Thursday, October 25, 2012

Being Conservative Means You Lack Critical Thinking

In most of my posts I talk about critical thinking alot. I believe this is important because if one does not learn to think critically, then they are subject to the only other option which is following blindly someone else's beliefs or blindly having faith in something that you decide without any factual basis. The later is close to the idea which defines the word delusion. de·lu·sion [dih-loo-zhuhn]


1. an act or instance of deluding.

2. the state of being deluded.

3. a false belief or opinion: delusions of grandeur.

4. Psychiatry . a fixed false belief that is resistant to reason or confrontation with actual fact: a paranoid delusion.

When we look at the fourth and final definition, it seems that it tells us what it is, but not how it can be avoided. The person who is suffering from paranoid delusions may have other psychological problems which preclude any hope of being able to develop critical thinking and avoid delusional thinking. The rest of us are capable of developing critical thinking if we avoid the blocks to critical thinking. I am convinced that most Conservatives/Republicans are victims of ethnocentric and egocentric thinking mixed with reliance on authority and resistance to change. Sometimes they use black and white thinking.

Blocks to critical thinking impede us from arriving at a reasonable basis for belief. They are obstacles that we must not only be aware of but work zealously to avoid following blindly. Otherwise they will thwart our efforts to become more effective thinkers. There are far too many such blocks to give a complete list. Instead we’ll focus on the primary ones, which include cultural conditioning, reliance on authority, hasty moral judgment, black and white thinking, labels, resistance to change, and frame of reference. Although these categories overlap, they are sufficiently different from one another to warrant separate coverage.

Please go to the Mount Palomar College reading group Barrier Project essay on the blocks to critical thinking and see if you don't agree with me:

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