star actors in American movies is Samuel L. Jackson.

One of the best dramatic actors is Denzel Washington.

One of the best black male comedians on television and in movies is Chris Rock.

We would also have to include Eddie Murphy in the same category:

One of the best female comedians is Whoopi Goldberg.

And there is a whole list of singers/song writers but I will bring up a national favorite across generations, Stevie Wonder:

When staunch Republicans for years past have jumped ship on their own party to vote for Obama, the only people that Coulter has to point to are -
this guy : 

and this guy:
It makes me wonder, "Is Ann Coulter having trouble understanding what the word "BEST" means?" Maybe we should send her a dictionary.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson On Racist Republicans

This video speaks for itself. I have been saying the same thing for years. I was raised in an all white neighborhood and born in 1952, so I can tell you I had some racist family members and was not real keen on anyone who wasn't white when I was younger. Women of other races reached out to me and turned my head and eventually made me understand two things. As a white person, my experience didn't hold a candle to what they (the majority of African Americans) went through in a day. as far as being discriminated against. Also, I had a sociology teacher who opened my eyes to a certain aspect of things. She taught us that there was no real racial difference since even though we have different color skins, we are all only 2 percent difference in DNA. She treated us white people (like herself) as another minority. We were called European Americans.
I was glad to see that this colonel spoke out against the racism in the Republican Party. I am not saying that there are no racist Democrats, but the rest of our party admits it. To hear most of the Republicans right now you would be asked to believe that they are all perfect angelic creatures who do no wrong.
Please watch this video of Colonel Wilkerson from YouTube taken from the interview with him on "the Ed Show".

The Conservative Bubble Is Created, Not Imagined

The Conservative Bubble Is Created, Not Imagined
And we can thank Rupert Murdoch, among others, for that. Why would anyone who wants to win an election, do such blatantly dishonest things to close on the election? No one with a brain can believe that people who want to cheat, bully, and intimidate voters could possibly feel secure about themselves enough to be commander and chief. Romney will win a couple rural states and lose the nation and I can bet you he is going to cry and have a mental break down. Several of his previous Conservative candidates have done the same

but I think he is going to completely go to pieces, and his wife Anne seems to concur. He is not mentally stable enough to be president. The press calls it everything except exactly what it is, trying to be less of an "attack" media, but the truth is he is a pathological liar. We already had eight years of lying plutocrats in the White House and I don't think the nation is ready for more of the same. Trying to coerce a few people so he doesn't lose so dramatically at the end is not the same as winning like it should be. Fox News has always tried to convince people that whatever they say (which is always the opposite of the truth, but it sells advertising and a handful of puppets wish to believe it) is just "spin" or "opinion" but it is dishonesty and that is, in simple terms, LYING. He (Mitt Romney) constantly has that look like he is telling himself, "Oh, uh, I don't think that they bought that last lie that I  told."
He seems to find it so annoying that people bring up his actual record of being a greedy predatory capitalist, and the fact that everything that is negative about the free market was practiced at Bain Capital, including income tax "avoidance". If you want to keep lying to yourself about the way the world is and keep having people tell you what you want to hear instead of how it really is, then watch Fox News. If you want to live in an ideological bubble and keep lying to yourself that the world hasn't changed since Barry Goldwater was a Republican, then, keep watching Fox News. The idea is that if you don't like what is really happening, then invent your own reality. If you don't like the polls, write your own where your candidate is really winning. If you don't like the bad things your candidate has done and you see, like the rest of the world, that he lies about his past and that his past is dismal, then, watch Fox News. They will continue inventing new ideological bubbles for you to hide your head in, so as not to have to look at the real world. Personally, I wouldn't want someone who is known to be a lying propaganda rag representing me but Romney is desperate enough to cling desperately to whatever he can get that sounds positive and doesn't realize that blatant desperation completely turns off any chance he had with most undecided voters.
One only has to look at their name on the stock market to realize that News Corporation, Murdoch's entire imitation news empire is listed as "NASDAQ: NWS" which is the abbreviation for the "National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations News", in other words, it is the news the American Stock Market wants you to hear. The greedy Wall Street bankers who constantly lie to people to manipulate stock prices are in league with Murdoch to get you to invest. That is their profit motive for influencing elections and every aspect of American life. News Corp. is listed as an American business although the owner is Australian and wouldn't be caught dead living here. Rupert Murdoch, the tabloid news king, laughs at the stupid Americans and other voluntarily misinformed "conservatism addicts" that he manipulates every day as he constantly creates another legion of news fiascoes throughout his network of propaganda media outlets. Here is the complete list, quoted from the article on Wikipedia at :
Australia published by News Limited.
The Australian (Nationwide)
Community Media Group (16 QLD & NSW suburban/regional titles)
Cumberland-Courier Newspapers (23 suburban/commuter titles)
The Courier-Mail (Queensland)
The Sunday Mail (Queensland)
The Cairns Post (Cairns, Queensland)
The Gold Coast Bulletin (Gold Coast, Queensland)
The Townsville Bulletin (Townsville, Queensland)
The Daily Telegraph (New South Wales)
The Sunday Telegraph (New South Wales)
Herald Sun (Victoria)
Sunday Herald Sun (Victoria)
The Weekly Times (Victoria)
Leader Newspapers (33 suburban Melbourne, VIC titles)
MX (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBD)
The Geelong Advertiser (Geelong, Victoria)
The Advertiser (South Australia)
The Sunday Mail (South Australia)
Messenger Newspapers (11 suburban Adelaide, SA titles)
The Sunday Times (Western Australia)
The Mercury (Tasmania)
Quest Newspapers (19 suburban Brisbane, QLD titles)
The Sunday Tasmanian (Tasmania)
Northern Territory News (Northern Territory)
The Sunday Territorian (Northern Territory)
The Tablelands Advertiser (Atherton Tablelands and the Far North, Queensland)
Fiji Times (National) (10%)
Nai Lalakai (10%)
Shanti Dut (10%)
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea Post-Courier (National) (62.5%)
UK and Ireland newspapers, published by subsidiaries of News International Ltd.
News Group Newspapers Ltd.
The Sun (published in Scotland as The Scottish Sun and in Ireland as The Irish Sun)
The Sun on Sunday
Times Newspapers Ltd.
The Sunday Times
The Times
The Times Literary Supplement
US newspapers and magazines
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The Brooklyn Paper
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Dow Jones & Company
Consumer Media Group
The Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal Europe
Wall Street Journal Asia
Barron's – weekly financial markets magazine.
Marketwatch – Financial news and information website.
Far Eastern Economic Review
Enterprise Media Group
Dow Jones Newswires – global, real-time news and information provider.
Factiva – provides business news and information together with content delivery tools and services.
Dow Jones Indexes – stock market indexes and indicators, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Dow Jones Financial Information Services – produces databases, electronic media, newsletters, conferences, directories, and other information services on specialised markets and industry sectors.
Betten Financial News – leading Dutch language financial and economic news service.
Local Media Group
Ottaway Community Newspapers – 8 daily and 15 weekly regional newspapers.
STOXX (33%)- joint venture with Deutsche Boerse and SWG Group for the development and distribution of Dow Jones STOXX indices.
Vedomosti (33%) – Russia's leading financial newspaper (joint venture with Financial Times and Independent Media).
The Timesledger Newspapers of Queens, New York:
Bayside Times, Whitestone Times, Flushing Times, Little Neck Ledger, Jamaica Times, Astoria Times, Forest Hills Ledger
The Courier-Life Newspapers in Brooklyn
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twowheels scooter
Vogue (Australia)
Vogue Entertaining & Travel
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Inside Out (UK Based Magazine)
[edit]Music and radio
Fox Film Music Group
Nashe (50%)
Best FM (50%)
Fox News Radio
50% of the National Rugby League (Australia and New Zealand)
Majority ownership of the Brisbane Broncos (68.9%) and full ownership of the Melbourne Storm rugby league team.
Colorado Rockies (15%)
Fox Filmed Entertainment: 20th Century Fox's parent company
20th Century Fox: a film production/distribution company
Fox Searchlight Pictures – specialized films.
Fox 2000 Pictures – general audience feature films.
20th Century Fox Television – primetime television programming.
20th Television – television distribution (syndication).
Fox 21 – low scripted/budgeted television production company.
Fox Television Studios (productions)- market specific programming e.g. COPS and network television company.
Fox Television Studios International
Fox World Productions
Fox World Australia
Fox TV Studios France
Fox TV Studios India
Natural History New Zealand – natural world documentaries, non-fiction programming.
Fox Faith – Promotion and distribution of Christian and related "family friendly" movies on DVD and some theatrical release.
Fox Studios Australia, Sydney, New South Wales
Blue Sky Studios – production of CGI films e.g. Ice Age.
Fox Entertainment Group
New Regency Productions (20%) – general audience feature films.
Regency Enterprises (20%) – parent company of New Regency Productions (50%).
FOX Star Studios New Delhi, India
News Corp agreed to sell eight of its television stations to Oak Hill Capital Partners for approximately $1.1 billion as of 22 December 2007. The stations are US Fox affiliates.[49] These stations, along with those already acquired by Oak Hill that were formerly owned by The New York Times Company, formed the nucleus of Oak Hill's Local TV LLC division.

