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The Conservative Bubble Is Created, Not Imagined

The Conservative Bubble Is Created, Not Imagined
And we can thank Rupert Murdoch, among others, for that. Why would anyone who wants to win an election, do such blatantly dishonest things to close on the election? No one with a brain can believe that people who want to cheat, bully, and intimidate voters could possibly feel secure about themselves enough to be commander and chief. Romney will win a couple rural states and lose the nation and I can bet you he is going to cry and have a mental break down. Several of his previous Conservative candidates have done the same

but I think he is going to completely go to pieces, and his wife Anne seems to concur. He is not mentally stable enough to be president. The press calls it everything except exactly what it is, trying to be less of an "attack" media, but the truth is he is a pathological liar. We already had eight years of lying plutocrats in the White House and I don't think the nation is ready for more of the same. Trying to coerce a few people so he doesn't lose so dramatically at the end is not the same as winning like it should be. Fox News has always tried to convince people that whatever they say (which is always the opposite of the truth, but it sells advertising and a handful of puppets wish to believe it) is just "spin" or "opinion" but it is dishonesty and that is, in simple terms, LYING. He (Mitt Romney) constantly has that look like he is telling himself, "Oh, uh, I don't think that they bought that last lie that I  told."
He seems to find it so annoying that people bring up his actual record of being a greedy predatory capitalist, and the fact that everything that is negative about the free market was practiced at Bain Capital, including income tax "avoidance". If you want to keep lying to yourself about the way the world is and keep having people tell you what you want to hear instead of how it really is, then watch Fox News. If you want to live in an ideological bubble and keep lying to yourself that the world hasn't changed since Barry Goldwater was a Republican, then, keep watching Fox News. The idea is that if you don't like what is really happening, then invent your own reality. If you don't like the polls, write your own where your candidate is really winning. If you don't like the bad things your candidate has done and you see, like the rest of the world, that he lies about his past and that his past is dismal, then, watch Fox News. They will continue inventing new ideological bubbles for you to hide your head in, so as not to have to look at the real world. Personally, I wouldn't want someone who is known to be a lying propaganda rag representing me but Romney is desperate enough to cling desperately to whatever he can get that sounds positive and doesn't realize that blatant desperation completely turns off any chance he had with most undecided voters.
One only has to look at their name on the stock market to realize that News Corporation, Murdoch's entire imitation news empire is listed as "NASDAQ: NWS" which is the abbreviation for the "National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations News", in other words, it is the news the American Stock Market wants you to hear. The greedy Wall Street bankers who constantly lie to people to manipulate stock prices are in league with Murdoch to get you to invest. That is their profit motive for influencing elections and every aspect of American life. News Corp. is listed as an American business although the owner is Australian and wouldn't be caught dead living here. Rupert Murdoch, the tabloid news king, laughs at the stupid Americans and other voluntarily misinformed "conservatism addicts" that he manipulates every day as he constantly creates another legion of news fiascoes throughout his network of propaganda media outlets. Here is the complete list, quoted from the article on Wikipedia at :
Australia published by News Limited.
The Australian (Nationwide)
Community Media Group (16 QLD & NSW suburban/regional titles)
Cumberland-Courier Newspapers (23 suburban/commuter titles)
The Courier-Mail (Queensland)
The Sunday Mail (Queensland)
The Cairns Post (Cairns, Queensland)
The Gold Coast Bulletin (Gold Coast, Queensland)
The Townsville Bulletin (Townsville, Queensland)
The Daily Telegraph (New South Wales)
The Sunday Telegraph (New South Wales)
Herald Sun (Victoria)
Sunday Herald Sun (Victoria)
The Weekly Times (Victoria)
Leader Newspapers (33 suburban Melbourne, VIC titles)
MX (Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane CBD)
The Geelong Advertiser (Geelong, Victoria)
The Advertiser (South Australia)
The Sunday Mail (South Australia)
Messenger Newspapers (11 suburban Adelaide, SA titles)
The Sunday Times (Western Australia)
The Mercury (Tasmania)
Quest Newspapers (19 suburban Brisbane, QLD titles)
The Sunday Tasmanian (Tasmania)
Northern Territory News (Northern Territory)
The Sunday Territorian (Northern Territory)
The Tablelands Advertiser (Atherton Tablelands and the Far North, Queensland)
Fiji Times (National) (10%)
Nai Lalakai (10%)
Shanti Dut (10%)
Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea Post-Courier (National) (62.5%)
UK and Ireland newspapers, published by subsidiaries of News International Ltd.
