Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The presidential debate part two

Romney opened tonight talking to a young college student, telling him about all the education he plans to support when he is elected. (ISN'T THIS THE GUY WHO TOLD YOUNG PEOPLE THEY SHOULD BORROW MONEY FROM THEIR PARENTS TO GO TO COLLEGE?)


Candy Crowley asks Romney to explain what he is going to do and he starts lying about Obama. He says he is going to supply 12 million new jobs, still doesn't explain how he plans to. Obama has said Romney wanted Detroit to become bankrupt he said they "NEEDED TO GO BANKRUPT" to bounce back.

He got slammed. Obama points out his greedy outsourcing B.S.
Romney starts talking about how oil production has to do with the price of gasoline at the pump. We all know that it is controlled on the market and
has nothing to do with that, LIAR, he is despicable. Now he talks about oil drilling and the XL pipeline, I want to interject that NASA scientists said
that the XL pipeline would be "game over" for the environment.

Romney starts trying to tell the moderator what the rules are for time on the debate. He is trying to defend his lying. He gets his turn, then Obama rebuts and he thinks he gets another turn, trying to interrupt in the middle of Obama's time, repeatedly.

One lady asks about education credits. Romney answers about middle income families, gas prices, deductions, etc. I am still waiting for him to answer the question. EDUCATION CREDITS, MORON!
His tax plan is fictional. All economists said it won't work.,0,3413039.s
(and last but certainly not least...)

Once again Romney is trying to sell the "tax cuts equal jobs" myth, as if we don't know better after 10 years of that. Obama slammed him on his sketchy non-answering of any plan to pay for anything he wants to do. Romney RAN the companies (sold them for parts and fired the employees, outsourced jobs) and balanced the books, RAN THE OLYMPICS (in the little town of Salt Lake City instead of a large town. The Salt Lake City Olympics were in 2002, and they had a population of 189,899 as of the 2011 estimate. In comparison, Phoenix, AZ, not even close to being a large American city, in 2010, per the census had a population of 1,445,632.)

A young lady asks about fair pay for women and what the president plans on doing about it. He talks about the LIlly Ledbetter Act which he signed and he talks about Pell Grants and education, and he said that he believes they need to go after any form of discrimination.

Romney says he worked somewhere that all the qualified staff were men because he had binders full of women. He said his state more women in positions of administration and then he starts telling us that women need to be more flexible in their schedule to be housewives and working women. He says that women lost 580, 000 jobs. More women in poverty. Once again he says what he wants for women but not how he is going to do it but says he knows what it takes. He is saying we don't have a strong economy. He is going to go for a stronger economy (somehow) and more women in the workplace.

Obama starts out talking about women not getting proper health care coverage having to do with a strong family budget. The president points out that Romney wants to disallow women's health insurance paying for contraceptives. "One of the things that makes us grow is when all of us participate, and I have two daughters and want to make sure they have the same opportunities as everyone else."

Woman asks about the difference between Romney and Bush and Romney starts accusing the debate time keepers of being unfair to him. "Every woman in America should have acess to contraceptives blah, blah, blah. "
"We can get all the energy we need right here in the U.S." "I will crack down on China". (?) I am gonna get us a balanced budget. (HOW?) Obama was right about the Bush deficits.  Now let's focus on small business. I am still waiting to hear the difference. He starts complaining about Obamacare, which we all know is actually Romneycare. He ends saying giving to businesses helps people. (same as Bush)
Obama points out Romney's history on dealing with China, which has been outsourcing jobs to there.

Young voter asks about what Obama plans on doing to make him trust the president. Romney says Obama lied and then says something about unemployment to 5.4 percent and social security and medicare. Romney is blaming Obama for all the initiatives that the Republicans in congress blocked. His Policies don't work. Now he tries to use the reagan administration without mentioning the fact that reagan created a deficit that we are still paying off.
Governor Aimes asks what Romney is going to do with illegal immigrants who are working and living in this country. Visas, greencards stapled to their diploma, stop illegal immigration. He will not grant amnesty, drivers licenses, etc. to those who are here illegally. There are four million people waiting to get here legally so he won't create "magnets" to illegals. He atacks Obama about his soft stance on illegal immigration.
Obama talks about Ellis Island. He says we need to FIX the system. First they streamlined the sytem for legal immigrants. They create jobs and help the economy. He thinks we need to put more on the border. He thinks we should go after the law breaking illegals instead of the ones who come here to work. He thinks we need to give them a pathway to citizenship. Romney said he wants to veto the Dream Act and called the Arizona law a model for the nation. (goes on about illegal racial profiling as if it would happen to his kids) He says we can fix the system in a comprehensive way but when he tried Republicans said they don't want go against this strategy because of their party's platform.

