Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ryan Took A Hit Tonight

I just want to make a note of this immediately after watching the debate on YouTube Politics and trying to ignore the trolls the entire time. I think these debates need more time and should have a microphone cut off switch like a college debate. If you take too long, if you are instructed to answer the question and you drift off the topic constantly, then you should be silenced. Filling an agenda of baffling them with B.S. is not the point. Ryan was seriously out of his element tonight and Joe Biden wasn't in the mood to be bullied. He took it back to him and left Ryan with his condescending smirk that he tries to act like he is superior with, during the times that he is actually embarrassed and has nothing to say.
Every tiny bullshit remark was followed with comments about the truth, filled with facts, information, and even a word I hadn't heard since childhood. Malarkey. I am sure the comedy shows like SNL, The Daily Show, and The Colbert Report are going to be using that word a LOT.
Also, it was fun for me to watch Joe Biden look right at Paul Ryan and make him look away. Whatever performance demon attacked the president during his debate obviously missed Joe Biden tonight. I read a post on Facebook that said the president thanked the vice president as he got off of Air Force one. Even the moderator took a turn at trying to ask her own questions and turn it into an offensive move toward Biden, who immediately fended off the attack. As she kept tying to babble the same comment, each time she started, he countered with, "The joint chiefs of staff..." which eventually got through. You could see a certain pride in his comment that he talks directly to the joint chiefs of staff, not some media pundit who is asking in the form of a statement about something that is merely an assumption, and he successfully shut all that down and continued. Ryan ran over time at least twice that I noticed and then Biden asked to respond and like a good Democrat, followed the rules instead of trying to cheat. Some call that a failing. I saw it as a strength tonight. Ryan got caught flat footed on lies that he obviously forgot was just stump speech rhetoric with no basis in fact and was made to look like the embarrassed, out of ideas, stalling for time, panderer that he is. He ended with the one touch of class that he displayed. He thanked the vice president for giving him the opportunity to debate.
The YouTube Politics window that displayed the video stream had an extra section for comments that scrolled by, moving like a chat room on Chrystal Meth tonight. The Republican commenters sounded like John McCain during the 2008 rallies, "How about that Sarah Palin, huh?"  They were trying to cheer Ryan on with no facts, but saying he was "kicking ass" or "beating Biden" but everyone could see they lacked any real enthusiasm and people snapped back at the weak attempts until the trolls finally gave up the useless cheer leading and shut the f**k up. As I said earlier, I attempted to ignore the chat function in order to give my own perspective without bias, but, it was hard not to see the hopes of the Republicans who thought they might have a "reboot" coming again, wash away. Afterwards I read one post that said Forbes magazine's site already gave the debate to Biden hands down.
One thing for sure, the supposed "Liberal Media" that is "in the tank" for Obama isn't anywhere to be found. They went on and on about how Romney won the first presidential debate, even though it was mostly lying. And now they don't want to commit to saying what they actually think about this debate. They are saying that "some people seemed to feel" that Biden won, but they don't know for sure. Even though the general public does know for sure, we watched it with our own eyes, heard it with our own ears, but they seem to think something that I am opposed to. When I know what I saw, then, I/we really don't need color commentators.

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