News Group Newspapers Ltd.
The Sun (published in Scotland as The Scottish Sun and in Ireland as The Irish Sun)
The Sun on Sunday
Times Newspapers Ltd.
The Sunday Times
The Times
The Times Literary Supplement
US newspapers and magazines
The New York Post
Community Newspaper Group
The Brooklyn Paper
Bronx Times-Reporter
Brooklyn Courier-Life
TimesLedger Newspapers
Dow Jones & Company
Consumer Media Group
The Wall Street Journal
Wall Street Journal Europe
Wall Street Journal Asia
Barron's – weekly financial markets magazine.
Marketwatch – Financial news and information website.
Far Eastern Economic Review
Enterprise Media Group
Dow Jones Newswires – global, real-time news and information provider.
Factiva – provides business news and information together with content delivery tools and services.
Dow Jones Indexes – stock market indexes and indicators, including the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Dow Jones Financial Information Services – produces databases, electronic media, newsletters, conferences, directories, and other information services on specialised markets and industry sectors.
Betten Financial News – leading Dutch language financial and economic news service.
Local Media Group
Ottaway Community Newspapers – 8 daily and 15 weekly regional newspapers.
STOXX (33%)- joint venture with Deutsche Boerse and SWG Group for the development and distribution of Dow Jones STOXX indices.
Vedomosti (33%) – Russia's leading financial newspaper (joint venture with Financial Times and Independent Media).
The Timesledger Newspapers of Queens, New York:
Bayside Times, Whitestone Times, Flushing Times, Little Neck Ledger, Jamaica Times, Astoria Times, Forest Hills Ledger
The Courier-Life Newspapers in Brooklyn
The Brooklyn Paper
Caribbean Life
Flatbush Jewish Journal
Times-Herald Record (Middletown, New York)
The Leader - Corning, NY[48]
SmartSource Magazine (weekly Sunday newspaper coupon insert)
Alpha Magazine
Australian Country Style
Australian Golf Digest
Australian Good Taste
Big League
Donna Hay
Fast Fours
GQ (Australia)
Gardening Australia
InsideOut (Aust)
Lifestyle Pools
Live to Ride
Overlander 4WD
Modern Boating
Modern Fishing
Pure Health
Super Food Ideas
Truck Australia
Truckin' Life
twowheels scooter
Vogue (Australia)
Vogue Entertaining & Travel
Vogue Living
Inside Out (UK Based Magazine)
[edit]Music and radio
Fox Film Music Group
Nashe (50%)
Best FM (50%)
Fox News Radio
50% of the National Rugby League (Australia and New Zealand)
Majority ownership of the Brisbane Broncos (68.9%) and full ownership of the Melbourne Storm rugby league team.
Colorado Rockies (15%)
Fox Filmed Entertainment: 20th Century Fox's parent company
20th Century Fox: a film production/distribution company
Fox Searchlight Pictures – specialized films.
Fox 2000 Pictures – general audience feature films.
20th Century Fox Television – primetime television programming.
20th Television – television distribution (syndication).
Fox 21 – low scripted/budgeted television production company.
Fox Television Studios (productions)- market specific programming e.g. COPS and network television company.
Fox Television Studios International
Fox World Productions
Fox World Australia
Fox TV Studios France
Fox TV Studios India
Natural History New Zealand – natural world documentaries, non-fiction programming.
Fox Faith – Promotion and distribution of Christian and related "family friendly" movies on DVD and some theatrical release.
Fox Studios Australia, Sydney, New South Wales
Blue Sky Studios – production of CGI films e.g. Ice Age.
Fox Entertainment Group
New Regency Productions (20%) – general audience feature films.
Regency Enterprises (20%) – parent company of New Regency Productions (50%).
FOX Star Studios New Delhi, India
News Corp agreed to sell eight of its television stations to Oak Hill Capital Partners for approximately $1.1 billion as of 22 December 2007. The stations are US Fox affiliates.[49] These stations, along with those already acquired by Oak Hill that were formerly owned by The New York Times Company, formed the nucleus of Oak Hill's Local TV LLC division.