Fox Broadcasting Company (Fox), a US broadcast television network
MyNetworkTV, a US broadcast television network
Fox Television Stations, a group of owned and operated Fox television stations
Saeta TV Channel 10, channel of Uruguay
ITV plc (7.5%), a British broadcast television network and the UK's largest advertising revenue based broadcaster
News Corp Europe
bTV, a broadcast television network in Bulgaria. They sold this to CME in February 2010.
B1 TV (12,5%), a broadcast television network in Romania, in partnership with Ismar International NVkkkk
Fox Televizija, a broadcast television network in Serbia (49%). They sold this to Antenna Group in January 2010
Fox Turkey, a Turkish terrestrial channel (56,5%) (formerly TGRT)
Imedi Media Holding (100%), a Georgian radio and TV broadcaster.
Imedi Television
Radio Imedi
Israel 10 (9%), a terrestrial channel in Israel.
LNT (100%), a terrestrial channel in Latvia
TV5 Riga (100%), a terrestrial channel in Latvia
Cielo (100%), a free channel in Italy
ANTV (20%), a private television station in Indonesia, under the administration and label of STAR TV
Prime Television New Zealand – commercial TV station, interest held through stake in SKY Network Television
[edit]Satellite television
British Sky Broadcasting, United Kingdom & Ireland (39.1% holding). In practice, a controlling interest.
Sky Network Television, New Zealand (44%)
Sky Italia (100%), Italy's largest pay TV service (previously owning part of Stream TV)
Sky Deutschland (49.90%), Germany's largest pay TV provider
Tata Sky (30%), an Indian DirectToHome TeleVision Service Provider. (in partnership with Tata Group (70%))
Foxtel (25%), Australia, a joint venture with Telstra (50%) and Consolidated Media Holdings (25%)
FOX Italy, Italian Broadcast and Production Company (with 2 HDTV)
Star TV Channels (Satellite TeleVision Asian Region), an Asian satellite TV service having 300 million viewers in 53 countries, mainly in India, China & other Asian countries
Phoenix Television (17.6%), satellite TV network with landing rights in Hong Kong, and select provinces on Mainland China.
Cable TV channels owned (in whole or part) and operated by News Corporation include:

Fox Business Network, a business news channel.
Fox Classics, a channel airing classic TV shows & movies
Fox Movie Channel, an all-movie channel that airs commercial-free movies from 20th Century Fox's film library
Fox News Channel, a 24-hour news & opinion channel
Fox Sports Net, a chain of US regional cable news television networks broadcasting local sporting events linked together by national sports news programming. Local channels include "Fox Sports Southwest", "Fox Sports Detroit", etc. (some affiliates are owned by Cablevision).
SportSouth, a regional sports network in the United States, with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and affiliate of Fox Sports Net.
Sun Sports a regional sports network in the United States, with its headquarters in Miami, Florida, and affiliate of Fox Sports Net.
Fox College Sports, a college sports network consisting of three regionally aligned channels, mostly with archived Fox Sports Net programs but also some live and original content.
Fox Sports International
Fox Soccer Channel, a United States digital cable and satellite network specializing mainly in soccer.
Fox Soccer Plus, a sister network to FSC, but including coverage of other sports, most notably rugby. Launched in 2010 after News Corporation picked up many of the broadcast rights abandoned by Setanta Sports when it stopped broadcasting in the U.S.
Fox Sports Middle East – English language sports network airing in Middle East countries including Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE & Yemen.
Fox Pan American Sports (37.9%) – joint venture with Hicks, Muse, and Tate & Furst.
Fox Sports en Español (50%), a Spanish-language North American cable sports network; its sports lineup is tailored to appeal to a Latin American audience.
Fox Sports en Latinoamérica, a Latin American satellite and cable sports network.
FX Networks, a cable network broadcasting reruns of programming previously shown on other channels, but recently creating its own programming, including the Emmy Award-winning programs The Shield and Damages.
Speed Channel
Big Ten Network, cable and satellite channel dedicated to The Big Ten Conference, launched Aug 2007 (49%)
National Geographic Channel (joint venture with National Geographic Society) 67%
National Geographic Channel International 75%
Nat Geo Mundo (joint venture with National Geographic Society)
Nat Geo Wild (joint venture with National Geographic Society)
Fox International Channels, domestic cable channels offering different formats of Fox programming in over thirty countries worldwide.
Fox Life
Fox Life HD
Fox Crime
Fox Horror
Fox Movies
Fox Sports
Speed Channel
National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Channel HD
National Geographic Wild
National Geographic Adventure
National Geographic Music
National Geographic Junior
Real Estate TV
Fox Toma 1 – Spanish-language television production.
Fox Telecolombia – Spanish-language television production. (51%)
Utarget.Fox – European and Latin American online ad company, plus now handles TV ad sales.
Central & South America
Fox Latin American Channels – channels available in over 17 countries in Latin America
National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Channel HD
National Geographic Wild
Nat Geo Music
Universal Channel
Universal HD
Fox Channel
Fox HD
Fox Life
Fox Sports
Speed Channel
Baby TV
Fox One-Stop Media – advertising sales for company owned and third party channels in Latin America
LAPTV (60%) (Latin American Pay Television) operates 8 cable movie channels throughout South America excluding Brazil.
Telecine(12.5%) operates 5 cable movie channels in Brazil.
Premier Media Group (50%)
Fox Sports 1
Fox Sports 2
Fox Sports 3
Fuel TV Australia
Premium Movie Partnership (20%) – movie channels, a joint venture between 20th Century Fox, Sony, NBC Universal, Viacom and Liberty Media

