Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Conspiracy Extremist's Myths Short List

Typical Conservative Ass Backwards Thinking. Spend 3 Trillion on sending people to wars on false pretenses and then don't spend one billion on helping them get work when they get back, IF THEY LIVE THAT LONG. Sickening.
On top of that, here is the short list. (It is too long to post in an hour.)

1) Flip: The Right Wing Political Pundits Like Michelle Bachmann and are trying to tell us the founding fathers, who owned slaves and were deists, were for the abolition of slavery and devout Christians.
Flop: Right Wing politicians think slavery was doing Africans a favor:
The majority of the founding fathers were in fact, Deists or had a pantheistic idea of a creator, not affiliated with any religious deity.
(Anyone with a dictionary and a set of encyclopedias should already know this.)

2) Flip: Conservative Christians say that their "religious views" (despite the fact that most people know the medical insurance company lobbies are behind this) prohibit them from condoning or allowing a fetus to be aborted, even if it is a few seconds old, despite the circumstances, because they believe that life is precious, and killing any human "life" is wrong.
Flop: Most of those people have their own children instead of adopting the ones who are abandoned or orphaned, emphatically champion the death penalty, refuse to help people who are jobless, including veterans, and have stopped hiring to help defeat the present administration. They send other people's children to die in wars and get deferments for their own children because they believe war is important and that it is good for business, even though it only helps those who sell war supplies and oil. They also seem to think when you are a fetus you are precious but after that, you are on your own.

3) Flip: Most conservatives praise and vote for trickle down and supply side spending but they opposed Communism, Socialism, and anything predicted by Karl Marx.
Flop: Karl Marx, "The Father of Socialist or Communist Philosphies", was the inventor of and philosopher behind "Supply Side Spending".

4) Flip: When our current President of the United States, Barack Obama, went and used diplomacy instead of threats to negotiate with the Taliban, he is considered dangerous, a Taliban sympathizer, and an ally of the "Terrorists in Power In Foreign Countries".
Flop: When Ronald Reagan, the supposed "King of Conservatives" invited these supposed "Terrorists" to the White House and said, " These Gentlemen are the moral equivalents of America's Founding Fathers," that was celebrated as a monumental time of rational foreign conservatives.
"The Freedom Fighters in Afghanistan Posted by trodas 01 Aug 2007 'In 1982, Ronald Reagan dedicated the Space Shuttle Columbia to the resistance fighters [Taliban] in Afghanistan.'
The Taliban still have Reagan's Stingers --Estimate: Taliban have 50 Stingers 26 Sep 2001 One of the most dangerous weapons Western pilots could face in Afghanistan is an anti-aircraft missile provided by the United States during the Reagan presidency. Some 1,000 Stingers were supplied to the mujahideen from 1986 onwards after Ronald Reagan overcame CIA objections that they were too dangerous to be given to the rebels. MI6 used SAS troops to train the Afghans in the use of the missiles. It is not known how many Stingers were used in Afghanistan. Some of the 1,000 have turned up as far afield as Iran and Sri Lanka."

5) Most Republicans say that they are opposed to Obamacare, the American Affordable Health Care Act, which was mostly written by Mitt Romney, with revisions by John McCain.
Flip: When Obama writes it, it is terrible and wrecking the economy, even though it will save trillions of dollars, according to actual economists.
Flop: When Romney wrote it, it was a wonderful idea.

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