Saturday, October 27, 2012

Republicans Have The Best Blacks

I know, I am talking about Ann Coulter again and I said that she was a lunatic and who cares what she says? But the fact of the matter is that she is so maniacal  and insanely either misinformed or delusional that she told the press in an interview that the Republican Party has/conservatives have the best blacks. In other words she believes that Michael Steele, Allen West, and a few others are the shining stars of American society.
Let's look at the Democrats who are black that form a list of "just the ones in the entertainment industry." One of the best action star actors in American movies is Samuel L. Jackson.

One of the best dramatic actors is Denzel Washington.

One of the best black male comedians on television and in movies is Chris Rock.

We would also have to include Eddie Murphy in the same category:

One of the best female comedians is Whoopi Goldberg.

And there is a whole list of singers/song writers but I will bring up a national favorite across generations, Stevie Wonder:

When staunch Republicans for years past have jumped ship on their own party to vote for Obama, the only people that Coulter has to point to are -
this guy : 

and this guy:
It makes me wonder, "Is Ann Coulter having trouble understanding what the word "BEST" means?" Maybe we should send her a dictionary.

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