Hathway Cable & Datacom (22.2%), India's 2nd largest cable network through 7 cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai & Pune
Total TV (20%), Pay TV platform with JV partner KOO's Group majority owner (80%). News Corp also has a 20% interest in the KOO's Group directly
News Corp. Digital Media – website with sports news, scores, statistics, video and fantasy sports
Hulu (27%) – online video streaming site in partnership with NBC Universal and The Walt Disney Company.
Flektor – provides Web-based tools for photo and video editing and mashups.
IGN Entertainment – Internet entertainment portal (Includes the sites IGN, GameSpy, TeamXbox,, and
Slingshot Labs – web development incubator (Includes the sites DailyFill).
Strategic Data Corp – interactive advertising company which develops technology to deliver targeted internet advertising.[50] – sports simulation and prediction website. Also provides fantasy-style sports games to play.[51] – 'India's no. 1 Entertainment Portal'
ROO Group Inc (5% increasing to 10% with performance targets)
News Digital Media[52] – Australian-oriented news website
News Lab[53] (50%) – recruitment advertisement website in partnership with Monster Worldwide.[54][55][56][57] – a ticket retailer
Learning Seat[58]
Wego[59] News owns minority stake in
Netus (75%) – investment co. in online properties.
REA Group (60.7%)[60] (69.4%), Sky Italia also holds a 30.6% share
atHome group, operator of leading realestate websites in Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany.
Altowin (51%),provider of office management tools for realestate agents in Belgium.[61] (50%), News International holds the remaining 50%
Sherlock Publications, owner of portal and magazine titles 'Hot Property', 'Renting' and 'Overseas', most comprehensive UK estate agent directory.
PropertyLook, property websites in Australia and New Zealand.[62] home renovation and improvement website.
Square Foot Limited, Hong Kong's largest English Language property magazine and website
Primedia – Holding co. of Inside DB, a Hong Kong lifestyle magazine.
TadpoleNet Media[63] (10%) Hosts of[64]
New Zealand
Fatso – leading online DVD subscription service (ownership through stake in Sky Network Television).
Fox Networks – one of the largest international ad networks.
Expedient InfoMedia[65] blog network.
[edit]Other assets
NDS Group – Conditional access technology and personal digital video recorders (PVRs) (49%)
Broadsystem Ltd (UK) – Telephony provider for media companies, bought in 1991
Broadsystem Australia (Australia)
Broadsystem Ventures (UK) – provider of cheap-rate telephone calls, particularly for customers of Sky Television. Bought outright in 1999.
Jamba! – Mobile Entertainment/Mobile Handsets Personalisation/Games.
News Outdoor Group – Largest outdoor advertising company in Eastern Europe with over 70,000 ads including billboards and bus shelters, operating in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Israel, Poland, Romania, Russia (96 cities), Turkey & Ukraine.
Maximedia Israel (67%)
Mosgorreklama (50%) – Russia sign and marketing material manufacturer
Kamera Acikhava Reklamclik (?) – leading outdoor advertising company in Turkey
Australian Associated Press (45%) – real time news service.
STATS, Inc. (50%) – worlds leading provider of sporting information and statistical analysis (a JV with Associated Press)
Fox Sports Grill (50%) – Upscale sports bar and restaurant with 7 locations – Scottsdale, Arizona; Irvine, California; Seattle, Washington (U.S. state)|Washington; Plano, Texas; Houston, Texas; San Diego, California; and Atlanta, Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia.
Fox Sports Skybox (70%) – Sports fan's Bar & Grill at Staples Center and 6 airport restaurants.
News America Marketing (US) – (100%) – nation’s leading marketing services company, products include a portfolio of in-store, home-delivered and online media under the SmartSource brand.
Rotana (9%) – Largest Arab entertainment company owned by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal
The Daily – iPad only newspaper delivered daily.
Making Fun – social game developer for making games for social networking sites, smartphones, tablets and other devices.[66]
That is just the news and entertainment sources, world wide. That doesn't include all financial holdings that the Murdochs control. I find it frightening, that one family organization that is accused constantly of manipulating information to influence the public, is allowed to own a monopoly the size of News Corp. They go on - innocently trying to act like they aren't doing anything wrong.
Another added information "for conservatives only" source is being talked about recently, and no matter how ridiculous it seems, it still exists. If you look up anything on Wikipedia now, and don't like what you see, you can turn to "Conservapedia" and find the opposite of the facts there, at . That is another fake reference source designed so that Conservatives can continue to lie to themselves and live in an alternative reality in their own minds only. Some of us find this very frustrating and want to try to educate them what their problem is. If they were honest with themselves, they would have to admit that they were wrong about many things and then fall into a state of depression and they refuse to do that. They don't seem to think this is a problem. When the world isn't the way you want it today, turn to someone who will lie to you and tell you what you wanted to hear, since that makes you feel better. After all, news isn't supposed to be about that pesky stuff called "information", is it??
I had a friend who used to explain to me when I got frustrated that I was banging my own head, not theirs, against a stone wall in expecting any of them to change. His famous quote was, "Never try to teach a pig to sing, it is frustrating and only annoys the pig." He then added, "But we all seem to give out free singing lessons once in a while." Remember, the definition of insanity is "Practicing the same action repeatedly, each time expecting a different result." Leave that one to conservative people, for if you try to change them, you are doing the same thing.

