Friday, October 26, 2012

Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson On Racist Republicans

This video speaks for itself. I have been saying the same thing for years. I was raised in an all white neighborhood and born in 1952, so I can tell you I had some racist family members and was not real keen on anyone who wasn't white when I was younger. Women of other races reached out to me and turned my head and eventually made me understand two things. As a white person, my experience didn't hold a candle to what they (the majority of African Americans) went through in a day. as far as being discriminated against. Also, I had a sociology teacher who opened my eyes to a certain aspect of things. She taught us that there was no real racial difference since even though we have different color skins, we are all only 2 percent difference in DNA. She treated us white people (like herself) as another minority. We were called European Americans.
I was glad to see that this colonel spoke out against the racism in the Republican Party. I am not saying that there are no racist Democrats, but the rest of our party admits it. To hear most of the Republicans right now you would be asked to believe that they are all perfect angelic creatures who do no wrong.
Please watch this video of Colonel Wilkerson from YouTube taken from the interview with him on "the Ed Show".

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