Friday, October 12, 2012

The Nicety of Republicans

Recently everyone on the right has been accusing people on the left of "attacking" them because the left confront them on their lies. There is even a Facebook page now is named, "If you stop telling lies about liberals, we will stop telling the truth about you." Today I open up my Facebook wall and here is a graphic of Mitt Romney walking up to a podium, taken at a rally, and the quote underneath reads:"..."If you've got friends and neighbors who tell you that they're going to vote for Obama, tell them the election has been postponed until December. Don't let these people out of their house that day. Let the air out of their tires if you have to." Mike Huckabee
Introducing Mitt Romney, ASHEVILLE, N.C. 10/11/2012
I want to know when starting campaigns of violent or dangerous actual attacks towards Democrats became funny. I want to know why someone from the police department isn't asking this asshole why he is trying to incite a riot. This is what is known as verbal terrorism and it must be stopped. Copy and past the above quote and then go to the FBI Criminal Activity Reporting page at and report this dangerous asshole before ignorant Republicans get shot trying to let the air out of people's tires. This could be seen as inciting a riot, in my opinion.

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