In the movie that was based on the book by the same name, "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, the first line is a short simple, easy to remember phrase, that I think the Murdoch family believes. It was real popular after World War II to point out what could happen in the world by stating this phrase. The line is, "He who controls information controls the world!" I find Huxley's old recordings quite disturbing because he seemed to share similar views with Adolph Hitler. He called it, "Domesticating the rest of the race" but it is still an attempt to accept the belief that "controlling the masses" was an important ideal. One can listen to how crazy that sounds in today's world (You really should, since it will give you the same eery experience I received.), at and decide for yourself, but I find his ideals frightening and completely a rationalization for ethnic cleansing and propaganda. "One must domesticate the rest of the race..." speaking about human beings means making society a bunch of slaves to an ideology. He is as crazy as Ian Rand.
But back to News Corps, I mean, TRY to find some news outlet that used to be a trusted source and someone you look to for opinion and if you look on this list and find it, you need to forget your sources and find new ones. The Murdoch family thinks of themselves as aristocrats and part of a societal "Ruling Class" that is supposed to tell people what to think. Murdoch is the first to call anyone who opposes anything that will allow him to avoid paying income tax a socialist and compare them to Hitler, although his own use of propaganda and intentional dishonesty along with his vision that he needs to, as Aldous Huxley said, "Domesticate the rest of the race because they need to be controlled..." should be frightening to the whole world. I compare him to the evil that wrote "Mein Kampf". Don't be confused by their fancy rhetoric because even Adolph Hitler found the Catholic Church admirable and attempted to emulate their pomp and ceremony in their traditional rites. He admired them for their ability to control the masses so if anyone should be entitled to wearing the short upper lip strip of German salute to bad taste, it should be Rupert Murdoch. So, Murdoch, Here's to You!
I guess the real question is, do you really want this guy selling you a president or anything else for that matter?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Being Conservative Means You Lack Critical Thinking

In most of my posts I talk about critical thinking alot. I believe this is important because if one does not learn to think critically, then they are subject to the only other option which is following blindly someone else's beliefs or blindly having faith in something that you decide without any factual basis. The later is close to the idea which defines the word delusion. de·lu·sion [dih-loo-zhuhn]


1. an act or instance of deluding.

2. the state of being deluded.

3. a false belief or opinion: delusions of grandeur.

4. Psychiatry . a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact: a paranoid delusion.

When we look at the fourth and final definition, it seems that it tells us what it is, but not how it can be avoided. The person who is suffering from paranoid delusions may have other psychological problems which preclude any hope of being able to develop critical thinking and avoid delusional thinking. The rest of us are capable of developing critical thinking if we avoid the blocks to critical thinking. I am convinced that most Conservatives/Republicans are victims of ethnocentric and egocentric thinking mixed with reliance on authority and resistance to change. Sometimes they use black and white thinking.

Blocks to critical thinking impede us from arriving at a reasonable basis for belief. They are obstacles that we must not only be aware of but work zealously to avoid following blindly. Otherwise they will thwart our efforts to become more effective thinkers. There are far too many such blocks to give a complete list. Instead we’ll focus on the primary ones, which include cultural conditioning, reliance on authority, hasty moral judgment, black and white thinking, labels, resistance to change, and frame of reference. Although these categories overlap, they are sufficiently different from one another to warrant separate coverage.

Please go to the Mount Palomar College reading group Barrier Project essay on the blocks to critical thinking and see if you don't agree with me:

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ann Coulter, STFU!

In Intenet Terms, there are people whom we on the web call internet "TROLLS", who, according to the definition at Wikipedia, are: "...someone who posts inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages in an online community, such as a forum, chat room, or blog, with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion." They seem to think life on the internet is a game of who you can lie to and make angry, to see how long you can do it without getting caught. Some are actually paid "disinformationists" that are on salary to make you believe a lie so they start whisper campaigns on the internet that should be called shouting campaigns because of the frequency. No matter what, Trolls know they are lying, they just enjoy seeing how long it takes for you to figure it out. I usually post a picture of the "troll face" with the Wikipedia description on the comment so they realize I caught them.

The point is that they enjoy the idea that they can sit at home, type something in the computer that is posted on the internet that make people a) angry, b) fearful, c) upset, and d) confused.  You will notice that everyone who runs a con game uses more than one player, that is for the use of the art of misdirection. In a suspense movie, when one of the heroes is being attacked, someone will always sacrifice himself or his reputation misdirecting the flow of negative attention, violent or otherwise, towards himself in the opposite direction of the other characters in order to provide a distraction. Most of them must sit at home, laughing at their own joke, thinking this is hilarious, while the rest of us, who get caught up in the emotional response of their trap, are fuming. That is what the "troll" does.
In politics there are many trolls. The biggest political troll I can think of right off hand, who crossed over to the position of News Troll is Karl Rove. He, like the many internet trolls, starts rumors he calls "whisper campaigns", outright lies, and basically is a pathological liar, in order to misdirect the public from what is really going on (like the fact that we attacked Iraq because of oil), but his official 'polite' description is, once again from Wikipedia: " American political consultant and policy advisor. He was Senior Advisor and Deputy Chief of Staff during the George W. Bush administration until Rove's resignation on August 31, 2007. He has headed the Office of Political Affairs, the Office of Public Liaison, and the White House Office of Strategic Initiatives. Since leaving the White House, Rove has worked as a political analyst and contributor for Fox News, Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal."
Most people don't realize that Rove was going to be under indictment with the rest of the Watergate conspirators during the Nixon administration scandal but got himself and his family on a plane to Russia and left the country until the heat and warrants were through circulating. G.W. Bush's favorite name for Rove was "Turd Blossom", a nickname appropriate, because the turd blossom is actually a Texas wild flower that thrives in Bull Shit.
Now, in this modern day, we have "News Trolls" that most people don't realize what they are doing. Karl Rove fit right in there with the rest  of Fox News because Roger Ailes loves him. Liars like Rove are the biggest part of Fox News Commentator Staff. People who believe that we can all live in a different "conservative dimension" are ignorant and need to be re-informed. If you run into people who are stupidly clinging to moronic views to be "more Christian" or more moral or any other fantasy that makes one feel that they have risen above the rank of human being, then, you need to let them know they are full of shit.
There is a list of the biggest News Trolls that is easy to figure out but everyday someone in the entertainment business who is having a slow year, decides to jump the ship of reason and honesty and becomes another TROLL in the army of the "disinformation" field.
Recently Ann Coulter decided it is her job as a bright white Caucasian female to start telling African American Men and Women what their plight is and how they feel. The unfortunate part is there are some black people who are so willing to feel accepted by White America that they will turn their back on, not only their own race, but any sense of reason and decency for profit and acceptance.

Ann Coulter doesn't live in a different reality, but in ignorant minded people, she is trying to create a fantasy that the world is really not the way it seems. Don't believe your own eyes, this isn't a trick, I am not a crook (the famous last words of Nixon), and you need to "trust me" (the words used by every con man). If you think about the things that are advertised the most, they are all things that need to be sold "hard" because no one really needs or wants them. When they think up a slogan to sell something it is almost always deceptively a lie. When you take that into account, why would Fox News need to tell you repeatedly that they are fair and balanced if they actually are?

Any other news station would have fired a political hack like Coulter after the outlandish things she has said. 