Romney says he isn't going to go after 12 million people, but he was asked about self deportation that was HIS STATEMENT and he still isn't

answering the questions. He says he only agreed with the Everify part of the immigration reform in Arizona. Any investments he has been making

have been managed by a blind trust and then he asked Obama if he has looked at his pension. Obama reminds him the subject was immigration.

Obama confronts him on Everify comments.

Candy changes the subject after Obama asks when the Republicans are going to resolve their problems and work on immigraton. Then a voter

asks about the security in Bengazi was requested and denied by the State Department (I read this morning  that there was a request for another

place not, Benghazi that made the request.) And the security people used in Benghazi (required by local law) was explained at

Also, Romney says we should have known "right away" and it took a long time for the American people to be told (48 hours) that it was a terrorist attack disguised as a demonstration. (In Libya, that IS still in the African Continent, right?) I feel this is a desperate attempt to blame the president despite the fact that he (Obama) said that it was his responsibility, which Hillary Clinton already claimed. Romney goes on to ask, "Why didn't we know five days later when the ambassador came on television and announced it., five days later. What I find more troubling is that the day following, the president flies to Las Vegas for a fundraiser, then flies to Colorado, another political event. I think these..."  (He is doing what Chris
Stevens's dad asked him not to, politicizing the death of four Americans, and doing it during a security conscious time when he knows no one can say publicly what happened or who they suspect on national television.)
"These actions taken by the president, a leader have symbolic significance and perhaps even material significance (wtf?) in that we can call in and question these people and it's very clear this wasn't a demonstration (which is what the press called it, not the White House), it was an attack. Now he is talking about Libya, Israel, Iran, Syria (I am getting scared, this is the list Wesley Clarke talked about in the video posted in 2011 on YouTube that is quite frightening at : ) The Republicans keep wanting to go to war in the Middle East. Think about the time line, September 20, 2001, immediately after the 9-11attack, they want to go to war with seven countries over five years.
Guess which countries Mitt Romney said he has problems with and listen again to Wesley Clarke.
Romney makes it seem like the president didn't care about the security and then challenged the president's use of the word terrorist in speaking about the embassy attack in Libya and said he was interested in that because he said the administration said" that the attack was over a video. (I happen to know that that  was the media. Jon Stewart on the Daily Show said that and retracted it later when it was known that the attack was NOT having to do with a protest group, as was stated on news shows. That means that Romney was using an attack on the administration which was baseless and Candy Crowley stopped him and said the words "attack of terror" were in the transcript of what the president had stated in the news conference in the rose garden the next day.
During the next question about gun control, Obama stated that he doesn't want the kind of weapons that are of a military war arena type on the street and that he wants to see not only more enforcement of background checks but community interaction at the church and school level to warn of any potential violent threats.
Romney said he didn't want to see any changes in the gun laws. He also mentioned that he agreed with the president of the importance of school involvement. He says his schools were number one in the nation. ???  (I tried to find evidence of that on his Governorship page on Wikipedia and could find none.) ( Is that another lie?)
Romney thinks automatic weapons are illegal in the United States, he must mean fully automatic weapons. Has this man ever fired a gun?
Two parent families are preferable according to Romney.
Fast and Furious was mentioned. He says it led to violence against Americans.
Candy mentions that automatic weapon ban that was instituted is no longer in effect.
Candy is trying to get him to answer the question, blames the adminstration.
First of all governor romney was for a weapons ban before he was against it because he needed the vote of the NRA. Young people who are involved in violent acts we can't control completely. It is important to understand the reforms we put in plac with fortysix governors around the country are having an effect. Nasau community college training them for jobs of the future. Access to higher education.
Candy tries to stop Obama and he goes on to say that when asked about hiring more teachers to help grow the economy, governor romney said that doesn't grow our economy.
A female voter says asks Romney,
"The outsourcing of jobs to foreign countries has taken a toll on the economy, what plans to you have to keep jobs here in the United States?"
Romney: "You are absolutely right and the largest place we have seen manufacturing go has been to China. And China, instead of the United States ... lots of people have lost jobs, a half of a million manufacturing jobs have been lost in the past four years. This is because people think it is better to go elsewhere. We have made it less attractive for enterprises to stay here." (...says the king of Bain capital, one of the biggest outsourcers who fires people for profit, and sends their jobs to China.)