Fox Broadcasting Company (Fox), a US broadcast television network
MyNetworkTV, a US broadcast television network
Fox Television Stations, a group of owned and operated Fox television stations
Saeta TV Channel 10, channel of Uruguay
ITV plc (7.5%), a British broadcast television network and the UK's largest advertising revenue based broadcaster
News Corp Europe
bTV, a broadcast television network in Bulgaria. They sold this to CME in February 2010.
B1 TV (12,5%), a broadcast television network in Romania, in partnership with Ismar International NVkkkk
Fox Televizija, a broadcast television network in Serbia (49%). They sold this to Antenna Group in January 2010
Fox Turkey, a Turkish terrestrial channel (56,5%) (formerly TGRT)
Imedi Media Holding (100%), a Georgian radio and TV broadcaster.
Imedi Television
Radio Imedi
Israel 10 (9%), a terrestrial channel in Israel.
LNT (100%), a terrestrial channel in Latvia
TV5 Riga (100%), a terrestrial channel in Latvia
Cielo (100%), a free channel in Italy
ANTV (20%), a private television station in Indonesia, under the administration and label of STAR TV
Prime Television New Zealand – commercial TV station, interest held through stake in SKY Network Television
[edit]Satellite television
British Sky Broadcasting, United Kingdom & Ireland (39.1% holding). In practice, a controlling interest.
Sky Network Television, New Zealand (44%)
Sky Italia (100%), Italy's largest pay TV service (previously owning part of Stream TV)
Sky Deutschland (49.90%), Germany's largest pay TV provider
Tata Sky (30%), an Indian DirectToHome TeleVision Service Provider. (in partnership with Tata Group (70%))
Foxtel (25%), Australia, a joint venture with Telstra (50%) and Consolidated Media Holdings (25%)
FOX Italy, Italian Broadcast and Production Company (with 2 HDTV)
Star TV Channels (Satellite TeleVision Asian Region), an Asian satellite TV service having 300 million viewers in 53 countries, mainly in India, China & other Asian countries
Phoenix Television (17.6%), satellite TV network with landing rights in Hong Kong, and select provinces on Mainland China.
Cable TV channels owned (in whole or part) and operated by News Corporation include:

Fox Business Network, a business news channel.
Fox Classics, a channel airing classic TV shows & movies
Fox Movie Channel, an all-movie channel that airs commercial-free movies from 20th Century Fox's film library
Fox News Channel, a 24-hour news & opinion channel
Fox Sports Net, a chain of US regional cable news television networks broadcasting local sporting events linked together by national sports news programming. Local channels include "Fox Sports Southwest", "Fox Sports Detroit", etc. (some affiliates are owned by Cablevision).
SportSouth, a regional sports network in the United States, with its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, and affiliate of Fox Sports Net.
Sun Sports a regional sports network in the United States, with its headquarters in Miami, Florida, and affiliate of Fox Sports Net.
Fox College Sports, a college sports network consisting of three regionally aligned channels, mostly with archived Fox Sports Net programs but also some live and original content.
Fox Sports International
Fox Soccer Channel, a United States digital cable and satellite network specializing mainly in soccer.
Fox Soccer Plus, a sister network to FSC, but including coverage of other sports, most notably rugby. Launched in 2010 after News Corporation picked up many of the broadcast rights abandoned by Setanta Sports when it stopped broadcasting in the U.S.
Fox Sports Middle East – English language sports network airing in Middle East countries including Bahrain, Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE & Yemen.
Fox Pan American Sports (37.9%) – joint venture with Hicks, Muse, and Tate & Furst.
Fox Sports en Español (50%), a Spanish-language North American cable sports network; its sports lineup is tailored to appeal to a Latin American audience.
Fox Sports en Latinoamérica, a Latin American satellite and cable sports network.
FX Networks, a cable network broadcasting reruns of programming previously shown on other channels, but recently creating its own programming, including the Emmy Award-winning programs The Shield and Damages.
Speed Channel
Big Ten Network, cable and satellite channel dedicated to The Big Ten Conference, launched Aug 2007 (49%)
National Geographic Channel (joint venture with National Geographic Society) 67%
National Geographic Channel International 75%
Nat Geo Mundo (joint venture with National Geographic Society)
Nat Geo Wild (joint venture with National Geographic Society)
Fox International Channels, domestic cable channels offering different formats of Fox programming in over thirty countries worldwide.