She tells herself that all female Democrats are "Stupid Single Women", a list of which, she seems to be a union member, in order to face herself as someone informed with an education, but like most conservatives, she keeps herself in a social bubble and doesn't associate with people who aren't living in the same fantasy reality so she doesn't have to face the truth. She openly argues adamantly about topics she has no real facts to debate with, armed only with wishful thinking based opinion.
On her Wikipedia profile it states that she says that; she likes to "stir the pot"; which means start arguments and piss people off - unnecessarily. Let me ask you, when is the last time you met someone who looked like this that you thought was truly knowledgeable in "the black experience"? Who would you think knows more about what black people in the United States have been through, considering Ann Coulter hangs out with black conservatives who have crossed a race gap through financial wealth. If you think I am wrong, then ask yourself this question: "Who would you be more inclined to listen to on reliability about knowledge of American black issues...
this woman...: 

or this woman?": 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Where Is It Going To End?

The Republican Party and especially the Tea Party Republicans in Congress have a new agenda when it comes to women. Say one thing and do another is not unusual when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. But trying to get women to buy the idea that returning to the days when women had only the right to survive to do the bidding of men is becoming en vogue for a lot of today's new Republican Party. Some women don't believe anyone could even think in those archaic times. But some women are so oblivious to responsibility that they would prefer someone to take responsibility for decisions in their lives.
Personally, I think the idea that Roe Vs. Wade is a choice that Authoritari-cons want to establish is about as appealing to most women as trying to convince black people that slavery was a good idea for them. There are arguments on all sides but today I wish to implore women, no matter what they believe to ask themselves this: "Have you EVER seen a male dominated group of politicians that got one part of an agenda accomplished that didn't try to steam roll the rest of the country into believing they were taking away their rights for 'their own good'?" 
If you are one of those naive people who actually still believe there aren't Republican Politicians in congress that spend all day trying to destroy the constitutional rights afforded to Americans based on campaign contributions from authoritarian style special interests, then YOU HAVEN'T BEEN PAYING ATTENTION.
1) Arkansas Republican Senator Jon Hubbard: He thinks slavery was a blessing for black people. 
2) A Tea Party Representative came on Fox News and while being interviewed by a woman, said that it was a bad thing that women were given the right to vote. I find this particularly interesting since he is a black man, who also would have been denied the right to vote under archaic laws. He is for discrimination over sex but not race, evidently.
3) The new version of the Violence Against Women Act is being drafted by Republicans who insist they aren't trying let women be abused for political reasons, letting misogynistic men off in some cases, completely the hook for real crimes like rape:

I could write all day on the instances, I just don't have time. If this doesn't make you angry enough, just try this. Open up ANY web browser, type the words 'Republican War On Women' into the search window and click enter. Watch how many hits you receive and remember, each one of those is a reason to vote against their insane agendas.

Mitt Romney "Pals Around With" Drug Smugglers

On Monday evening, Mitt Romney appeared at a campaign event hosted by Reinaldo Bermudez, a convicted cocaine trafficker. Bermudez owns El Palacio de los Jugos, a fruit and juice shop in Miami. Appearing with Romney was Sen. Marco Rubio and after delivering brief remarks, the two men handed out juices to the assembled crowd.
Court documents show that Bermudez served three years in a federal prison after pleading guilty to one count of conspiracy to distribute cocaine in 1999.
In November 1997, after a seven-month investigation by the FBI and U.S. Customs, Bermudez was identified as one of twelve people accused of participating in a Colombian drug smuggling operation. Approximately 2,850 pounds of cocaine were seized by agents at three South Florida ports over a period of several months: 430 pounds of cocaine at the Port of Palm Beach in July 1997, another 117 pounds at the Port of Miami in late September of the same year and culminating in the seizure of 2,304 pounds of cocaine in late October at Port Everglades.
It has been reported that Bermudez was investigated by the Secret Service, whom were aware of his criminal record when the Romney campaign asked to use his fresh fruit and vegetable stand for the campaign event.
Bermudez is quoted in the New Times as saying: ‘Here in Miami there are a lot people with money who have had problems with the law. Thankfully, we all have the opportunity in this country to re-enter society when we've done something wrong.'
Convicted felons, such as Bermudez are ineligible to vote in Florida without the governors intervention or having their rights restored through the court.
So, when Barack Obama is found to have served on a school board with Bill Aires, the convicted anarchist and bomber from over thirty years previous, this was reported as his "associating with Terrorists". But when Mitt Romney associates and is supported by a known drug trafficker from 17 years ago, that is a good thing? How is this not a double standard and completely hypocritical???

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The presidential debate part two

Romney opened tonight talking to a young college student, telling him about all the education he plans to support when he is elected. (ISN'T THIS THE GUY WHO TOLD YOUNG PEOPLE THEY SHOULD BORROW MONEY FROM THEIR PARENTS TO GO TO COLLEGE?)


Candy Crowley asks Romney to explain what he is going to do and he starts lying about Obama. He says he is going to supply 12 million new jobs, still doesn't explain how he plans to. Obama has said Romney wanted Detroit to become bankrupt he said they "NEEDED TO GO BANKRUPT" to bounce back.

He got slammed. Obama points out his greedy outsourcing B.S.
Romney starts talking about how oil production has to do with the price of gasoline at the pump. We all know that it is controlled on the market and
has nothing to do with that, LIAR, he is despicable. Now he talks about oil drilling and the XL pipeline, I want to interject that NASA scientists said
that the XL pipeline would be "game over" for the environment.

Romney starts trying to tell the moderator what the rules are for time on the debate. He is trying to defend his lying. He gets his turn, then Obama rebuts and he thinks he gets another turn, trying to interrupt in the middle of Obama's time, repeatedly.

One lady asks about education credits. Romney answers about middle income families, gas prices, deductions, etc. I am still waiting for him to answer the question. EDUCATION CREDITS, MORON!
His tax plan is fictional. All economists said it won't work.,0,3413039.s
(and last but certainly not least...)

Once again Romney is trying to sell the "tax cuts equal jobs" myth, as if we don't know better after 10 years of that. Obama slammed him on his sketchy non-answering of any plan to pay for anything he wants to do. Romney RAN the companies (sold them for parts and fired the employees, outsourced jobs) and balanced the books, RAN THE OLYMPICS (in the little town of Salt Lake City instead of a large town. The Salt Lake City Olympics were in 2002, and they had a population of 189,899 as of the 2011 estimate. In comparison, Phoenix, AZ, not even close to being a large American city, in 2010, per the census had a population of 1,445,632.)

A young lady asks about fair pay for women and what the president plans on doing about it. He talks about the LIlly Ledbetter Act which he signed and he talks about Pell Grants and education, and he said that he believes they need to go after any form of discrimination.

Romney says he worked somewhere that all the qualified staff were men because he had binders full of women. He said his state more women in positions of administration and then he starts telling us that women need to be more flexible in their schedule to be housewives and working women. He says that women lost 580, 000 jobs. More women in poverty. Once again he says what he wants for women but not how he is going to do it but says he knows what it takes. He is saying we don't have a strong economy. He is going to go for a stronger economy (somehow) and more women in the workplace.

