Monday, November 19, 2012

Another Letter To John McCain

I just wrote this letter to Senator John McCain at his contact page. I suggest everyone in Arizona or anyone who is disgusted with his recent antics trying to grandstand over Libya when we all know Darrell Issa refused to fund requests from the White House to beef up security for our Ambassadors. He can be contacted at .
"When I was in the sixth grade, I took a class called Social Studies. Most Americans have been in the sixth grade and graduated. One section of that class was on U.S. Civics. The thing that stands out in my mind right now is this one part. We learned that there are three branches of government. One is the Executive (presidents, governors, mayors, etc.), the second is the Legislative (like state senates and congress), and the third one is Judicial (the court). In this country there has been a series of immature ranting in congress instead of doing their jobs. I will admit some is on both sides. The problem is that Your Party is part of the legislative branch that thinks they can make laws and pass legislation and then blame it on the Executive Branches when something goes wrong with the way they wrote the law. The past presidential and term election showed that most people are tired of this. Mitch McConnell is on his way out in the next midterm election. Somehow Joe Arpaio got reelected but once the bluehairs in Sun City die out or get wise, he is gone, also. Jan Brewer and the rest of the Tea Party Nazis are living on borrowed time, politically. They are not going to be here another term. Changing your packaging instead of your product will no longer work. Siding with morons like Lindsey Graham will cost you your job. AS YOU KNOW, SINCE YOU SHOULD HAVE BEEN ATTENDING, DARREL ISSA VOTED AGAINST REQUESTS FROM THE WHITE HOUSE TO INCREASE SECURITY FUNDING FOR OUR AMBASSADORS. NOW HE IS LEADING THE CHARGE TO INVESTIGATE THE WHITE HOUSE FOR FAILING TO PROTECT OUR AMBASSADOR IN LIBYA. THIS IS NOW PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. When you should be trying to fix the job situation, you do this. Do you really think we aren't paying attention?  Normally I sign off like a legal form and say "respectfully submitted" that fails to be relevant right now. Quit acting like children and fix the job situation."

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