Fox Life
Fox Life HD
Fox Crime
Fox Horror
Fox Movies
Fox Sports
Speed Channel
National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Channel HD
National Geographic Wild
National Geographic Adventure
National Geographic Music
National Geographic Junior
Real Estate TV
Fox Toma 1 – Spanish-language television production.
Fox Telecolombia – Spanish-language television production. (51%)
Utarget.Fox – European and Latin American online ad company, plus now handles TV ad sales.
Central & South America
Fox Latin American Channels – channels available in over 17 countries in Latin America
National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Channel HD
National Geographic Wild
Nat Geo Music
Universal Channel
Universal HD
Fox Channel
Fox HD
Fox Life
Fox Sports
Speed Channel
Baby TV
Fox One-Stop Media – advertising sales for company owned and third party channels in Latin America
LAPTV (60%) (Latin American Pay Television) operates 8 cable movie channels throughout South America excluding Brazil.
Telecine(12.5%) operates 5 cable movie channels in Brazil.
Premier Media Group (50%)
Fox Sports 1
Fox Sports 2
Fox Sports 3
Fuel TV Australia
Premium Movie Partnership (20%) – movie channels, a joint venture between 20th Century Fox, Sony, NBC Universal, Viacom and Liberty Media

Hathway Cable & Datacom (22.2%), India's 2nd largest cable network through 7 cities including Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Mumbai & Pune
Total TV (20%), Pay TV platform with JV partner KOO's Group majority owner (80%). News Corp also has a 20% interest in the KOO's Group directly
News Corp. Digital Media – website with sports news, scores, statistics, video and fantasy sports
Hulu (27%) – online video streaming site in partnership with NBC Universal and The Walt Disney Company.
Flektor – provides Web-based tools for photo and video editing and mashups.
IGN Entertainment – Internet entertainment portal (Includes the sites IGN, GameSpy, TeamXbox,, and
Slingshot Labs – web development incubator (Includes the sites DailyFill).
Strategic Data Corp – interactive advertising company which develops technology to deliver targeted internet advertising.[50] – sports simulation and prediction website. Also provides fantasy-style sports games to play.[51] – 'India's no. 1 Entertainment Portal'
ROO Group Inc (5% increasing to 10% with performance targets)
News Digital Media[52] – Australian-oriented news website
News Lab[53] (50%) – recruitment advertisement website in partnership with Monster Worldwide.[54][55][56][57] – a ticket retailer
Learning Seat[58]
Wego[59] News owns minority stake in
Netus (75%) – investment co. in online properties.
REA Group (60.7%)[60] (69.4%), Sky Italia also holds a 30.6% share
atHome group, operator of leading realestate websites in Luxembourg, France, Belgium and Germany.
Altowin (51%),provider of office management tools for realestate agents in Belgium.[61] (50%), News International holds the remaining 50%
Sherlock Publications, owner of portal and magazine titles 'Hot Property', 'Renting' and 'Overseas', most comprehensive UK estate agent directory.
PropertyLook, property websites in Australia and New Zealand.[62] home renovation and improvement website.
Square Foot Limited, Hong Kong's largest English Language property magazine and website
Primedia – Holding co. of Inside DB, a Hong Kong lifestyle magazine.
TadpoleNet Media[63] (10%) Hosts of[64]
New Zealand
Fatso – leading online DVD subscription service (ownership through stake in Sky Network Television).
Fox Networks – one of the largest international ad networks.
Expedient InfoMedia[65] blog network.
[edit]Other assets
NDS Group – Conditional access technology and personal digital video recorders (PVRs) (49%)
Broadsystem Ltd (UK) – Telephony provider for media companies, bought in 1991
Broadsystem Australia (Australia)
Broadsystem Ventures (UK) – provider of cheap-rate telephone calls, particularly for customers of Sky Television. Bought outright in 1999.
Jamba! – Mobile Entertainment/Mobile Handsets Personalisation/Games.
News Outdoor Group – Largest outdoor advertising company in Eastern Europe with over 70,000 ads including billboards and bus shelters, operating in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Israel, Poland, Romania, Russia (96 cities), Turkey & Ukraine.
Maximedia Israel (67%)
Mosgorreklama (50%) – Russia sign and marketing material manufacturer
Kamera Acikhava Reklamclik (?) – leading outdoor advertising company in Turkey
Australian Associated Press (45%) – real time news service.