Obama starts out talking about women not getting proper health care coverage having to do with a strong family budget. The president points out that Romney wants to disallow women's health insurance paying for contraceptives. "One of the things that makes us grow is when all of us participate, and I have two daughters and want to make sure they have the same opportunities as everyone else."

Woman asks about the difference between Romney and Bush and Romney starts accusing the debate time keepers of being unfair to him. "Every woman in America should have acess to contraceptives blah, blah, blah. "
"We can get all the energy we need right here in the U.S." "I will crack down on China". (?) I am gonna get us a balanced budget. (HOW?) Obama was right about the Bush deficits.  Now let's focus on small business. I am still waiting to hear the difference. He starts complaining about Obamacare, which we all know is actually Romneycare. He ends saying giving to businesses helps people. (same as Bush)
Obama points out Romney's history on dealing with China, which has been outsourcing jobs to there.

Young voter asks about what Obama plans on doing to make him trust the president. Romney says Obama lied and then says something about unemployment to 5.4 percent and social security and medicare. Romney is blaming Obama for all the initiatives that the Republicans in congress blocked. His Policies don't work. Now he tries to use the reagan administration without mentioning the fact that reagan created a deficit that we are still paying off.
Governor Aimes asks what Romney is going to do with illegal immigrants who are working and living in this country. Visas, greencards stapled to their diploma, stop illegal immigration. He will not grant amnesty, drivers licenses, etc. to those who are here illegally. There are four million people waiting to get here legally so he won't create "magnets" to illegals. He atacks Obama about his soft stance on illegal immigration.
Obama talks about Ellis Island. He says we need to FIX the system. First they streamlined the sytem for legal immigrants. They create jobs and help the economy. He thinks we need to put more on the border. He thinks we should go after the law breaking illegals instead of the ones who come here to work. He thinks we need to give them a pathway to citizenship. Romney said he wants to veto the Dream Act and called the Arizona law a model for the nation. (goes on about illegal racial profiling as if it would happen to his kids) He says we can fix the system in a comprehensive way but when he tried Republicans said they don't want go against this strategy because of their party's platform.

Romney says he isn't going to go after 12 million people, but he was asked about self deportation that was HIS STATEMENT and he still isn't

answering the questions. He says he only agreed with the Everify part of the immigration reform in Arizona. Any investments he has been making

have been managed by a blind trust and then he asked Obama if he has looked at his pension. Obama reminds him the subject was immigration.

Obama confronts him on Everify comments.

Candy changes the subject after Obama asks when the Republicans are going to resolve their problems and work on immigraton. Then a voter

asks about the security in Bengazi was requested and denied by the State Department (I read this morning  that there was a request for another

place not, Benghazi that made the request.) And the security people used in Benghazi (required by local law) was explained at

Also, Romney says we should have known "right away" and it took a long time for the American people to be told (48 hours) that it was a terrorist attack disguised as a demonstration. (In Libya, that IS still in the African Continent, right?) I feel this is a desperate attempt to blame the president despite the fact that he (Obama) said that it was his responsibility, which Hillary Clinton already claimed. Romney goes on to ask, "Why didn't we know five days later when the ambassador came on television and announced it., five days later. What I find more troubling is that the day following, the president flies to Las Vegas for a fundraiser, then flies to Colorado, another political event. I think these..."  (He is doing what Chris
Stevens's dad asked him not to, politicizing the death of four Americans, and doing it during a security conscious time when he knows no one can say publicly what happened or who they suspect on national television.)
"These actions taken by the president, a leader have symbolic significance and perhaps even material significance (wtf?) in that we can call in and question these people and it's very clear this wasn't a demonstration (which is what the press called it, not the White House), it was an attack. Now he is talking about Libya, Israel, Iran, Syria (I am getting scared, this is the list Wesley Clarke talked about in the video posted in 2011 on YouTube that is quite frightening at : ) The Republicans keep wanting to go to war in the Middle East. Think about the time line, September 20, 2001, immediately after the 9-11attack, they want to go to war with seven countries over five years.
Guess which countries Mitt Romney said he has problems with and listen again to Wesley Clarke.
Romney makes it seem like the president didn't care about the security and then challenged the president's use of the word terrorist in speaking about the embassy attack in Libya and said he was interested in that because he said the administration said" that the attack was over a video. (I happen to know that that  was the media. Jon Stewart on the Daily Show said that and retracted it later when it was known that the attack was NOT having to do with a protest group, as was stated on news shows. That means that Romney was using an attack on the administration which was baseless and Candy Crowley stopped him and said the words "attack of terror" were in the transcript of what the president had stated in the news conference in the rose garden the next day.
During the next question about gun control, Obama stated that he doesn't want the kind of weapons that are of a military war arena type on the street and that he wants to see not only more enforcement of background checks but community interaction at the church and school level to warn of any potential violent threats.
Romney said he didn't want to see any changes in the gun laws. He also mentioned that he agreed with the president of the importance of school involvement. He says his schools were number one in the nation. ???  (I tried to find evidence of that on his Governorship page on Wikipedia and could find none.) ( Is that another lie?)
Romney thinks automatic weapons are illegal in the United States, he must mean fully automatic weapons. Has this man ever fired a gun?
Two parent families are preferable according to Romney.
Fast and Furious was mentioned. He says it led to violence against Americans.
Candy mentions that automatic weapon ban that was instituted is no longer in effect.
Candy is trying to get him to answer the question, blames the adminstration.
First of all governor romney was for a weapons ban before he was against it because he needed the vote of the NRA. Young people who are involved in violent acts we can't control completely. It is important to understand the reforms we put in plac with fortysix governors around the country are having an effect. Nasau community college training them for jobs of the future. Access to higher education.
Candy tries to stop Obama and he goes on to say that when asked about hiring more teachers to help grow the economy, governor romney said that doesn't grow our economy.
A female voter says asks Romney,
"The outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries has taken a toll on the economy, what plans to you have to keep jobs here in the United States?"
Romney: "You are absolutely right and the largest place we have seen manufacturing go has been to China. And China, instead of the United States ... lots of people have lost jobs, a half of a million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the past four years. This is because people think it is better to go elsewhere. We have made it less attractive for enterprises to stay here." (...says the king of Bain capital, one of the biggest outsourcers who fires people for profit, and sends their jobs to China.)
"What I am going to do is make it more attractive to come to America (where they can't hire slave labor and people who work for five dollars a week). That is how we are going to keep jobs in America." He invented the term Trickle Down Government. He said that is saying I am going to take money from people (?) hire more government regulators, Trickle down government has never worked here and has never worked anywhere." (mainly because there is no such thing) "I want to create place in the world for Entreprenuers, small business, big business, invest and grow in America. Now, we are going to have to  restrict free trade with other nations. Most of them play by the rules, but China hasn't. ONe of the ways that they don't play by the rules is initially holding down the trade of their currency because if they put their currency is down low, that means their prices of their products are low, they offer lower prices, manufacturers here in the United States can't compete. China has been a currency manipulator for years, and years, and years. The president has a regular opportunity to label them as a currency manipulator but refuses to do so. As president I will label them as a currency manipulator, which will allow me to put in place necessary tarifs that will allow me to help manage our manufacturers So we're going to make sure people from around the world play by the rules. Don't let me just stop there. The key to making sure there are more jobs here is not just finding someone we are going to punish, but I am going to be strict on those whom we trade with, making sure they all follow the law and play by the rules, but it's also to make America but it's also to make America the most attractive place in the world for businesses of all kinds. That is why I want to bring in Tax Breaks for big employers, small employers."  (this contradicts his earlier statement that he isn't trying to give tax breaks to the people who are already doing well at the top) " Obama at this point is smiling, watching Romney self destruct with the Corporate speak like John McCain, talking about 35 percent tax rates and regulations quadrupling . I can't keep typing it word for word, the lying is making me hate this. He blames Obamacare for the reservation of businesses from hiring people. (this was his state's program) He just said the reason incomes are down is because unemployment is so high. (WTF?) And his plan is to, blah, blah, blah, what plan. He says he is going to move mountains but doesn't say HOW.
Obama says he wants to close tax breaks and loopholes that allow companies to move offshore while Romney wants to expand them. "We both agree that the corporate tax needs to come down. But we have a different idea on how to do that. One of his big ideas is that if you make profits overseas, you don't need to pay corporate taxes."
Candy asks how to bring the jobs back here when wages for manufacturing labor in other countries is so low.
Romney says we can compete with anyone in the world on an even playing field, which doesn't answer the question. He says China has been cheating for years by holding down their currency, which has been refuted, and stealing our technology. ONE MORE TIME "We have to make America the most attractive place for entrepreneurs"... I guess he doesn't have an anwer.
Obama asks how much time is left. Candy says we have to move on as they are out of time. Obama hits a slam dunk on explaining that we have some jobs that will never return. that is why we have to create new high skilled jobs using deficit for reeducation, instead of tax breaks for people who don't need them and slashing education and technology.
Romney, "Government does not create jobs, Government does not create jobs, Government does not create jobs..."  from a guy who wants a government job.
The Last Question (thank God)
"I think this is a tough question. What is the biggest misconception that the American people have about you as a candidate, using specific using this opportunity, can you debunk that misconception and set us straight?"
Romney: Thank you, and that's an opportunity for me and I appreciate it. It seems that the nature of some campaigns are about attacking the oponent instead of describing their own course of action and what they plan to do. (self image?) I think the president's campaign has tried to characterize me as someone who is very different from who I am. I care about a hundred percent of the people. I want a hundred percent of the American people to have a bright and prosperous future. (This came from a video of him, not the campaign.) I care about our kids, and about what it takes to make a bright and prosperous future for America. I spent my life in the private sector, not in government.  I am a guy who wants to help with the experience I have, the American people. My passion is a belief in God and I believe we are all children of the same God. (What country does this man live in?) I believe we have a duty to help each other. I served as a missionary in my church, as a pastor in my congregation for about ten years. I have sat across the table from people who were out of work and tried to work with them to try to get them to work. I went to the Olympics to try to get them on track. And as governor of my state, I was able to get a hundred percent of my people insured. " he went on to call himself a state hero but attacks the same things on a federal level, I don't understand.
Obama closed and brought up all the untruths about Romney's closing statement, and said he wanted to invest in jobs, education, and growth.Good speech. Everyone should watch the whole thing.