"What I am going to do is make it more attractive to come to America (where they can't hire slave labor and people who work for five dollars a week). That is how we are going to keep jobs in America." He invented the term Trickle Down Government. He said that is saying I am going to take money from people (?) hire more government regulators, Trickle down government has never worked here and has never worked anywhere." (mainly because there is no such thing) "I want to create place in the world for Entreprenuers, small business, big business, invest and grow in America. Now, we are going to have to  restrict free trade with other nations. Most of them play by the rules, but China hasn't. ONe of the ways that they don't play by the rules is initially holding down the trade of their currency because if they put their currency is down low, that means their prices of their products are low, they offer lower prices, manufacturers here in the United States can't compete. China has been a currency manipulator for years, and years, and years. The president has a regular opportunity to label them as a currency manipulator but refuses to do so. As president I will label them as a currency manipulator, which will allow me to put in place necessary tarifs that will allow me to help manage our manufacturers So we're going to make sure people from around the world play by the rules. Don't let me just stop there. The key to making sure there are more jobs here is not just finding someone we are going to punish, but I am going to be strict on those whom we trade with, making sure they all follow the law and play by the rules, but it's also to make America but it's also to make America the most attractive place in the world for businesses of all kinds. That is why I want to bring in Tax Breaks for big employers, small employers."  (this contradicts his earlier statement that he isn't trying to give tax breaks to the people who are already doing well at the top) " Obama at this point is smiling, watching Romney self destruct with the Corporate speak like John McCain, talking about 35 percent tax rates and regulations quadrupling . I can't keep typing it word for word, the lying is making me hate this. He blames Obamacare for the reservation of businesses from hiring people. (this was his state's program) He just said the reason incomes are down is because unemployment is so high. (WTF?) And his plan is to, blah, blah, blah, what plan. He says he is going to move mountains but doesn't say HOW.
Obama says he wants to close tax breaks and loopholes that allow companies to move offshore while Romney wants to expand them. "We both agree that the corporate tax needs to come down. But we have a different idea on how to do that. One of his big ideas is that if you make profits overseas, you don't need to pay corporate taxes."
Candy asks how to bring the jobs back here when wages for manufacturing labor in other countries is so low.
Romney says we can compete with anyone in the world on an even playing field, which doesn't answer the question. He says China has been cheating for years by holding down their currency, which has been refuted, and stealing our technology. ONE MORE TIME "We have to make America the most attractive place for entrepreneurs"... I guess he doesn't have an anwer.
Obama asks how much time is left. Candy says we have to move on as they are out of time. Obama hits a slam dunk on explaining that we have some jobs that will never return. that is why we have to create new high skilled jobs using deficit for reeducation, instead of tax breaks for people who don't need them and slashing education and technology.
Romney, "Government does not create jobs, Government does not create jobs, Government does not create jobs..."  from a guy who wants a government job.
The Last Question (thank God)
"I think this is a tough question. What is the biggest misconception that the American people have about you as a candidate, using specific using this opportunity, can you debunk that misconception and set us straight?"
Romney: Thank you, and that's an opportunity for me and I appreciate it. It seems that the nature of some campaigns are about attacking the oponent instead of describing their own course of action and what they plan to do. (self image?) I think the president's campaign has tried to characterize me as someone who is very different from who I am. I care about a hundred percent of the people. I want a hundred percent of the American people to have a bright and prosperous future. (This came from a video of him, not the campaign.) I care about our kids, and about what it takes to make a bright and prosperous future for America. I spent my life in the private sector, not in government.  I am a guy who wants to help with the experience I have, the American people. My passion is a belief in God and I believe we are all children of the same God. (What country does this man live in?) I believe we have a duty to help each other. I served as a missionary in my church, as a pastor in my congregation for about ten years. I have sat across the table from people who were out of work and tried to work with them to try to get them to work. I went to the Olympics to try to get them on track. And as governor of my state, I was able to get a hundred percent of my people insured. " he went on to call himself a state hero but attacks the same things on a federal level, I don't understand.
Obama closed and brought up all the untruths about Romney's closing statement, and said he wanted to invest in jobs, education, and growth.Good speech. Everyone should watch the whole thing.

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