STATS, Inc. (50%) – worlds leading provider of sporting information and statistical analysis (a JV with Associated Press)
Fox Sports Grill (50%) – Upscale sports bar and restaurant with 7 locations – Scottsdale, Arizona; Irvine, California; Seattle, Washington (U.S. state)|Washington; Plano, Texas; Houston, Texas; San Diego, California; and Atlanta, Georgia (U.S. state)|Georgia.
Fox Sports Skybox (70%) – Sports fan's Bar & Grill at Staples Center and 6 airport restaurants.
News America Marketing (US) – (100%) – nation’s leading marketing services company, products include a portfolio of in-store, home-delivered and online media under the SmartSource brand.
Rotana (9%) – Largest Arab entertainment company owned by Saudi Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal
The Daily – iPad only newspaper delivered daily.
Making Fun – social game developer for making games for social networking sites, smartphones, tablets and other devices.[66]
That is just the news and entertainment sources, world wide. That doesn't include all financial holdings that the Murdochs control. I find it frightening, that one family organization that is accused constantly of manipulating information to influence the public, is allowed to own a monopoly the size of News Corp. They go on - innocently trying to act like they aren't doing anything wrong.
Another added information "for conservatives only" source is being talked about recently, and no matter how ridiculous it seems, it still exists. If you look up anything on Wikipedia now, and don't like what you see, you can turn to "Conservapedia" and find the opposite of the facts there, at . That is another fake reference source designed so that Conservatives can continue to lie to themselves and live in an alternative reality in their own minds only. Some of us find this very frustrating and want to try to educate them what their problem is. If they were honest with themselves, they would have to admit that they were wrong about many things and then fall into a state of depression and they refuse to do that. They don't seem to think this is a problem. When the world isn't the way you want it today, turn to someone who will lie to you and tell you what you wanted to hear, since that makes you feel better. After all, news isn't supposed to be about that pesky stuff called "information", is it??
I had a friend who used to explain to me when I got frustrated that I was banging my own head, not theirs, against a stone wall in expecting any of them to change. His famous quote was, "Never try to teach a pig to sing, it is frustrating and only annoys the pig." He then added, "But we all seem to give out free singing lessons once in a while." Remember, the definition of insanity is "Practicing the same action repeatedly, each time expecting a different result." Leave that one to conservative people, for if you try to change them, you are doing the same thing.

In the movie that was based on the book by the same name, "Brave New World" by Aldous Huxley, the first line is a short simple, easy to remember phrase, that I think the Murdoch family believes. It was real popular after World War II to point out what could happen in the world by stating this phrase. The line is, "He who controls information controls the world!" I find Huxley's old recordings quite disturbing because he seemed to share similar views with Adolph Hitler. He called it, "Domesticating the rest of the race" but it is still an attempt to accept the belief that "controlling the masses" was an important ideal. One can listen to how crazy that sounds in today's world (You really should, since it will give you the same eery experience I received.), at and decide for yourself, but I find his ideals frightening and completely a rationalization for ethnic cleansing and propaganda. "One must domesticate the rest of the race..." speaking about human beings means making society a bunch of slaves to an ideology. He is as crazy as Ian Rand.
But back to News Corps, I mean, TRY to find some news outlet that used to be a trusted source and someone you look to for opinion and if you look on this list and find it, you need to forget your sources and find new ones. The Murdoch family thinks of themselves as aristocrats and part of a societal "Ruling Class" that is supposed to tell people what to think. Murdoch is the first to call anyone who opposes anything that will allow him to avoid paying income tax a socialist and compare them to Hitler, although his own use of propaganda and intentional dishonesty along with his vision that he needs to, as Aldous Huxley said, "Domesticate the rest of the race because they need to be controlled..." should be frightening to the whole world. I compare him to the evil that wrote "Mein Kampf". Don't be confused by their fancy rhetoric because even Adolph Hitler found the Catholic Church admirable and attempted to emulate their pomp and ceremony in their traditional rites. He admired them for their ability to control the masses so if anyone should be entitled to wearing the short upper lip strip of German salute to bad taste, it should be Rupert Murdoch. So, Murdoch, Here's to You!
I guess the real question is, do you really want this guy selling you a president or anything else for that matter?

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