Romney Frightening Remarks During the Second Debate

I would like everyone to please go to these videos and watch them and think about what the Republicans keep wanting to do. The first one is Mitt Romney and the President talking about Libya and the attack on the consulate and listen to the countries mentioned in Mitt Romney's remarks.

The next one is this video of General Wesley Clark talking about seven countries in the Middle East and what the Republican plans are for them, this video is old and was posted on YouTube back in 2011. He was speaking about ten days after the nine eleven attack in 2001.

Who is trying to take over the Middle East and control their entire wealth and governments over ideologies? Not a big quiz on that one.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Facebook Quiz: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

These are the results of a quiz I took on Facebook (You can tell I didn't go for the cute, humorous answers):
    Quiz: What Kind of Liberal Are You?

My Liberal Identity

You are a    Working Class Warrior, also known as a blue-collar Democrat or Occupier. You believe that the little guy is getting screwed by conservative greed-mongers and corporate criminals, and you're not going to take it anymore.
Take the quiz at Political Humor

Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Conspiracy Extremist's Myths Short List

Typical Conservative Ass Backwards Thinking. Spend 3 Trillion on sending people to wars on false pretenses and then don't spend one billion on helping them get work when they get back, IF THEY LIVE THAT LONG. Sickening.
On top of that, here is the short list. (It is too long to post in an hour.)

1) Flip: The Right Wing Political Pundits Like Michelle Bachmann and are trying to tell us the founding fathers, who owned slaves and were deists, were for the abolition of slavery and devout Christians.
Flop: Right Wing politicians think slavery was doing Africans a favor:
The majority of the founding fathers were in fact, Deists or had a pantheistic idea of a creator, not affiliated with any religious deity.
(Anyone with a dictionary and a set of encyclopedias should already know this.)

2) Flip: Conservative Christians say that their "religious views" (despite the fact that most people know the medical insurance company lobbies are behind this) prohibit them from condoning or allowing a fetus to be aborted, even if it is a few seconds old, despite the circumstances, because they believe that life is precious, and killing any human "life" is wrong.
Flop: Most of those people have their own children instead of adopting the ones who are abandoned or orphaned, emphatically champion the death penalty, refuse to help people who are jobless, including veterans, and have stopped hiring to help defeat the present administration. They send other people's children to die in wars and get deferments for their own children because they believe war is important and that it is good for business, even though it only helps those who sell war supplies and oil. They also seem to think when you are a fetus you are precious but after that, you are on your own.

3) Flip: Most conservatives praise and vote for trickle down and supply side spending but they opposed Communism, Socialism, and anything predicted by Karl Marx.
Flop: Karl Marx, "The Father of Socialist or Communist Philosphies", was the inventor of and philosopher behind "Supply Side Spending".

4) Flip: When our current President of the United States, Barack Obama, went and used diplomacy instead of threats to negotiate with the Taliban, he is considered dangerous, a Taliban sympathizer, and an ally of the "Terrorists in Power In Foreign Countries".
Flop: When Ronald Reagan, the supposed "King of Conservatives" invited these supposed "Terrorists" to the White House and said, " These Gentlemen are the moral equivalents of America's Founding Fathers," that was celebrated as a monumental time of rational foreign conservatives.
"The Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan Posted by trodas 01 Aug 2007 'In 1982, Ronald Reagan dedicated the Space Shuttle Columbia to the resistance fighters [Taliban] in Afghanistan.'
The Taliban still have Reagan's Stingers --Estimate: Taliban have 50 Stingers 26 Sep 2001 One of the most dangerous weapons Western pilots could face in Afghanistan is an anti-aircraft missile provided by the United States during the Reagan presidency. Some 1,000 Stingers were supplied to the mujahideen from 1986 onwards after Ronald Reagan overcame CIA objections that they were too dangerous to be given to the rebels. MI6 used SAS troops to train the Afghans in the use of the missiles. It is not known how many Stingers were used in Afghanistan. Some of the 1,000 have turned up as far afield as Iran and Sri Lanka."

