Saturday, October 20, 2012

Where Is It Going To End?

The Republican Party and especially the Tea Party Republicans in Congress have a new agenda when it comes to women. Say one thing and do another is not unusual when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex. But trying to get women to buy the idea that returning to the days when women had only the right to survive to do the bidding of men is becoming en vogue for a lot of today's new Republican Party. Some women don't believe anyone could even think in those archaic times. But some women are so oblivious to responsibility that they would prefer someone to take responsibility for decisions in their lives.
Personally, I think the idea that Roe Vs. Wade is a choice that Authoritari-cons want to establish is about as appealing to most women as trying to convince black people that slavery was a good idea for them. There are arguments on all sides but today I wish to implore women, no matter what they believe to ask themselves this: "Have you EVER seen a male dominated group of politicians that got one part of an agenda accomplished that didn't try to steam roll the rest of the country into believing they were taking away their rights for 'their own good'?" 
If you are one of those naive people who actually still believe there aren't Republican Politicians in congress that spend all day trying to destroy the constitutional rights afforded to Americans based on campaign contributions from authoritarian style special interests, then YOU HAVEN'T BEEN PAYING ATTENTION.
1) Arkansas Republican Senator Jon Hubbard: He thinks slavery was a blessing for black people. 
2) A Tea Party Representative came on Fox News and while being interviewed by a woman, said that it was a bad thing that women were given the right to vote. I find this particularly interesting since he is a black man, who also would have been denied the right to vote under archaic laws. He is for discrimination over sex but not race, evidently.
3) The new version of the Violence Against Women Act is being drafted by Republicans who insist they aren't trying let women be abused for political reasons, letting misogynistic men off in some cases, completely the hook for real crimes like rape:

I could write all day on the instances, I just don't have time. If this doesn't make you angry enough, just try this. Open up ANY web browser, type the words 'Republican War On Women' into the search window and click enter. Watch how many hits you receive and remember, each one of those is a reason to vote against their insane agendas.

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