5) Most Republicans say that they are opposed to Obamacare, the American Affordable Health Care Act, which was mostly written by Mitt Romney, with revisions by John McCain.
Flip: When Obama writes it, it is terrible and wrecking the economy, even though it will save trillions of dollars, according to actual economists.
Flop: When Romney wrote it, it was a wonderful idea.

Friday, October 12, 2012

The Nicety of Republicans

Recently everyone on the right has been accusing people on the left of "attacking" them because the left confront them on their lies. There is even a Facebook page now is named, "If you stop telling lies about liberals, we will stop telling the truth about you." Today I open up my Facebook wall and here is a graphic of Mitt Romney walking up to a podium, taken at a rally, and the quote underneath reads:"..."If you've got friends and neighbors who tell you that they're going to vote for Obama, tell them the election has been postponed until December. Don't let these people out of their house that day. Let the air out of their tires if you have to." Mike Huckabee
Introducing Mitt Romney, ASHEVILLE, N.C. 10/11/2012
I want to know when starting campaigns of violent or dangerous actual attacks towards Democrats became funny. I want to know why someone from the police department isn't asking this asshole why he is trying to incite a riot. This is what is known as verbal terrorism and it must be stopped. Copy and past the above quote and then go to the FBI Criminal Activity Reporting page at and report this dangerous asshole before ignorant Republicans get shot trying to let the air out of people's tires. This could be seen as inciting a riot, in my opinion.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ryan Took A Hit Tonight

I just want to make a note of this immediately after watching the debate on YouTube Politics and trying to ignore the trolls the entire time. I think these debates need more time and should have a microphone cut off switch like a college debate. If you take too long, if you are instructed to answer the question and you drift off the topic constantly, then you should be silenced. Filling an agenda of baffling them with B.S. is not the point. Ryan was seriously out of his element tonight and Joe Biden wasn't in the mood to be bullied. He took it back to him and left Ryan with his condescending smirk that he tries to act like he is superior with, during the times that he is actually embarrassed and has nothing to say.
Every tiny bullshit remark was followed with comments about the truth, filled with facts, information, and even a word I hadn't heard since childhood. Malarkey. I am sure the comedy shows like SNL, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report are going to be using that word a LOT.
Also, it was fun for me to watch Joe Biden look right at Paul Ryan and make him look away. Whatever performance demon attacked the president during his debate obviously missed Joe Biden tonight. I read a post on Facebook that said the president thanked the vice president as he got off of Air Force one. Even the moderator took a turn at trying to ask her own questions and turn it into an offensive move toward Biden, who immediately fended off the attack. As she kept tying to babble the same comment, each time she started, he countered with, "The joint chiefs of staff..." which eventually got through. You could see a certain pride in his comment that he talks directly to the joint chiefs of staff, not some media pundit who is asking in the form of a statement about something that is merely an assumption, and he successfully shut all that down and continued. Ryan ran over time at least twice that I noticed and then Biden asked to respond and like a good Democrat, followed the rules instead of trying to cheat. Some call that a failing. I saw it as a strength tonight. Ryan got caught flat footed on lies that he obviously forgot was just stump speech rhetoric with no basis in fact and was made to look like the embarrassed, out of ideas, stalling for time, panderer that he is. He ended with the one touch of class that he displayed. He thanked the vice president for giving him the opportunity to debate.
The YouTube Politics window that displayed the video stream had an extra section for comments that scrolled by, moving like a chat room on Chrystal Meth tonight. The Republican commenters sounded like John McCain during the 2008 rallies, "How about that Sarah Palin, huh?"  They were trying to cheer Ryan on with no facts, but saying he was "kicking ass" or "beating Biden" but everyone could see they lacked any real enthusiasm and people snapped back at the weak attempts until the trolls finally gave up the useless cheer leading and shut the f**k up. As I said earlier, I attempted to ignore the chat function in order to give my own perspective without bias, but, it was hard not to see the hopes of the Republicans who thought they might have a "reboot" coming again, wash away. Afterwards I read one post that said Forbes magazine's site already gave the debate to Biden hands down.
One thing for sure, the supposed "Liberal Media" that is "in the tank" for Obama isn't anywhere to be found. They went on and on about how Romney won the first presidential debate, even though it was mostly lying. And now they don't want to commit to saying what they actually think about this debate. They are saying that "some people seemed to feel" that Biden won, but they don't know for sure. Even though the general public does know for sure, we watched it with our own eyes, heard it with our own ears, but they seem to think something that I am opposed to. When I know what I saw, then, I/we really don't need color commentators.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Another Letter to Governor Romney

Governor Romney,
I am posting a graphic that I found on Facebook as I opened it with an additional augmentation that explains what I  feel. First, I saw your debate session with the president. Very emotionally, emphatically, aggressively, and/or with such conviction LYING to the American public isn't a win to me. Most people I talk to feel the same thing.
Your whole campaign is based on lies that you have been taught outweighs the need for truth since it means you might win despite the cost. The cost is your integrity, which I am not sure that you ever had any of. The guy who posted the graphic below is an example of your true base. Not the people who pay fifty thousand a plate to hear you at a fund raiser, these, the brain dead, mouth breathing, knuckle dragging  MORONS that America is raising a new generation of. This kind of stupid never gets fixed and won't as long as there is no education against it. The thinly veiled racism and open ignorance of people who can't even spell the insults they are trying to discourage us with are really disgusting. I will defer to one of my favorite quotes as the true education of the source of the problem.

"...There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding it's way through our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that "my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge." - Isaac Asimov

That describes your whole campaign. That describes your whole argument at the debates. You thinking that the American people will buy Ronald Reagan's myth about top down economics working shows how simple minded you are. Calling yourself a leader when you can't control your own people is hollow posturing and doesn't mean anything. You complain about "being attacked" when someone tells an embarrassing truth about you while your true base post pictures of the first lady as an ape and calls the president every name they can muster, like a five year old trying to insult someone, not having the brains to point out any facts.
People like you want to get rid of PBS but you want to ignore Fox News being a propaganda network to hide anything that you don't want the public to know by confusing the real conversation with nonsense that says the opposite of the truth and somehow those liars are always on your side. Do you think anyone with a brain and who uses critical thinking believes that is a coincidence? Do you think that makes you a winner? If you do then you are a big part of the true problem and are what's wrong in America now.